Destiny 2 Stasis weapons: Tier List & How to get them

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Up until recently, the only Stasis weapons available to us were the Cryosthesia 77K and Salvation’s Grip, two lackluster Exotics that left us wanting more out of Stasis.

With Season of the Lost, Bungie delivered on its promise to finally introduce Legendary Stasis weapons, but even better, a few of these are actually turned out to be quite strong. It’s still too early to tell whether these can become one of the best weapons in Destiny 2, but they’re certainly promising.

In this guide, we’ll cover every Stasis weapon currently available, including the Legendaries with their PVP and PVE god rolls and the Exotics.

Checkmark icon V3Lists updated as of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event.  Link

Best Destiny 2 Stasis weapons: Tier list

The Tier list below starts with the S Tier weapons and moves down from there. It also covers both PVE and PVP, with the “Excels in” column clearly identifying in what area each weapon shines:

WeaponTypeAmmo typeElementRankRequirementsAvailable?SourceSource ❘ RequirementsTier rankFinal Verdict
Eyasluna Destiny 2 art
Hand CannonPrimaryStasisS › Best30th AnniversaryYesGrasp of Avarice DungeonGrasp of Avarice Dungeon
Destiny 2 30th anniversary logo


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Kinetic | Ammo: Primary | Archetype: Adaptive

PVP God Roll: Rangefinder (also good: Perpetual Motion) + Kill Clip(also good: Moving Target)

PVE God Roll: Outlaw (also good: Perpetual Motion) + Headstone (also good: Kill Clip)

► One of the most popular and beloved weapons from Destiny 1 has returned and it's even stronger than before. Eyasluna offers god-tier stats and an extremely good perk selection that will help it dominate both PVE or PVP.

But to be clear, Eyasluna is already dominating the Crucible. Part of the most competitive archetype in the entire game, Adaptive hand cannons, Eyasluna has the stats and perks to compete with the best.
Ager's Scepter Destiny 2 art
Ager's Scepter
Trace RifleSpecialStasisS › BestSeason 15YesExotic QuestExotic Quest
Destiny 2 Season 15 logo


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Kinetic | Ammo: Destiny 2 special ammo Special

Exotic Perk: "Final blows with this weapon generate a slowing burst around the defeated target. Stasis final blows transfer ammo to this weapon's magazine from reserves."

► Ager's Scepter is exactly what you would have expected from a proper Stasis trace rifle. Its ability to freeze and slow at will is remarkable, but on top of that, this exotic has best-in-class stats and an excellent Exotic perk that helps it stand out even more.
Fractethyst Destiny 2 art
ShotgunSpecialStasisS › BestSeason 15YesShattered RealmShattered Realm
Destiny 2 Season 15 logo


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Kinetic | Ammo: Destiny 2 special ammo Special | Archetype: Precision

PVP God Roll: Quickdraw (also good: Slideshot) + Opening Shot

► The recent nerf to Aggressive shotguns allowed other archetypes to finally shine, including Precision shotguns. And it so happens that Fractethyst is the best Precision shotgun we have seen in a while.

Able to roll with the absolute best PVP perks a shotgun could ask for, Fractethyst is a true menace in the Crucible. Add to that best-in-class base stats and you get one of the best PVP shotguns this season.
Peacebond Destiny 2 art
SidearmPrimaryStasisA › StrongFree-to-PlayYesIron BannerIron Banner
Destiny 2 Free to Play logo 1


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Kinetic | Ammo: Primary | Archetype: Adaptive

PVP God Roll: Rangefinder (also good: Killing Wind) + Swashbuckler (also good: Harmony)

PVE God Roll: Subsistence (also good: Rangefinder) + Headstone (also good: Swaschbuckler)

► With overall good base stats that match those of the fan-favorite High Albedo, Peacebond also happens to offer several top-tier perks for both PVE and PVP.

For PVE, it can roll with truly excellent perks, such as Subsistence, Swashbuckler, and even the unique Stasis perk we have: Headstone. With Headstone and Subsistence, Peacebond is the perfect tool for your favorite Stasis build.
Reed's Regret Destiny 2 art
Reed's Regret
Linear Fusion RifleHeavyStasisA › StrongBeyond LightYesTrials of OsirisTrials of Osiris
Destiny 2 Beyond Light logo 1


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Heavy | Ammo: Destiny 2 Heavy ammo Heavy | Archetype: Precision

PVE God Roll: Triple Tap (also good: Clown Cartridge) + Firing Line (also good: Vorpal Weapon)

► With best-in-class base stats, superior to my current Legendary favorite, Threaded Needle, Reed's Regret also offers an excellent PVE perk combination that no other Linear Fusion can offer: Triple Tap with Firing Line.
Zephyr Destiny 2 art
SwordHeavyStasisB › AverageFree-to-PlayYesDawningDawning
Destiny 2 Free to Play logo 1


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Heavy | Ammo: Destiny 2 Heavy ammo Heavy | Archetype: Adaptive

PVE God Roll: Relentless Strikes (also good: Tireless Blade) + Cold Steel

► Adaptive swords are generally nothing to write home about, but Zephyr is special.

This brand-new sword released with 2021's Dawning event is the first Stasis sword we've ever received. On top of that, it also can roll with the new Cold Steel perk, which slows enemies on hit.
Vulpecula Destiny 2 art
Hand CannonPrimaryStasisB › AverageSeason 15YesShattered RealmShattered Realm
Destiny 2 Season 15 logo


Excels in:
Slot: Stasis icon Kinetic | Ammo: Primary | Archetype: Precision

PVE God Roll: Shoot to Loot (also good: Encore) + Headstone (also good: Harmony)

► 180 RPM hand cannons rarely get anyone excited, but Vulpecula has a lot going on for it. While it doesn't have quite as good base stats as Posterity, Vulpecula has an absolutely amazing perk selection that more than makes up for its average, yet acceptable, stats.

Able to roll with all of the best new perks, including Shoot to Loot and Tombstone, Vulpecula can offer several top-tier perk combinations that will serve you well in both normal and endgame content.
Cryosthesia 77K Destiny 2 art
Cryosthesia 77K
SidearmPrimaryStasisB › AverageDeluxe EditionYesExotic KioskExotic Kiosk
Destiny 2 Deluxe Edition logo


Slot: Stasis icon Kinetic | Ammo: Primary

Exotic Perk: "Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to fire a Charged Shot when Liquid Cooling is active. Final blows with this weapon enable a Charged Shot for a short duration. Targets hit by this shot are instantly frozen."

► Cryosthesia 77K has been through a lot. It was originally released in a sorry state, but it recently received several buffs that help it stand on its own.

While it will serve you best in PVE as part of a carefully selected Stasis built, Cryosthesia 77K has the stats to hold its own in the hands of a experienced sidearm user in PVP.
Salvation's Grip Destiny 2
Salvation's Grip
Grenade LauncherHeavyStasisD › WorstBeyond LightYesExotic QuestExotic Quest
Destiny 2 Beyond Light logo 1


Slot: Stasis icon Heavy | Ammo: Destiny 2 Heavy ammo Heavy

Exotic Perk: "This weapon's projectiles create Stasis crystals and freeze nearby targets. Charging this weapon increases the freeze radius and amount of Stasis crystals created."

► Salvation's Grip is a difficult weapon to rank. It definitely struggles in terms of pure DPS, but it can be useful for PVP Stasis builds that rely on shattering crystals as part of the main strategy.

That alone, helped it remain somewhat relevant, but now that Legendary weapons with Headstone exist, it's hard to recommend using your Exotic slot on this weapon.

These are the different Tier levels used for this tier list ranking:

  • S Tier – Best: Highest ranking weapon types.
  • A Tier – Strong: Very strong weapon types, but not on the same level as S Tier Choices.
  • B Tier – Average: Decent choices that can be lethal in the hands of a skilled player.
  • C Tier – Weak: The middle of the pack, somewhat mediocre.
  • D Tier – Worst: Lagging behind the competition, these don’t have much to offer.

Stasis weapon perks: Are they good enough?

Headstone perkDestiny has been around for a long time. The original was released 7 years ago! In all those years, many weapon perks have come and gone. In fact, these past few seasons, Bungie has really stepped it up in terms of introducing new perks that are equally creative and lethal.

But is that the case with the new Stasis perks? As of Season of the Lost, only two Stasis perks exist:

  • Headstone: Precision final blows spawn a Stasis crystal at the victim’s location.
  • Cold Steel: Powered Sword hits slow targets.

Both perks certainly look interesting but are they good enough to compete with the best weapons perks in the game?

At first glance, at least Headstone does, as it enables you to create more Stasis crystals, which, when using a Stasis subclass, can be extremely useful. Look at this perk, not as a standalone top-tier perk (such as One for All), but as a perk that is only strong if you make it a part of a Stasis build.

Destiny 2 Stasis weapon farming: How to get them

The tier list above includes a column titled “Drops from  ❘ Requirements“.

Destiny 2 Exotic Engram

This section goes deeper and includes more detailed steps on how to acquire all the Stasis weapons currently viable in Destiny 2:

WeaponDrops fromRequires?How to get it?
► ZephyrDawningDestiny 2 Free to Play logo 1This weapon can only be acquired during the Dawning event, which occurs once a year in December.
► Cryosthesia 77KExotic KioskDestiny 2 Deluxe Edition logoMany Exotics can be acquired via the Exotics Kiosk in the tower, officially called the Monument to Lost Lights. You can read all about it, including costs and requirements, here.
► Salvation's GripExotic QuestDestiny 2 Beyond Light logo 1This Exotic requires you to complete a dedicated Exotic quest. For a detailed, step by step guide, check out our Exotic Quests hub.
► Ager's ScepterExotic QuestDestiny 2 Season 15 logoThis Exotic requires you to complete a dedicated Exotic quest. For a detailed, step by step guide, check out our Exotic Quests hub.
► EyaslunaGrasp of Avarice DungeonDestiny 2 30th anniversary logoThis weapon can only drop from Destiny 2's newest dungeon. For a detailed overview of all the weapons found in Grasp of Avarice, this loot table covers both weapons and armor per encounter.
► PeacebondIron BannerDestiny 2 Free to Play logo 1This weapon can only drop from Iron Banner, one of the "endgame" PVP events in Destiny 2.

Beware that Iron Banner is not always available but tends to occur every month for an entire week.
► Vulpecula
► Fractethyst
Shattered RealmDestiny 2 Season 15 logoThis weapon can only drop from Season 15's seasonal activity: Shattered Realm.

Shattered Realms are actually quite fun and relatively short to run, but on top of that, the Umbral engrams system makes farming this weapon extremely easy.
► Reed's RegretTrials of OsirisDestiny 2 Beyond Light logo 1This weapon can only drop while getting wins in the endgame PVP mode Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2's endgame (and brutal) PVP mode. Beware that drops rotate weekly, so you'll have to patient and wait until it becomes part of the weekly drops.

Most of these weapon sources are self-explanatory, but in doubt, you can always leave a comment below with your question or ask away on our Discord.

Ranking criteria

For the record, as much as we tried to keep this list as objective as possible, it’s still based on our personal experience playing the PC version of the game.

Finally, if you’re wondering what criteria was used to build this Tier list, these are the main factors I took into account:

  • Lethality: The higher the effective DPS and usability, the higher the ranking.
  • Consistency: Some weapons may not have the highest DPS numbers, but they are so consistent, they more than make up for their lower DPS numbers.
  • Ease of use: Similar to the point above, some weapons are very effective because they are easy to use and don’t require too much skill or setup. This is also rewarded with higher rankings.
  • PVE/PVP Performance: High lethality in either PVE or  PVP is equally valuable. However, a weapon that is good at both PVE and PVP should rank higher than one that is slightly better on only PVE or PVP.
  • Fun factor: Not the most important factor, but it also helps if the weapon is damn fun to shoot with!

If you strongly disagree with some of the rankings here, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. By the way, what is your personal favorite?

The Last Word

You now know everything there is to know about Gambit weapons. Whether you’re going for the Dredgen seal and need to know what Bungie means by “Gambit weapons” or whether you’re aiming to farm Gambit-exclusive weapons, these 2 lists have you covered.

Are you currently chasing any of these weapons? Let us know in the comments below.

Latest changes made to this guide

Things change fast in Destiny 2, especially when a new Season or Expansion launches. For that reason, this post will be updated at least once per season.

With the release of Season of the Lost (Season 15) and Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event, the following weapons were added:

  • Eyasluna
  • Zephyr
  • Ager’s Scepter

Stay tuned and don’t forget to bookmark this page for next season!

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