Destiny 2 Critical Anomaly: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Jun 13, 2024

Salvation’s Edge, arguably the hardest raid in Destiny history, has some powerful rewards to match its challenge. Critical Anomaly, a Stasis Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle, is but one of these rewards, and it sports some rather interesting perks. This guide will cover all you need to know about this raid weapon.


How good is Critical Anomaly

Snipers saw a slight buff with The Final Shape, mostly to offset the loss of spec mods. However, they are still in a very good place, and the rolls on Critical set it above most others. Not only can it roll with Rewind Rounds and Triple Tap, but it’s the first sniper to roll with Chill Clip, a perk typically reserved for (linear) fusion rifles and explosive weapons. Being able to apply Slow or Freeze from a great distance will surely come in handy as the difficulty rises.

In PvP, snipers are in a relatively good spot with changes to flinch, and the sights on Critical are some of the best we’ve seen. Not only that, but tried and true perks such as Opening Shot and Quickdraw roll in Column 3, with Snapshot and Explosive Payload in Column 4. Might not be S tier, but it’ll pique the interest of any sniper fan.

S-tier for PvE A-tier for PvP 

Best alternatives:

Critical Anomaly Perks and God Rolls

The Critical Anomaly sniper rifle can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Quickdraw, Opening Shot, Rampage, Keep Away, Rewind Rounds, Chill Clip, Reconstruction.
  • Perk 2: Snapshot Sights, Firing Line, Triple Tap, Explosive Payload, Chaos Reshaped, Headstone, Bait and Switch.
  • Origin Trait: Collective Purpose
Critical Anomaly God Rolls screen Destiny 2

Critical Anomaly God Rolls, Destiny 2

Critical Anomaly PvE god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Barrel Fluted Barrel
Magazine Tactical Mag
Perk 1 Rewind Rounds or Chill Clip
Perk 2 Firing Line or Triple Tap
Masterwork Stability or Reload Speed

Like most Aggressive frame weapons, Critical Anomaly suffers from low handling and stability, as well as reload speed, so we’ll want to bump those as much as we can. Fluted Barrel and Tactical Mag are your go to’s for these, offering all the aforementioned stat boosts, while also providing a bit extra ammo. Throw on Backup Mag for a 5 round magazine.

For Perk 1, you have three solid options, but Rewind Rounds and Chill Clip are best here. Rewind Rounds lets you keep pumping out damage without needing to wait for Reconstruction’s timer, and Chill Clip will let you stun two out of three champions from afar. Very useful in GMs! As for Perk 2, you again have a lot of great options, but Firing Line and Triple Tap are the preferred perks for their damage buff and ammo regeneration, respectively. Chaos Reshaped is also looking to be good, though is it worth it over Bait and Switch? Results to be seen.

Critical Anomaly PvP god rolls

PvP Roll: All-Around
Barrel Accurized Rounds or Steady Rounds
Magazine Tactical Mag
Perk 1 Quickdraw or Opening Shot
Perk 2 Snapshot Sights or Explosive Payload
Masterwork Stability or Handling

Snipers have seen highs and lows in PvP, and right now, they’re in an alright spot. Critical Anomaly has some decently competitive stats, but as with the PvE roll, our stability and handling is of the utmost importance. Fluted Barrel, naturally, with a decision to be made on if you want more range from Accurized Rounds or more stability from Steady Rounds. Do note that stability, along with your resilience stat, affects your flinch in PvP, so choose wisely!

Perk 1 has only really two good PvP options in Quickdraw and Opening Shot. Quickdraw will help with the low handling stat, and Opening Shot provides a solid +20 to aim assist on the first shot, perfect for quick peeks. Perk 2 is about the same, with the only standouts being Snapshot Sights and Explosive Payload. Snapshot, like Quickdraw, aids in offsetting the low handling. Explosive Payload will flinch the target more and potentially sway a fight in your favor, so go with your gut. Could also run Headstone for Stasis Shenanigans.

How to get Critical Anomaly

Critical Anomaly will drop from Salvation’s Edge, specifically the 3rd and 5th encounters. The 3rd encounter is a longer version of the first, and the 5th is The Witness, so pick your poison on where you want to farm until one drops. After dropping, it will become available for focusing at the end of the raid, with a Deepsight version being guaranteed on your first pull.

Additionally, if you obtain the Memory of The Witness at the end, you can complete Excision for another potential drop. And like most recent raids, there is a puzzle for an extra Deepsight weapon at the end. We cover the entire Salvation Edge’s loot table here.

How to get Salvation's Edge Weapon screen Destiny 2

How to get Critical Anomaly, Destiny 2

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