Destiny 2 Bold Endings: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Jun 10, 2024

The Final Shape is upon us. And to face it head-on, the Traveler has blessed us with a slew of new and returning weapons. Bold Endings, a Stasis Heavy Burst Hand Cannon, is but one of these, and it’s got a small but decently powerful perk pool for all manners of content. This guide will cover all you need to know about it.


How good is Bold Endings

Bold Endings has some stiff competition from Warden’s Law. Stat for stat, they are pretty much identical, with Bold Endings eeking out a little more base range, stability, and handling. What ultimately sets Bold Endings apart is it being Stasis and rolling with the coveted Headstone. Given the bevy of Stasis reworks, this will pair nicely with any shatter-focused build for both Stasis and Prismatic.

In PvP, Heavy Burst Hand Cannons are a niche category. While fun to shoot and a slightly quicker TTK than Aggressives, their burst nature gives more room for error. Frequent users of hand cannons and pulse rifles should have no issue getting utility out of Bold Endings, but don’t expect to pick it up and slay out if it’s your first time.

A-tier for PvE B-tier for PvP

Best alternatives:

Bold Endings Perks and God Rolls

The Bold Endings hand cannon can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Attrition Orbs, Strategist, Air Trigger, To The Pain, Headstone, Loose Change, Rapid-Hit.
  • Perk 2: Demolitionist, Desperate Measures, Dragonfly, Moving Target, Collective Action, Golden Tricorn, Eye of the Storm.
  • Origin Trait: Dealer’s Choice
Bold Endings God Rolls screen Destiny 2

Bold Endings God Rolls, Destiny 2

Bold Endings PvE god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Barrel Fluted Barrel or Polygonal Rifling
Magazine Tactical Mag
Perk 1 Headstone (also good: Rapid-Hit)
Perk 2 Demolitionist or Collective Action
Masterwork Handling or Reload Speed

Similar to Aggressive Frame Hand Cannons, Heavy Bursts suffer from low base stability and handling, so best to bump that up using Fluted Barrel. Polygonal Rifling is a decent 2nd pick for more stability at the cost of no extra handling. Tactical Mag increases mag size, reload speed, and stability, so it’s a no brainer for a weapon like this.

For Perk 1, not a lot exists for PvE, but what we do have is rather solid. Headstone is a staple of Stasis builds, and thankfully rolls here. Unfortunately, that means it clashes with Rapid-Hit, but either of these will suit you well based on the build. Perk 2 fares a little better, offering a bevy of damage boosting or AoE perks. Demolitionist can activate from Headstone’s crystals and Collective Action provides a 20% damage boost after collecting any elemental pick-up!

Bold Endings PvP god rolls

PvP Roll: All-Around
Barrel Smallbore
Magazine Accurized Rounds
Perk 1 Rapid-Hit or To the Pain
Perk 2 Eye of the Storm (also good: Desperate Measures)
Masterwork Stability or Range

In PvP, Bold Endings is going to need all of the range and stability it can get to compete with the other top-tier hand cannons. To that end, Smallbore is the best barrel, but arguments can be made for Hammer-Forged Rifling or Chambered Compensator. Accurized Rounds is your best magazine as Ricochet Rounds aren’t available here. Steady Rounds could be a solid second pick if you go with Hammer-Forged Rifling.

Perk 1 has Rapid-Hit or To the Pain, both of which are excellent stat boosting perks. Rapid-Hit will help keep your follow up shots on target, but To the Pain boosts aim assist and handling for taking damage, so up to you what feels right. Perk 2 has the aforementioned damage boosting perks, but also rolls with Eye of the Storm for a solid dueling experience, especially with To the Pain. Desperate Measures is probably the best damage boosting perk as it doesn’t require a Stasis ability kill to get max effectiveness.

How to get Bold Endings

Bold Endings drops from within the Pale Heart. Like other destination weapons, this one can drop from a variety of sources: public events, lost sectors, HVT chests, and more. Basically, if it can drop loot, there’s a chance Bold Endings will be your reward. Additionally, it can be crafted after five deepsight versions have been acquired.

Completing the Overthrow activity grants a chance at a deepsight, much like Terminal Overload on Neomuna, or Wellspring in the Throne World. Thankfully, this activity isn’t as punishing as the other two, so it should be a smooth ride to a crafted version. We cover all Pale Heart weapons here.

How to get Pale Heart Weapons screen Destiny 2

How to get Bold Endings, Destiny 2

Before you go

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