Blueberries: Blue dots on your minimap. These are other Guardians in your area or those participating in the same events who are not part of your Fireteam. (Members of your Fireteam are green on your minimap.)

Hopefully, the name of this site alone should be enough to convey what this site is about (and who made it). is a site I created to share everything I’ve learned after too many hours playing Destiny 2.

This is a recent screenshot from my Steam account:

About me

I’m not the best player out there (in fact, I consider myself average in both PVE and PVP) and I’m certainly not the most knowledgeable. Still, I want to create a place where we cover the basics and cover them well.

Shared knowledge

There are already so many YouTubers out there doing great work. I don’t to be like them. I want to learn as much as I can from them and share them in here, outside of YouTube to hopefully reach more blueberries like myself or brand-new Destiny 2 players.

Expect to see the best work from the top YouTubers distilled in these pages (giving credit where credit is due).

Who am I

You’re probably not too interested in this part, but I hate finding a site and not knowing who’s behind it. So allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ric Molina, a 34-year-old dude living in France. I love videogames and my current obsession is Destiny 2. I love videogames so much that I created a site called Mac Gamer HQ years ago.

If you want to get in touch me, you can find me on Twitter or send me an email using the form below:

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