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What is a blueberry?

Blue dots on your minimap. These are other Guardians in your area who are not part of your Fireteam. The term “blueberries” is also used to refer to newer players who are still learning some of the game’s core mechanics.

Hopefully, the name of this site alone should be enough to convey what this site is about…


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Our Story

I’m not the best player out there and I’m certainly not the most knowledgeable. That lead me to countless hours on Google, often feeling disappointed by the results that were clearly written by a freelancer who didn’t care about the same.

There had to be a better way to learn more about the game, about the latest weapons, builds and strategies. That’s what I created in 2020. But to be clear, this site is not about me, my skills, or my knowledge. The aim of this site is to tap into the community’s immense wealth of knowledge.

Expect to see the best work from the top D2 content creators distilled in these pages (giving credit where credit is due, of course!).


Destiny 2 playtime

My “modest” 2,000 hours playing this game…

Meet the team

Ric Molina

Ric Molina


Like many, I grew up playing video games (Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Halo, I will always remember you). That passion led me to become part of the gaming industry over 10 years ago. I’ve been covering gaming since 2012 (with Mac Gamer HQ) and some of my work has been featured by large brands including, Forbes, Rock Paper Shotgun, and more.

I’ve been obsessed with Destiny 2 for years now, and I hope to provide new and returning players with the guides and resources I wish I had when I first started.

Matthew "Skyknight" Evans

Matthew "Skyknight" Evans


Games have been a part of my life for the better part of my age, I’ve been hooked on them for years, and Destiny 2 is no exception. I’ve racked up countless hours and plenty of experience, which I hope to share with Blueberries who want to get involved with Destiny. I began writing for sporadically just over two years ago.

However, as the site has grown and my writing skill has developed, I have become a part of the team and now write much more often!

Andrew "Ganymede" Sideris

Andrew "Ganymede" Sideris


When my brother introduced me to the Destiny franchise in 2015, I immediately knew that it would take up a lot of my free time for years to come. With my over seven years of game knowledge, six months of writing experience for, and hundreds of Blueberries already guided through endgame content, I hope to allow newcomers to have the same great introduction I had all those years ago.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to become the biggest Destiny 2 site out there, and more importantly, the place we all send our friends who want to enter the world of Destiny 2. 

We also want to provide exposure for the many talented creators who keep creating amazing content and tools for the Destiny 2 community. Last but not least, if we can help passionate individuals (our writers) support themselves by doing what they love, then our mission will be truly complete.

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