Destiny 2 Pantheon: Rewards & Schedule

by | May 14, 2024

Into the Light is crushing it. It features an excellent free-to-play activity, returning Exotic Missions, and reintroduced some of Destiny 2’s most beloved weapons. If that wasn’t enough, Into the Light has one more thing in store for us: Pantheon.

What is Pantheon?

Pantheon is a new PvE challenge that pits you against several Raid Bosses. Things get tougher each week until it asks you to take on eight raid bosses in a row.

Pantheon Bosses Week 3: May 14, 2024

This week’s Pantheon Challenge is Rhulk Indomitable (+15 Power) and features the following bosses (in order):

  1. Golgoroth (King’s Fall’s 3rd encounter)
  2. The Caretaker (Vow of the Disciple’s 2nd encounter)
  3. Macrocosm (Root of Nightmares’ 3rd encounter)
  4. Atraks-1 (Deep Stone Crypt’s 2nd encounter)
  5. Oryx (King’s Fall 5th encounter)
  6. Rhulk (Vow of the Disciple’s 4th encounter)
Rhulk Indomitable Screen Destiny 2

Rhulk Indomitable, Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Pantheon Schedule

Keep in mind that Pantheon will get increasingly difficult every week, with more bosses to fight and higher Power-level enemies:

Challenge Atraks Sovereign Oryx Exalted Rhulk Indomitable Nezarec Sublime
Release April 30 May 7 May 14 May 21
Power +5 Power +10 Power +15 Power +20 Power
1st Encounter Golgoroth (King’s Fall)
2nd Encounter The Caretaker (Vow of the Disciple)
3rd Encounter Zo’aurc (Root of Nightmares)
4th Encounter Atraks-1 (Deep Stone Crypt)
5th Encounter Oryx (King’s Fall)
6th Encounter Rhulk (Vow of the Disciple)
7th Encounter Riven (Last Wish)
8th Encounter Nezarec (Root of Nightmares)

Pantheon Bosses in order

ArtEncounterRaidRelease DatePower Level
Golgoroth EncounteGolgorothKing's FallApril 30+5 Power
Caretaker Vow of the DiscipleCaretakerVow of the DiscipleApril 30+5 Power
Macrocosm encounter Root of NightmaresMacrocosm (Zo'aurc)Root of NightmaresApril 30+5 Power
Atraks-1 DSC ChallengeAtraks-1Deep Stone CryptApril 30+5 Power
OryxOryxKing's FallMay 7+10 Power
Rhulk Vow of the DiscipleRhulkVow of the DiscipleMay 14+15 Power
Riven Challenge Last WishRivenLast WishMay 21+20 Power
Nezarec encounter Root of Nightmares RaidNezarecRoot of NightmaresMay 21+20 Power

Pantheon Loot Table & Rewards

Each cleared encounter in Pantheon offers the following rewards:

  • 2 Raid Weapons (Legendary)
  • 1 Adept Raid Weapon (when achieving a Platinium score)
  • 1 Raid Armor Piece

You can also earn up to two Raid Exotics when completing the Divine Weaponry quest. Pantheon can also reward you with Spoils of Conquest (5 per encounter), Tokens of Bravery, exclusive emblems (4 in total), and a dedicated title: Godslayer.

Raid Exotics: Divine Weaponry

Conquering The Pantheon can reward two Exotic weapons through the Divine Weaponry quest:

  • Step 1: Complete The Pantheon on any difficulty
  • Step 2: Complete a run of The Pantheon: Rhulk Indomitable (+15 Power) or Nezarec Sublime (+20 Power)

Each Step will let you pick one of the Exotics below (two in total if you can complete both steps):

How to Get Pantheon weapons Screen Destiny 2

Pantheon Rewards, Destiny 2

Pantheon Adept Weapons

Achieving a Platinium score when finishing an encounter, as well as achieving Platinium scores on all encounters to unlock the associated triumph, will net you an Adept weapon:

  • Smite of Merain (Harrowed)
  • Qullim’s Terminus (Harrowed)
  • Insidious (Adept)
  • Acasia’s Dejection (Adept)
  • Zaouli’s Bane (Harrowed)
  • Rufus’s Fury (Adept)

Note that Adept Weapons are weekly, whereas standard Legendary Raid weapons can be farmed infinitely.

Pantheon Raid Weapons: Legendaries 

Pantheon encounters also rewards Legendary Raid weapons (including Deepsights), including the following:

Root of Nightmares weapons

Kings’s Fall weapons

Vow of the Disciple weapons

Deep Stone Crypt weapons

Before you go…

You now know everything there is to know about Pantheon.

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