Destiny 2 Brave Weapons: God Rolls & Schedule

by | May 27, 2024

Into the Light is finally here. While the most hardcore Guardians are out there competing for World’s First at beating all 50 enemy waves in Legend difficulty, most of us are excitedly farming the excellent Brave weapons released with the update. And by the way, these Brave weapons are not only fan favorites; they are genuinely some of the best weapons available in Destiny 2.

Today, we cover all 12 Brave Weapons, how to get them, and their rotation.

Into the Light Weapon Release Schedule

Brave weapons were released by Bungie following the schedule below.

✅ Weapons released on April 30 (Week 23):

✅ Weapons released on April 23 (Week 22):

✅ Weapons released on April 16 (Week 21):

✅ Weapons available on April 9 (Week 20):

Brave Weapons Schedule, Destiny 2

D2 Brave Weapons Loot Pool

These are the 12 BRAVE weapons you can acquire by farming the Onslaught activity :

How to get Brave Weapons

 While some of these weapons have older versions still available out there (Forbearance, Succession, etc.), these BRAVE weapons can only be farmed by participating in the brand-new Onslaught activity.

There are also limited-edition variants with unique shiny visuals up for grabs, too. Bungie confirmed that everyone can get at least one “shiny” variant of each weapon by completing Arcite 99-40 quests:

By completing Arcite’s quests, you are guaranteed to get a curated limited-edition variant of each weapon. The team has intentionally picked some hot perk combos for these, and they all come with unique shiny visuals.

Improved Drop Rates

With the release of Update on April 23, 2024, Bungie increased the drop rates of Brave weapons to further encourage players to complete all 50 waves in a round:

Adjusted reward drops to ensure a guaranteed weapon drop within a 50-wave run and an additional bonus weapon drop upon completion of wave 50 in any difficulty.

Into the Light God Rolls: Brave Weapons to Farm Today

BRAVE Weapon God Rolls

BRAVE Weapon God Rolls, Destiny 2

These are the 6 Brave weapons you can start farming today:

The Recluse Preview Destiny 2

The Recluse

The Recluse is finally back and seems to still be relatively potent! While Master of Arms (Recluse’s unique trait) seems to have been nerfed with this new variant, the Recluse’s weapon type and frame alone make it a competent choice in today’s meta.

Even though it definitely won’t be as potent as it was previously, we expect The Recluse to be added to the list of S-Tier SMGs that every Guardian needs.

These are the top Recluse God Rolls:

  • PvE God Rolls: Threat Detector (also good: Repulsor Brace) + Frenzy (also good: Desperate Measures)
  • PvP God Rolls: Dynamic Sway Reduction + Tap the Trigger (also good: Master of Arms)


Succession Preview Destiny 2


When Succession was revealed as one of the twelve weapons returning with this update, a wave of confusion struck the community: isn’t this weapon still farmable and craftable in the live game?

The answer to that question is yes, but this new BRAVE variant comes with a suite of new perks. Given that Succession’s current version (available from the Deep Stone Crypt raid) is one of the most sought-after sniper rifles available, we’d place bets on this new one being even better. Plus, the Brave version of Succession doesn’t require ownership of the Beyond Light DLC!

These are the top Succession God Rolls:

  • PvE God Rolls: Reconstruction + Recombination (also good: Vorpal Weapon)
  • PvP God Rolls: Moving Target + Snapshot Sights


Elsie's Rifle Preview Destiny 2

Elsie’s Rifle

The only weapon out of the bunch that hasn’t formerly been in Destiny 2 yet, Elsie’s Rifle may be unfamiliar at first to anyone who didn’t play Destiny 1. However, upon closer inspection, players will find that it is simply a legendary (and Void) variant of the fan-favorite exotic pulse rifle, No Time to Explain.

Realistically, Elsie’s Rifle is likely fall in the middle of the pack. While high-impact frame pulses are generally seen as strong, we don’t anticipate this weapon’s perk pool to be strong enough to warrant extreme use or popularity.

These are the top Elsie’s Rifle God Rolls:

  • PvE God Rolls: Repulsor Brace or Rewind Rounds + Destabilizing Rounds or Frenzy
  • PvP God Rolls: Zen Moment or Keep Away + Desperado or Kill Clip


Falling Guillotine Preview Destiny 2

Falling Guillotine

Falling Guillotine was the weapon that arguably started an entire sword meta back in Season of Arrivals, and it’s now returning with every perk a Guardian could ask for.

This weapon is the second non-Dares of Eternity sword able to roll with Eager Edge, the defining sword perk of the past couple of years. While The Slammer (now available from Nightfalls) proves to be stiff competition, Falling Guillotine is no doubt an outstanding pick for those who prefer Onslaught over Nightfalls and Dares of Eternity.

These are the top Falling Guillotine God Rolls:

  • PvE God Rolls: Frenzy (also good: Vorpal Weapon) + Surrounded or Bait and Switch (also good: Eager Edge)
  • PvP God Rolls: Vorpal Weapon + Eager Edge


Hung Jury SR4 Preview Destiny 2

Hung Jury SR4

For what is perhaps the last time, Hung Jury SR4 has returned with an updated perk pool. And while Hung Jury does have its fair share of fans, this is definitely the least anticipated weapon out of the bunch.

The most recent version of Hung Jury was updated as a Nightfall weapon merely one year ago, so it is already quite up-to-date. Yet, it doesn’t seem to get much usage (a statement that can also be generalized to all scout rifles). As a result, this updated version of Hung Jury SR4 likely won’t see all that much use apart from the occasional Champion-stunning option.

These are the top Hung Jury SR4 God Rolls:

  • PvE God Rolls: Kinetic Tremors (also good: Enlightened Action) + Firefly or Precision Instrument
  • PvP God Rolls: Rapid Hit (also good: No Distractions) + Cascade Point (also good: Box Breathing)


Edge Transit Preview Destiny 2

Edge Transit

Edge Transit being on this list may seem like a joke to some since the weapon never really became part of the meta (and instead was only popular due to memes posted about it in the Forsaken era). However, the new variant of this weapon has an extreme amount of potential, even compared to other weapons on this list.

While heavy grenade launchers haven’t fully entered the DPS meta just yet, they’re presumed to take center stage with The Final Shape’s release. And, because Edge Transit is the newest addition to this weapon type, it very well could be the best choice for boss damage in just a couple of months. While it may not be outstanding right now, we’d place bets on saved rolls becoming invaluable in June.

These are the top Edge Transit God Rolls:

  • PvE God Rolls: Envious Assassin + Bait and Switch
  • PvP God Rolls: Impulse Amplifier + Explosive Light

Brave Weapons God Rolls Coming Soon

The following 6 weapons will be released in the coming three weeks:

Luna's Howl Perks screen Destiny 2

Luna’s Howl

While a hand cannon with the name “Luna’s Howl” is returning with Into the Light, it’s surprisingly different from its original counterpart. Not only is the unique Magnificient Howl perk completely overhauled, but the weapon now fires at 140 RPM instead of the original 180.

Because of the above changes, we can’t see Luna’s Howl being anywhere near as potent as it was back in Forsaken. Other than a casual PvE choice to replace options like Sunshot and Zaouli’s Bane, we don’t expect the weapon to see much use at all. This new Luna’s Howl will be able to roll with:

  • Perk 1: Eye of the Storm, Subsistence, Discord, Encore, Slideshot, Enlightened Action, and Heal Clip
  • Perk 2: Magnificent Howl, Kill Clip, Incandescent, Desperate Measures, Opening Shot, Precision Instrument, and Harmony

We cover the most promising Luna’s Howl God Rolls here.


Forbearance Grenade Launcher Destiny 2 featured


Forbearance has been the dominating special weapon ever since its release two years ago, and now it’s gaining access to new perks and a potent origin trait. What more could you ask for?

Assuming the weapon can roll with the perk combination that made it famous in the first place (Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction), this new version of Forbearance will be a must-farm for any players who never stepped into the Vow of the Disciple raid. 

This alternative version of Forbearance will be able to roll with:

  • Perk 1: Unrelenting, Stats for All, Demolitionist, Ambitious Assassin, Surplus, Steady Hands, and Disruption Break
  • Perk 2: Wellspring, Golden Tricorn, One for All, Bait and Switch, Chain Reaction, Rampage, and Desperate Measures

We cover the most promising Forbearance God Rolls here.





Midninght Coup Perks screen Destiny 2

Midnight Coup

Returning all the way from 2017’s Leviathan raid is Midnight Coup, one of many community favorite hand cannons in the game’s history. 

In short, this weapon has loads of potential. While it lacks an elemental affinity (making it slightly less desirable in PvE), its outstanding feel and presumably strong perk pool more than make up for it in all areas of the game. This revamped Midninght Coup will be able to roll with:

  • Perk 1: Outlaw, Firefly, Shoot to Loot, Explosive Payload, Moving Target, Attrition Orbs, and Enlightened Action
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Kinetic Tremors, Zen Moment, One for All, Frenzy, Opening Shot, and Desperate Measures

We cover the most promising Midnight Coup God Rolls here.


Blast Furnace Perks screen Destiny 2

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace, one of the many fan-favorite weapons from Black Armory, is returning with Into the Light. From what we currently know, we expect this weapon to find its way into Guardians’ arsenals for PvP and PvE alike.

Aggressive frame pulse rifles have consistently been top picks in all areas of the game ever since their introduction in Forsaken. With Blast Furnace’s inevitably strong perk pool and consistent recoil pattern, the weapon is guaranteed to make waves upon release. The new Blast Furnace will be able to roll with:

  • Perk 1: Zen Moment, Snapshot, Shoot to Loot, Keep Away, Perpetual Motion, Kinetic Tremors, and Headseeker
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip, Firefly, One for All, Frenzy, Rampage, Rapid Hit, and Desperate Measures

We cover the most promising Blast Furnace God Rolls here.


The Mountaintop Perks screen Destiny 2

The Mountaintop

One of the two most anticipated weapons to drop with this release is The Mountaintop, an old pinnacle weapon that is one of the most infamous in Destiny 2’s history.

While its original variant was undoubtedly strong in both PvE and PvP, we have tempered expectations for its BRAVE version. Its unique micro-missile frame and updated perk pool are likely to garner interest, but we don’t expect this menace of a weapon to return in anything near its original state.

This reissued Mountaintop will be able to roll with:

  • Perk 1: Ambitious Assassin, Impulse Amplifier, Demolitionist, Lead from Gold, Slickdraw, Auto-Loading Holster, and Overflow
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie, One for All, Harmony, Recombination, and Frenzy

We cover the most promising The Mountaintop God Rolls here.



Hammerhead Perks screen Destiny 2


Even after over three years of the weapon being sunset, Hammerhead is still seen as the definitive legendary machine gun. By the looks of it, Into the Light’s new BRAVE variant seems to do the weapon justice.

With absurd ad clear rolls like Rampage and Killing Tally combined with its iconic feel, Hammerhead very well could end up being the most used weapon out of the twelve we’ve covered today. Plus, machine guns have only gotten stronger in the past couple of seasons, making this the perfect heavy weapon to run when nothing else comes to mind. This new Hammerhead will be able to roll with:

  • Perk 1: Feeding Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Envious Assassin, Rampage, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Rewind Rounds, and Under-Over.
  • Perk 2: Surrounded, High-Impact Reserves, Target Lock, Onslaught, Killing Tally, Desperate Measures, and Tap the Trigger.

We cover the most promising Hammerhead God Rolls here.


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