Destiny 2: Raid and Dungeon Rotation this Week

by | Jul 16, 2024 | Leveling

Bungie finally did something to bring new life to the older raids and dungeon: A weekly rotation. Every week, a different raid and dungeon are part of the weekly rotation, which means they become fully farmable, on top of also offering a Pinnacle reward each.

This guide covers this week’s Raid and Dungeon rotation, including their rewards and loot tables.

Destiny 2 Raid this week: July 16, 2024

The featured Raid this week is Root of Nightmares.

ArtActivityLocationPower LevelRewardsRequiresType
Root of Nightmares RaidRoot of NightmaresNeomuna1945Loot TableLightfall Preorder icon

These are the raid weapons available this week:

💠 Featured Raid Weapons

Weekly Raid rotation

Season 23 calendar covering the entire Raid weekly rotation until May 28, 2024 (note that the latest raid, Crota’s End, is not part of the rotation):

📅 Raid rotation: Episode 1

WeekRaidLocationWeek #
4 June 2024Last WishDreaming CityWeek 1
11 June 2024Garden of SalvationMoonWeek 2
18 June 2024Deep Stone CryptEuropaWeek 3
25 June 2024Vault of GlassLegendsWeek 4
2 July 2024Vow of the DiscipleThrone WorldWeek 5
9 July 2024King's FallLegendsWeek 6
16 July 2024Root of NightmaresNeomunaWeek 7
23 July 2024Last WishDreaming CityWeek 8
30 July 2024Garden of SalvationMoonWeek 9
6 August 2024Deep Stone CryptEuropaWeek 10
13 August 2024Vault of GlassLegendsWeek 11
20 August 2024Vow of the DiscipleThrone WorldWeek 12
27 August 2024King's FallLegendsWeek 13
3 September 2024Root of NightmaresNeomunaWeek 14
10 September 2024Last WishDreaming CityWeek 15
17 September 2024Garden of SalvationMoonWeek 16
24 September 2024Deep Stone CryptEuropaWeek 17
1 October 2024Vault of GlassLegendsWeek 18

Destiny 2 Dungeon this week

The featured Dungeon this week is Ghost of the Deep.

ArtActivityLocationPower LevelRewardsRequiresType
Ghost of the Deep Dungeon Destiny 2Ghost of the DeepLegends1945Loot TableLightfall Preorder icon
Lightfall Deluxe

These are the Dungeon weapons available this week:

💠 Featured Dungeon Weapons

Weekly Dungeon rotation

Season 23 calendar covering the entire Dungeon weekly rotation until May 28, 2024 (note that the latest dungeon, Warlord’s Ruin, is not part of the rotation):

📅 Dungeon rotation: Episode 1

WeekDungeonLocationWeek #
4 June 2024DualityMoonWeek 1
11 June 2024Spire of the WatcherMarsWeek 2
18 June 2024Pit of HeresyMoonWeek 3
25 June 2024Shattered ThroneDreaming CityWeek 4
2 July 2024ProphecyLegendsWeek 5
9 July 2024Grasp of AvariceCosmodromeWeek 6
16 July 2024Ghost of the DeepH.E.L.M.Week 7
23 July 2024DualityMoonWeek 8
30 July 2024Spire of the WatcherMarsWeek 9
6 August 2024Pit of HeresyMoonWeek 10
13 August 2024Shattered ThroneDreaming CityWeek 11
20 August 2024ProphecyLegendsWeek 12
27 August 2024Grasp of AvariceCosmodromeWeek 13
3 September 2024ProphecyLegendsWeek 14
10 September 2024ProphecyLegendsWeek 15
17 September 2024Spire of the WatcherMarsWeek 16
24 September 2024Pit of HeresyMoonWeek 17
1 October 2024Shattered ThroneDreaming CityWeek 18

Fully farmable Raid and Dungeon weapons

But wait, it gets even better. The weekly raid and dungeon are fully farmable:

Oh, wait, you said you liked farming? We got you there too with the new rotator system. All lockouts on encounter rewards for Legendary gear are being removed, which means all Legendary drops in both raids and dungeons will be 100-percent farmable if you so choose.

Pinnacle rewards

Also, the featured raid and dungeon will also reward players with Pinnacle gear:

For the weekly rotation, completing the final encounter in any of the chosen raids or dungeons will award a Pinnacle drop from a Weekly Challenge.

Your turn

Have the raid and dungeon rotators changed the way you play Destiny 2? Are you finally running those older raids more now? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. John1337

    D2 will be unplayable garbage until they stop queueing keyboard andouse players with controller users in pvp and move to balanced (meaning fixed) loadouts and builds for pvp. They also need to put back all the PVE content they stole from paying customers and remove at least 2 to 4 hundred layers of RNG.

    • Johns a nonce

      ahahh sit

      • Fynn7023#4949

        Duality is only a year old, would be nice to farm some more loot there

    • Zavalas left pauldron

      Ahahaha you should read your terms of service and limited software license agreement…. You own nothing. Never did.

      Get over it.. cope more

      • John is right

        I own whatever i pay for. Nobody reads that crap lol. It’s theft.

        • Hershey

          If you agreed to the terms it aint theft, whether you read it or not loser

          • Dude

            Said angry destiny 1&2 player. Cope more

          • Blinge

            If it can’t be owned, then piracy of digital media couldn’t possibly be theft

        • Choppiejack

          you dont own any game you buy unless its a hard copy you own the rights to play not the game

      • James 6969

        Paid for everything and never realized it was only half a game. Nobody reads EULA’s lol. Couldn’t tell you what anything is about. Not watching 8 hours of youtube videos explaining all the campaigns and seasonal content that never should have been removed in the first place either smh.

        You just make it into two games and put the first half offline and make it downloadable to ppl. Pretty simple really. There is no excuse and you’ve drank the kool-aid. If i’d have known i’d have never given them a dime. There honestly should be a class action lawsuit. A precedence needs to be set so other scummy companies cant get away with this in the future. EULA is irrelevant. You paid for a product and you no longer have said product. You are not paying for access to a service. They are not an internet or streaming provider.

        • Wyatt Bieker

          Why so mad? Lol

        • Gorgoroths left ballsac

          I read the EULA. Only dumd retards don’t. Oh you didn’t? That makes you one.

        • Anon

          Cope harder

        • Hud

          If you don’t wanna read shtuff then don’t complain about said shtuff, you agreed to it your fault

    • Me

      Pc players get matched against pc players. Console players get matched against console players. In the roaster you can see if they are on your console or the other which is displayed by a controller icon. I play a lot of pvp and I rarely suspect people of actually playing on mouse and keyboard on console, it is usually on playstation and really unusual. Maybe you should practice more ? If you are on pc and complain about players playing with mouse and keyboard then oufff get a console lol

      • Jim1337

        No they do not. It’s fully crossplay. They can’t tell what you’re using and they don’t care. Everyone uses Chronus, Xim etc. and many M&K users migrate to console to get the leg up. It’s a total crapshoot.

        Played a GM with guy running a full auto bottomless mag Gjallarhorn the other day. He said it bugged out on him in the team chat lol. Nope, he was jumping and moving like he was obviously on controller and tracking targets through cover…and that was in PVE lol. No sweat.

        I promise you 15% of the ppl you are up against at least have wall hacks. Don’t be naive. Just look at all the streamers who get caught hacking…now imagine how many never do. That applies to everyone else too. If you think Aztecross and all those guys are rolling vanilla well bud i have a few things i’d like to sell you…

        Everyone knows it’s victimless and you aren’t gonna get caught unless you are really stupid and overdo it. If you aren’t hacking in that game you are handicapping yourself. Fact.

    • dog

      GUYS ITS A JOKE!!!!

    • xe6h

      Sounds like a skill issue, Just get gud kid lmao

      • Jake Seresin

        I am good rooster. Very good.

        The whole point is skill is irrelevant on an uneven playing field. They do that so unskilled ppl can pat themselves on the back when they two tap someone from behind.

        You need the same movement, health/sheilds, loadouts and abilities (or at least a carefully balanced sandbox) to have skill based PVP (also everyone needs to be on the same input devices as well)

        That’s why old shooters like Quake 2 and Unreal Tournament 3 are the kings. Physics based projectiles, long TTK’s and fast movement. Everything was right there in the map accessible to everyone. Even playing field.

        Went to a Quake 2 tournament in Edmonton Alberta back in the day. A guy walked in with a PS one mouse and keyboard (look it up, they were a thing). He ordered it from Japan, they couldn’t disqualify him cuz it was a Playstation branded input device. He mopped the floor with everyone of course (it’s an objectively faster and more precise input) and walked out with the 5000 dollar grand prize.

        This is not a new thing. If you think you have any real skill playing random crapshoot PVP like D2 think again. I’d bet dollars to donuts on the irony of you being one of those “skilled” players who responds like this then turns around and cries about the SBMM (lol what a misnomer)

        • Ksteal

          If you don’t like it then dont play pvp smh

          • Quark

            If you search it up, there has never been a quake 2 tourney in Edmonton Alberta, and even if there was, there is no proof that kid even went to one like how we gonna believe you

          • FYoMamma

            What Quark fucking said, my guy.

    • HJ0HN50N

      Thats call of duty. You’re thinking of CoD. Go play that.

    • That guy

      When it comes to PVP I completely agree, people will tell you that you only get matched with pc if you have one in your fireteam, but that’s a complete lie. Using mic I’ve had several match made teams have pc players on my team, and after messaging my opponents found out that some of them are pc players. If the game doesn’t find a match in 30sec-1min it widens the search and adds PC to the pool. Screw that id rather wait longer then face up against aim bots

    • morons

      maybe try fortnite. doesnt sound like this is for u

      • Jeigh

        Lmao, Fortnite takes a lot more skill than Destiny at competition levels. You have to have multiple skills, not just FPS skills. There is a ton more strategy, since you’re literally playing w/chess tactics, when it comes to building & editing. And you’ve got no radar telling you where the enemy is, plus you’re playing in multiple directions, not just straight forward. And Fortnite has dynamic movement, where Destiny only gives it to certain character builds & exotics. Everyone can fly around infinitely w/Spider grapple in Fortnite, or whatever new movement tool (it’s literally flying w/wings right now) instead of one or two grapples w/Destiny Strand. I’m saying not only does that make Fortnite’s PvP more fun, it makes it more difficult.

    • ODIN

      the whole sunsetting thing was a lose lose situation. without it destiny would be around 150 GB. I think really the only thing people miss that was sunset, was forsaken and maybe red war.

    • Bob Geoffries

      They don’t, the only way console players join pc players is if they are in a party together before queueing, so if you are playing solo you will only join those on the same platform as you, crossplay is only fully enabled in the open world sandbox not the crucible, Bungie stated this ages ago.

      If you’re a console player you most likely came across Xim users and you can blame your console devs for that not the game devs.

  2. Y;all Are Weird

    Idk what these people are blabbering about. Thanks for the info Ric!

  3. Sworrd

    if yall keep fighting im gonna have to step in

  4. ok bud

    i dont think that i have ever seen more people who who dont do their research about things before they blame the creators before this

  5. Nezarec, sniffer of thighs

    Some of these people here are the reason theres instructions on shampoo bottles, and the tutorials beeing unskippable.. this is wild

  6. Don

    Dont do PvP just play and have fun, if its not fun then get yourself a AI Girlfriend, they are lots of fun

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