Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy Loot table: Weapons & Armor

by | Apr 18, 2023

Many Guardians prefer to ignore the Pit of Heresy because it doesn’t feature exclusive weapons or armor. Indeed, Pit of Heresy offers the same gear that you can find elsewhere on the Moon.

Still, this dungeon has a lot to offer. First, it’s the only place where you can farm the capable Premonition pulse rifle, and more importantly, it drops some of the best high-stat armor in the entire game. This guide covers the entire Pit of Heresy loot table and tells you how to farm its high-stat armor.

D2 Pit of Heresy dungeon Loot Pool

This is the complete Shattered Throne loot table, including weapons and armor:

Pit of Heresy Loot table
Any EncounterRequires "Hymn of Desecration"
Every Waking Moment Destiny 2 art
Every Waking Moment
SMG | Void Void
Loud Lullaby Destiny 2 art
Loud Lullaby
Hand Cannon | Kinetic symbol Destiny 2 icon Kinetic
Apostate Destiny 2 art
Sniper Rifle | Arc Arc
Love and Death Destiny 2 art
Love and Death
Grenade Launcher | Solar Solar
Arc Logic Destiny 2 art
Arc Logic
Auto Rifle | Arc Arc
Blasphemer Destiny 2 art
Shotgun | Kinetic symbol Destiny 2 icon Kinetic
A Fine Memorial Destiny 2 art
A Fine Memorial
Machine Gun | Arc Arc
Dream Breaker Destiny 2 art
Dream Breaker
Fusion Rifle | Solar Solar
Heretic Destiny 2 art
Rocket Launcher| Arc Arc
One Small Step Destiny 2 art
One Small Step
Shotgun | Kinetic symbol Destiny 2 icon Kinetic
Tranquility Destiny 2 art
Sniper Rifle| Kinetic symbol Destiny 2 icon Kinetic
Premonition Destiny 2 art
Pulse Rifle| Void Void
Night Terror Destiny 2 art
Night Terror
Sword | Arc Arc
Dreambane ArmorAny piece of Armor

💠 Recommended Power: 1600

⛔ Requirements: To access this dungeon, you need to own the Shadowkeep expansion.

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Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy weapons and Rolls

Pit of Heresy features several Legendary weapons. The main complaint is that most of these can be acquired elsewhere on the Moon, except the Premonition pulse rifle, which is indeed unique to the Pit of Heresy:

ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Premonition artPremonitionPulse RifleHigh-ImpactLegendaryPrimaryVoidShadowkeepYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryVoid Void


-Pit of Heresy DungeonError icon V2Shadowkeep Destiny 2 icon
Season 13EnergyNo

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Pit of Heresy dungeon Armor

Unlike every other dungeon in Destiny 2 that offers a unique and exclusive Armor set as a reward, the Pit of Heresy drops the standard Moon armor: the Dreambane set.

Dreambane Armor

Pit of Heresy armor, Destiny 2

To be fair, while the Dreambane set is not exclusive to the Pit of Heresy dungeon, the versions that the Pit offers have extremely high stats. Some of the best in the game.

Now that transmog is a thing, many will argue that finding high-stat gear is more important than finding new sets…

Is the Pit of Heresy dungeon farmable?

Whenever Pit of Heresy is the featured dungeon of the week, it can be farmed for unlimited loot. All you’ll need is a committed Fireteam and a couple of hours ahead of you.

This is how you’ll be able to farm the Pit of Heresy dungeon:

  1. Go through the dungeon on your first character until you reach the encounter you want to farm.
  2. Start the encounter and wipe (i.e., die without beating it).
  3. Ask your Fireteam to wait. Change characters and log into a character that hasn’t run the dungeon that week.
  4. On that second character, join your Fireteam again.
  5. Wipe again. Now your second character has the proper checkpoint.

And that’s it. You’ll then be able to farm that encounter ad nauseam until reset! To continue farming, you’ll need to:

  1. Launch the dungeon using your second character (the one that is holding the checkpoint).
  2. Change characters and rejoin your Fireteam on your first character.
  3. Complete the encounter for loot.
  4. Exit the dungeon, switch characters again, and repeat Step 1.

Before you leave…

Now that you know everything there is to know about this dungeon, perhaps you’ll want to check out the loot tables from the other raids and dungeons in Destiny 2. After all, these offer the absolute best loot in the entire game…

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