Destiny 2 The Recluse: God Rolls and How to get it

by | Apr 25, 2024

Into the Light has finally arrived, and with it is the first batch of BRAVE arsenal weapons. While the entire suite is comprised of returning fan favorites, one in particular has been on every player’s mind since its announcement: The Recluse.


How good is The Recluse

While The Recluse has an infamous history within Destiny 2, its new variant may not be as strong as some would like.

Despite the weapon having retained its unique “Master of Arms” perk, it now only offers a 15% damage buff, which is on par with Frenzy. Because of this, The Recluse has fallen from the status of a pinnacle weapon to simply another standard addition to the submachine gun category.

Even so, The Recluse is still a competent pick in all areas of the game. While it definitely won’t be meta-shifting, it offers the same potent perks that make its competition so good.

Tier Rank & “Roles”: The Recluse is A-Tier in both PvE (especially with Void Builds) and PvP.

A-tier for PvE A-tier for PvP

Best alternatives:

The Recluse Perks and God Rolls

The Recluse submachine gun can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Feeding Frenzy, Enlightened Action, Subsistence, Threat Detector, Repulsor Brace, Hip-Fire Grip, Dynamic Sway Reduction
  • Perk 2: Master of Arms, Target Lock, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Surrounded, Tap the Trigger, Desperate Measures
  • Origin Trait: Indomitability
The Recluse God Rolls Infographic v2 Destiny 2

The Recluse God Rolls, Destiny 2

The Recluse PvE god rolls

PvE Rolls Roll #1: Void Build Roll #2: Ad Clear
Barrel Smallbore
Magazine Flared Magwell
Perk 1 Repulsor Brace Repulsor Brace (also good: Threat Detector)
Perk 2 Desperate Measures (also good: Destabilizing Rounds) Frenzy (also good: Surrounded)
Masterwork Range or Stability

Roll #1: Void Build God Roll

As a compliment for your Void build, The Recluse is pretty easy: just look for subclass-related perks like Repulsor Brace, Destabilizing Rounds, and the new Desperate Measures. We find Desperate Measures to be significantly more potent than Destabilizing Rounds here, but it entirely depends on how your chosen build functions.

Recommended Loadout: Scatter Signal or Tusk of the Boar, The Recluse, Commemoration.

Roll #2: Ad Clear God Roll

If you’re looking for raw power, Frenzy is a clear choice in the final column due to its multitude of buffs (even though other picks offer more damage). As for column one, there really isn’t anything outstanding or synergistic—that’s why we opt for Repulsor Brace since you’re likely to encounter Void debuffs from your team regardless of your chosen subclass. 

In contrast, if you instead feel comfortable getting up close and personal with your enemies, the combination of Threat Detector and Surrounded can’t be overlooked. While it does place you in a risky spot, both perks are extremely potent and synergize perfectly with one another.

Recommended Loadout: Scatter Signal, The Recluse, Apex Predator.

The Recluse PvP god roll

PvP Rolls Roll #1: 6v6 Modes Roll #2: 3v3 Modes
Barrel Hammer-Forged Rifling
Magazine Ricochet Rounds
Perk 1 Dynamic Sway Reduction
Perk 2 Master of Arms Tap the Trigger
Masterwork Range

Roll #1: 6v6 Party God Roll

Generally speaking, 6v6 Crucible modes cater more toward kill-activated perks rather than neutral ones. For that reason, we recommend Master of Arms in the final column—while not the strongest, it’s the best thing The Recluse offers. For the first column, nothing really stands out, so we recommend Dynamic Sway Reduction (that said, if another neutral perk fits your style more, this one can be easily swapped).

Roll #2: 3v3 Trials God Roll

For our 3v3 roll, we’re simply looking at any perk that increases The Recluse’s consistency. Through our chosen set of perks (Dynamic Sway Reduction, Tap the Trigger, and a potent barrel and magazine), you won’t be gaining any extra damage but instead more accuracy for each shot you fire.

How to get The Recluse

The Recluse is one of twelve legendary weapons that returned with the free-to-play Into the Light update. To obtain it, all you’ll need to do is participate in the new Onslaught activity.

In addition to random drops you may get through Onslaught, you can complete a quest through Arcite in the Hall of Champions to unlock The Recluse’s weapon attunement (which can be activated in the Hall as well). When active, this attunement will increase the drop chance of The Recluse by 50%, making it significantly easier to focus-farm. We cover the entire Brave Weapons Rotation here.

How to get The Recluse Screen Destiny 2

How to get The Recluse, Destiny 2

You can find our D2 Weapon God Roll hub here.

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