Destiny 2 Hung Jury SR4: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Apr 28, 2024

With the release of Into the Light, players have spotted that Hung Jury is dropping (again). However, it doesn’t come back for nothing and brings some solid perks that players will definitely want.


How good is this reissued Hung Jury SR4 (Brave)

Hung Jury has already been reprised three times in Destiny 2, meaning it already has a whopping six variants, and all versions have been incredibly solid, so we don’t see why this rendition of the iconic Scout Rifle will be any different.

Hung Jury is a 180 RPM Scout Rifle. This archetype is pretty good but nothing too special. Scout Rifles also aren’t in the best of spots right now, meaning that players may be hesitant to use the weapon in more challenging pieces of content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls. However, with perks like Kinetic Tremors and Precision Instrument available, Hung Jury isn’t too bad of an option.

In PvP, there isn’t too much going on. While Rapid Hit and Cascade Point could be an interesting combo, as could the classic Box Breathing strategy, players will be much better served by other weapon types, as Scout Rifles can be quite bothersome to use.

Tier Rank & “Roles”: We consider this revamped Hung Jury SR4 A-tier for PvE (GMs) and A-tier for PvP (3v3 Modes).

A-tier for PvE A-tier for PvP

Best alternatives:

Hung Jury SR4 Perks and God Rolls

The Hung Jury Scout Rifle can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Rewind Rounds, Enlightened Action, Kinetic Tremors, Rapid Hit, Shoot to Loot, No Distractions, and Loose Change
  • Perk 2: One for All, Cascade Point, Box Breathing, Firefly, Precision Instrument, Desperate Measures, and Explosive Rounds
  • Origin Trait: Indomitability
Hung Jury SR4 God Rolls Infographic

Hung Jury SR4 God Rolls, Destiny 2

Hung Jury SR4 PvE god roll

PvE Rolls Roll #1: GMs Roll #2: Ad Clear
Barrel Fluted Barrel
Magazine Tactical Mag
Perk 1 Kinetic Tremors
Perk 2 Explosive Payload or One for All Firefly (also good: Explosive Payload)
Masterwork Reload Speed

Roll #1: GM God Roll

Handling and Reload Speed are important on Hung Jury, so we chose Fluted Barrel and Tactical Magazine for our barrel and magazine slots.

Kinetic Tremors is a must-pick for PvE on Hung Jury as it helps deal some massive AoE damage, which is always handy on a Scout Rifle. Explosive Payload and Precision Instrument are both good options. Explosive Payload provides a more general buff, but Precision Instrument is better when using Hung Jury to take down a higher health target.

Recommended Loadout: Hung Jury SR4, Cartesian Coordinate, Gjallarhorn.

Roll #2: Ad Clear God Roll

Again, handling and Reload Speed are very important for the general feel of the weapon, meaning a Reload Speed Masterwork with Fluted Barrel and Tactical Mag is best.

Kinetic Tremors and Firefly provide the most AoE possible on this weapon. However, Explosive Payload is a valid alternative that provides a 15% damage bonus on bodyshots and a 9% damage bonus on crits, making it a solid alternative.

Recommended Loadout: Hung Jury SR4, Forbearance, Gjallarhorn.

Hung Jury SR4 PvP god roll

PvP Roll
Barrel Fluted Barrel
Magazine Steady Rounds
Perk 1 Rapid Hit
Perk 2 Box Breathing (also good: Cascade Point)
Masterwork Stability or Handling

Maximising Stability in order to reduce incoming flinch is paramount in PvP, meaning Fluted Barrel and Steady Rounds are great options for our Barrel and Magazine; meanwhile, the choice between Stability or Handling for the Masterwork is up to the player.

Rapid Hit is a good quality-of-life perk, providing bumps to Reload Speed and Stability. In all PvP, Box Breathing provides a very accessible 3-tap kill, as it doesn’t require a kill to activate. However, Cascade Point is a decent alternative. While it does require a kill to activate, Cascade Point drops the time-to-kill to 0.6s.

How to get Hung Jury SR4

Hung Jury is earned through playing the Onslaught activity. Onslaught is a horde-based activity that tests players against waves upon waves of enemies that gradually rise in difficulty as the mode progresses. Fortunately, with difficulty comes rewards, with each ‘set’ (every 10 waves) dropping some loot. This is the most straightforward way to farm for Hung Jury while also enjoying the new activity.

Alternatively, players can use their Brave Trophies in the Hall of Champions to open a specific chest to have a chance of obtaining the Hung Jury. It’s important to note that Hung Jury was one of the weapons listed to release with Into the Light’s release on April 9th, meaning players can get right into the action and farm it as soon as possible. We cover the entire Brave Weapons Rotation here.

How to get Brave Onslaught Weapons Screen Destiny 2

How to get the Hung Jury SR4, Destiny 2

You can find our D2 Weapon God Roll hub here.

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