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by | Sep 19, 2023

Everyone loves to hate Destiny 2’s Eververse store. But that’s only because it has too many great-looking items for sale that should be in-game rewards instead.

Bungie did admit to taking things too far and promised changes. In the meantime, the Eververse still offers great-looking items, but if you play your cards right, you can get most of them for free with Bright Dust.

Checkmark icon V3 Updated as of Season of the Witch (S22). 

Destiny 2 Eververse schedule: September 19, 2023

This week, the Eververse is featuring the return of Season of the Worthy gear and accessories, including the Season of the Worthy armor (just be aware that these are not available for Bright Dust, only Silver).

Eververse offerings Week 5 Season 22

Eververse offerings Week 5, Season 22

Eververse Calendar this Week (Bright Dust items)

Name Type Cost
Concentrated Mattergem Consumable 200 Bright Dust
Glimmershard Consumable 250 Bright Dust
Simon Says Emote 3250 Bright Dust
Unhearing, to Be Told Weapon Ornament 700 Bright Dust
Tyrian Abyss Shader 300 Bright Dust
Abyssinian Gold Shader 300 Bright Dust
Conductor Emote 700 Bright Dust
Eerie Hands Emote 400 Bright Dust
Exotech Shell Ghost Shell 2850 Bright Dust
Swift Persistence Ship 2000 Bright Dust
Sunny-Day Seeker Vehicle 2500 Bright Dust
Agkistrodon-5SR Weapon Ornament 1250 Bright Dust
Lilac Bombast Shader 300 Bright Dust
Amethyst Veil Shader 300 Bright Dust
Copperbrand Shader 300 Bright Dust
Coleoptera Shader 300 Bright Dust

PS: We do not cover either Transmat Effects or Ghost Projections as we strongly believe those are not worthy of your Dust…

Destiny 2 Eververse Armor & Ornaments this Season

If you want to avoid Silver and only use Bright Dust, you must shop carefully, as Bright Dust is not easy to find. By the way, we cover all the current Bright Dust sources here.

For that reason, there are some items you should prioritize and some items you should avoid. This all comes down to personal preference, but these are the highlights from the Eververse I always acquire:

  • The Seasonal Armor Ornament
  • Event-based Armor sets (such as  Dawning or Festival of the Lost)
  • Exotic Armor and Weapon Ornaments (including for items I don’t use as you never know what Exotic could be buffed tomorrow and become your favorite weapon or armor piece for weeks)
  • Great looking Exotic ships and vehicles

Seasonal Armor Ornament

Every new season comes with a new Eververse armor set.

This set is, of course, already available for Silver, but each part of the armor will also be available for Bright Dust. The seasonal armor is something I never miss, and if you, too, would like to get it for free using Bright Dust, the following dates should be on your calendar:

Eververve Ornament Season 22 Destiny 2

Eververve Ornament Season 22, Destiny 2

You can refer to the table above and filter items to only see “Armor Ornaments” for the images and more details about the Seasonal Ornament set.

Destiny 2 Eververse items you should skip

The Eververse store is bloated with consumables and shaders, especially its Bright Dust section. To better highlight the items we consider worthy of your hard-earned Bright Dust or Silver, the following categories were left out from the table above:

  • Consumables
  • Ghost projections
  • Shaders
  • Transmat entrances
  • Rare (blue) items
  • Most Legendary accessories (such as Vehicles, Emotes, or Ships)

If you’re very much into Transmat entrances, you’re, of course, free to spend your currency on that. But to be clear, I prefer to keep this post focused on the more “premium” items Eververse has to offer.

Eververse Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions involving Eververse:

When does Destiny 2’s Eververse reset?

As with everything else in the game, the Eververse store resets weekly on Tuesdays at the same exact time:

  • US Eastern: 1 pm
  • US Western: 10 am
  • UK: 6 pm
  • Central European: 7 pm

How much Bright Dust is a Vehicle (sparrow)?

A Vehicle in Destiny 2 is either 2500 Bright Dust or 800 Silver

How much Bright Dust is a Ship?

A Ship in Destiny 2 is either 2000 Bright Dust or 800 Silver

How much Bright Dust is an Armor Ornament?

An Armor Ornament in Destiny 2 (Legendary or Exotic) is either 1200 Bright Dust or 800 Silver for each piece.

How much Bright Dust is a Weapon Ornament?

A Weapon Ornament in Destiny 2 is either 1250 Bright Dust or 700 Silver for each piece.

Before you go…

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Eververse store, you probably want to know how to get as much Bright Dust as possible. While our dedicated Bright Dust guide is the best place to start, working on your XP will also help towards completing Seasonal Challenges and getting even more Bright Dust!

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