2020 Destiny 2 Roadmap

Beyond Light and more

By Ric (aka Prim) | Nov  9, 2020

Every Destiny 2 expansion gets a lot of attention, yet Beyond Light, the game’s next expansion set for November 10, is getting record levels of hype.

But I can’t say I’m surprised. After all, Bungie themselves have hinted that Beyond Light will be so big, they could as well have called it Destiny 3. And based on everything Bungie has revealed so far, Destiny 2: Beyond Light does sound like a true sequel, a Destiny 3.

Bungie has put their TWABs (their “This Week at Bungie” blog posts) to good use, providing a detailed view of their future plans. But after so many TWABs, it’s becoming impossible to keep track of the many changes and features in the pipe. For that reason, I put together this “Roadmap”. You can consider it an unofficial Roadmap based on verified information only, leaving all speculation aside.

Core changesContent & Rewards
► Nov 10, 2020 Beyond Light & Season of the Hunt
Stasis subclasses Roadmap imageDarkness-based subclasses will finally be introduced in the form of Stasis subclasses. Stasis-wielding guardians will be able to slow down enemies, freeze them and even shatter them into damage-dealing shards.

And on top of getting brand-new subclasses, they will also feature customizable skill-trees, something fans have been requesting for years.
New Destination Roadmap imageWith five different zones to explore, including underground caves, abandoned facilities, and frozen colonies, Europa promises to be one of the largest patrol zones ever released in Destiny's history.

Europa will feature huge patrol zones, a new strike, a dynamic weather system, and more importantly, the new Deep Stone Crypt raid.
DCV Roadmap image V2Not what you'd expect from an expansion, Beyond Light will actually remove content from the game. Over 40% of the game will be removed and put into the DCV, including IO, Titan, Mars, Mercury, and Leviathan.

This should lead to smaller install sizes, more frequent updates, fewer bugs, better reaction to community feedback, and more innovation.
Cosmodrom Roadmap imageThe upside of the DCV is the return of the fan-favorite Cosmodrome, which will return as an explorable destination.

But perhaps more importantly, the Cosmodrome will feature a much-needed introductory quest that properly shows how Destiny 2 works to new players.
Weapon Sunsetting Roadmap imageStart of sunsetting for Weapon and Armor from Seasons 1-8.
► Find a detailed list of weapons impacted here.
Seasonal Mod slot will change to accept mods introduced throughout a full year.
Aspirational Content Roadmap imageA new Pursuit Weapon for core activities (every season).
A New Armor set for core activities (every year).
► New Armor, Weapons, and Exotic Accessories for the new Raid.
Aspirational activities will provide at least one accessory to pursue (date TBC).
Next Gen support Roadmap image► On December 8, 2020, the next generation optimized version of Destiny 2 will launch.

It will feature 4K resolutions, 60 frames per second, a field of view slider, cross-generation play (PS4 with PS5 and Xbox One with Xbox Series X), and more.
Adept Weapons Roadmap imageAdept weapons will finally return to Trials of Osiris will be special in several ways.

Masterworking an Adept weapon will grant additional stats (+10 for the primary stat and +3 for all alternate stats), they will accept Adept mods and will have a unique Adept shader.
Ghosts 2.0 Roadmap imageGhosts will receive a system update which shares some functionality to what was done with armor in Shadowkeep. Ghost Shells will now have energy levels and access to mods with various energy costs instead of being pre-loaded with specific perks.

All Sparrows will innately summon instantly. As a result, there is no need for Speed Demon anymore.
Armor 2.5 Roadmap imageArmor "2.5" is not an official thing from Bungie, but it should. The current Armor 2.0 system is drastically changing to become much more flexible.

The highlights are the move of all Anti-Champion Mods to armor slots, the removal of elemental affinities, the addition of seasonal mod slots to Exotics, a fifth slot to raid armor, etc.
Sandbox changes Roadmap imageThese sandbox changes have the potential to drastically change Destiny 2's meta, especially for PVP, with hand cannons as the most impacted. 110 RPMs will become 120 RPMs, 150 RPMs will become 140s and all hand cannons will receive a generous range buff.

600 RPM auto rifles will also get a nerf, alongside sniper's aim assist, and more. Also, the Hunter's dodge will also get a nerf.
Story Roadmap image V2A more interconnected narrative between seasons.
Gambit and Gambit Prime will be merged into a single mode, with their original armor visuals available to earn from the Drifter.
Power Level Progression will be slightly changed with new caps, new ways of earning Powerful rewards, and the removal of tokens as a viable leveling strategy. Check out our Max Power Level guide here.
► Methods to earn Bright Dust will change to grant more from the Season Pass but less from weekly bounties. Check out our Bright Dust farming guide here.
► Exotic weapons from Vaulted locations will be available from the new Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive.
► Items visually based on aspirational activities will no longer be sold on Eververse.
Bright Engrams will now contain all Eververse content from Season 1 to three Seasons prior to the current Season.
► Some of Spider's offerings will also be changed.
► Winter 2020 Season 13
Materials and currencies from vaulted locations will no longer be accepted by vendors.
► Weekly Bounties will be replaced with non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week that will grant lots of Season rank progress.
► Spring 2020 - Summer 2021 Rest of Year 4
Transmog Roadmap imageA Transmog system will be finally introduced (date TBC).Vault of Glass Raid Roadmap imageReturn of Vault of Glass, Destiny 1’s first-ever raid.
Quality of Life:
Accessible Bounties from the Destination Map (date TBC).
► Quest log improvements.
Trials Rewards Roadmap imageNew Armor, weapons, and accessories for Trials (yearly).
Gilding titles will be introduced (exact date TBC).
► 2021 The Witch Queen expansion (Year 5)
Cross-Play Roadmap image► Cross-play support for Xbox, Playstation, PC and Stadia.
► You can read all about Cross-Platform support here.
The Witch Queen Roadmap image► New, never seen before, destinations...
► 2022 Lightfall expansion (Year 6)

‼️ For the record, this roadmap is not meant to “keep Bungie accountable”. It’s simply meant to help us follow along and have a big picture of what’s coming.

Links on this table point to specific paragraphs from Bungie’s TWABs. All the highlights from all relevant TWABs are quoted below. You can always come back to the top of this page by clicking on the arrow on the bottom right of the screen.

What do you want to hear about next?

Bungie is openly asking the community what topics should be dealt with next. They have discussed Trials, cheating, bounties, FOMO, rewards, transmog, weapon sunsetting, and more.

What pressing matters would you like them to tackle next?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

My burning question: When will we see an update to some of the older exotics? I wouldn’t mind less new weapons if they make some of the older exotics relevant again!

The nitty-gritty, straight from Bungie

Trials of Osiris art wide

DrLupo’s Interview with Luke Smith

This is the Q&A ideo between DrLupo and Luke Smith from June 9, 2020:

Building a Viable future in Destiny 2

These are the highlights from their June 9, 2020, article:


  • Destiny 2 is too large to efficiently update and maintain.
  • The size and complexity of the game are also contributing to more bugs and less innovation.
  • Instead of building a Destiny 3 and leaving D2 behind, each year, we are going to cycle older, less actively played content out of the live game and into what we’re calling the Destiny Content Vault (DCV).
  • This will allow us to add to and support D2 for years, including the three new annual expansions we announced today, starting with Beyond Light this fall.
  • The DCV will include all content from Destiny 1 and anything that cycles out from Destiny 2.
  • We will bring back (or “unvault”) activity and destination content from the DCV each year.
  • Unvaulting starts in D2 Year 4, with the Cosmodrome coming back, as well as its three strikes and the return of the Vault of Glass raid.
  • The primary D2 content leaving the game and going into the DCV this fall are the destinations – Mars, Io, Titan, Mercury and Leviathan – and their supported activities.
  • There will be new ways to earn the Exotics originally linked to content that has entered the DCV.
  • When Beyond Light ships, the Director will have the following destinations:
    • Europa (new)
    • Cosmodrome (unvaulted)
    • Moon
    • Tangled Shore
    • Dreaming City
    • European Dead Zone
    • Nessus
  • This approach allows us respond to player feedback more rapidly, enable more innovation, and will keep Destiny 2 and your characters thriving for years to come.
  • More details to come soon and throughout the year.

June 9, 2020, Reveal: Past, Present, and Future

June 9, 2020, Destiny 2 reveal. This page contains the reveal video along with all the trailers.

Preview 2.9.0

These are the highlights from their June 4, 2020, TWAB:

Destiny 2 Update 2.9.0 will become available next week, meaning we have a pile of patch notes to get through. Let’s take a quick moment to look through some of the changes.


A few TWAB’s back, we talked about the future of Eververse, and how we’re making changes to some reward structures to better balance gameplay rewards with Eververse content. Season of [REDACTED] will contain a few introductory changes, with more shifts coming in Season 12. The following changes will become available next week:

  • Legendary Armor Ornaments
    • As noted in a previous TWAB, we have shifted the Season 11 armor offering to be a gameplay reward for aspirational content.
    • The Season of Opulence “Intrepid” Ornament sets are returning to the storefront.
  • Season Pass
    • Added an additional 2300 Bright Dust to the Season Pass.
  • Bright Dust Purchases
    • Added a “Flair” section to feature Shaders and Spawn FX.
  • Highly requested items from previous Seasons will once again be available.
    • We’re looking at you, Wishes of Sorrow.
  • We will once again communicate Season 11 Silver-only items at the beginning of the Season.

We’re expecting to have an update later in Season 11 on further changes to Bright Dust acquisition, so keep your eyes peeled.


The Powerful Friends armor mod will no longer stack. If multiple copies of this mod are equipped, the mods will provide no bonus stats.

  • Developer Commentary:
    • Only Solar Seasonal mods are intended to stack. No part of Arc mods are intended to have stacking functionality.
    • Powerful Friends granted +20 to Mobility, which players could leverage to get three stat columns to the max of 100 points. The mod is not priced sufficiently to justify its benefits, and increasing its cost would have adverse effects on its primary benefit usage.
    • Season 11 introduces a new Arc mod, granting a similar stat bonus to Strength and will not stack.
  • Enhanced Auto Rifle Loader, Enhance Fusion Rifle Loader, and Enhanced Bow Loader armor mods now have a chance to drop from pinnacle mod sources.

Raid Rewards

The following raid Exotics now have increased drop chances:

  • One Thousand Voices
  • Anarchy
  • Always on Time (Exotic Sparrow from secret chest in Scourge of the Past)
  • NOTE: Drop chance begins at 10% and increases to a max of 50% over 20 clears.

Trials Rewards

  • Additional Masterwork material rewards now drop at 3, 5, and 7 Trials wins.
  • Added a Trials weekly bounty which unlocks Trials Engrams on Saint-14.
    • The bounty reward will match the Win 3 Milestone reward of the week.
  • Trials Tokens distribution has been rebalanced to focus on wins 3, 5, and 7 of a Trials Passage.
    • This includes repeat Passages.
  • Trials Tokens are no longer awarded from match completions.
    • Tokens are now granted specifically through wins and bounties.
  • Passage of Wealth now doubles the bonus Trials Tokens earned at 3, 5 and 7 Trials wins.

Hope you enjoyed this appetizer. Full course (and more) coming on June 9. See you then.


So, we heard you like patch note previews. They’re short, sweet, and to the point. This topic, though, needs a bit more time to get through. Today, Staff Designer Lisa Brown takes center stage to walk us through the upcoming Controller Remapping feature that the team has been working on.

Lisa: Greetings, Guardians! I’m Lisa, a staff designer on the sandbox team here at Bungie, and I’m going to give an overview of the controller remapping feature for gameplay actions that will be coming to Destiny for all players in the Season of [REDACTED].

Although we have controller presets in Destiny, these aren’t enough to meet basic accessibility guidelines for motor control and mobility. We’ve been working with some amazing accessibility consultants – Cherry Rae Thompson (https://www.cherryrae.com/) and Ian Hamilton (http://ian-hamilton.com/blog/) – to create support for remapping buttons on the controller. Here, I’ll give an overview of how to use the feature, what it can and can’t do, and then share some setups that have been used by various Bungie employees as examples. As a quick note, all of the below examples will be shown using Xbox button layouts.

Decrypting the future

These are the highlights from their May 22, 2020, TWAB:

Today we’re going to talk about some changes that are coming in Season 11 to the way the world loot pool works.  Because the world pool serves as a baseline of legendary gear that can be earned across different activities, we want to update and refresh it seasonally with meta relevant weapons, some of which were previously exclusive to specific activities like Gambit or Crucible.

This shared pool can also be unwieldy — if you’re looking for a specific roll of a specific weapon, a pool too large can make it statistically challenging to find, much less with the roll you want. Starting in Season 11, it will be curated both for relevance and overall size, to strike a balance between number of rewards and the chance to get a sought-after drop. Every season gear from previous seasons will be added, and any gear that would no longer have a Max Power Level greater than or equal to the current Season cap will be cycled out to ensure that drops are Power relevant in the current Season.

The World Pool for Season 11 will consist of the following weapons:

  • Uriel’s Gift
  • Elatha FR4
  • The Old Fashioned
  • Mos Epoch III
  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Last Hope
  • Timelines’ Vertex
  • Interference VI
  • Dire Promise
  • True Prophecy
  • Jian 7 Rifle
  • Enigma’s Draw
  • Distant Tumulus
  • Escape Velocity
  • Honor’s Edge
  • Gnawing Hunger
  • Arsenic Bite-4b
  • Main Ingredient
  • Outrageous Fortune
  • Truthteller
  • Nature of the Beast
  • Last Perdition
  • Bad Omens
  • Night Watch
  • Toil and Trouble
  • Wishbringer
  • Last Dance
  • Lonesome
  • Long Shadow
  • Steel Sybil Z-14

If you still need a weapon or weapon roll from the current Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit playlists that isn’t on that list, go grab it now!

Lock and Reload

Alongside the changes to the World Loot Pool, we have some changes coming to Destiny 2’s Sandbox. This week, we’ll be focused on weapons – specifically perk tuning. Here’s a quick breakdown from the team on what to expect:

Reload Perk Updates

We’ve observed that players lean towards picking perks that increase their damage (e.g. Kill Clip) or reduce weapon downtime (e.g. Outlaw).

The damage perks were adjusted quite a while back, but reload perks still don’t feel like choices. This tuning pass aims to keep them feeling powerful without being so dominant that no other choices seem viable.

First, some information on the stats that impact reload:

  • Reload Stat: 0-100, and maps onto an archetype-specific reload animation speed.
  • Reload Duration Scale: Most reload perks also apply a small multiplier to the reload animation, so that if reload stat is capped, you still see a small speed bump.
  • Reload Empty Duration Scale: As above, but only applies if the magazine is empty.

Note that because most weapons have fairly high reload stats, decreasing a reload stat bonus from +100 to +50 will still max out the reload stat most of the time, and so doesn’t slow down the actual reload as much as it seems.

The following perks that alter these reload stats are being updated:

  • Outlaw – Slowed this down a little bit.
    • Reload stat from +100 to +50.
    • Reload Duration Scale from 0.8 to 0.9.
  • Feeding Frenzy – This was strictly better than Outlaw, so we’re changing functionality to be based on number of rapid kills.
    • Functionality changed to increase reload speed based on number of rapid kills, up to 5.
    • With 2 kills, reload speed is equal to updated Outlaw.
    • With 3+ kills, is faster than Outlaw.
    • With 4+ kills, is the fastest reload in the game (except Alloy Mag).
    • Max possible reload duration scale from 0.83 to 0.8.
    • Max possible reload stat unchanged at +100.
  • Rapid Hit – Gave a huge amount of reload and stability for very little work, front-loaded onto the first precision hit. We have updated it so that it still feels good, but isn’t quite as powerful.
    • Adjusted stacking bonus to give less benefit for the first hit and more with subsequent hits.
    • Max possible reload stat from +100 to +60.
    • Max possible reload duration scale from 0.8 to 0.925.
    • Max possible stability stat from +50 to +25.
  • Drop Mag – Situationally really powerful without a massive drawback, as good as a perk, but in a magazine column.
  • Reload duration scale from 0.85 to 0.9 (just brings it in line with Outlaw).
  • Field Prep – Unchanged, but for reference:
  • Reload stat +50.
  • Reload duration scale 0.8.
  • Alloy Mag – Unchanged, but for reference:
    • Reload empty duration scale 0.6666.

Additionally, we’re fixing an issue where perks that grant partial weapon ammo did not respect shot count for burst weapons. This means that these perks will now work correctly on Pulse Rifles, Fusion Rifles, and Burst Sidearms, so these perks will be more common on those weapon archetypes in the future:

  • Slideways
  • Slideshot
  • Ambitious Assassin
  • Subsistence
  • Overflow
  • Lead from Gold
  • Clown Cartridge

General Perk Retuning

With opening up space by adjusting reload perks, we also retuned some other, underused perks, based on our internal testing and perk popularity and effectiveness data from our internal analytics.

  • Dynamic Sway Reduction — Adds 10 Stability over time in addition to accuracy (this is way more powerful than it sounds).
    • Reduced reticle movement from Stability should now tell players this is working.
    • Pulse Monitor — Take critical damage and you can quickly switch to your now-fully loaded Shotgun!
    • Reload amount from 0.35 to 1.0.
    • +50 Handling.
    • 5% faster swap speed.
    • This works on stowed weapons too, which was already the case but makes it a lot more useful.
  • Hipfire Grip — Now helps you hit shots closer to ADS ranges, still doesn’t affect damage dropoff or magnetism.
    • 1.2x aim assist falloff.
    • +15 aim assist.
    • +1.7 degrees precision hip fire angle threshold.
    • By default, when hip-firing a weapon, the center of your reticle must be over a target in order to get a crit, otherwise aim assist will give you a body shot. This change gives you a little leniency, so if the center of your reticle is not directly over a target you will still get the crit if you’re within this angle.
    • Has no effect on Sniper Rifles.
  • Sneak Bow — Actually makes you sneaky now. Stealth buff!
    • Now doesn’t ping radar when shooting.

New Perks

Next Season, we’ll have new perks rolling exclusively on the Season of [REDACTED] weapons. Additionally, Iron Banner will be receiving two new perks on two reprised weapons. In future Seasons, these perks will begin to roll on other weapons.

While we don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering and testing new perks, we will leave you with the names of upcoming Iron Banner perks: Iron Grip and Iron Gaze. We are excited to see the community break these perks down when the new Season begins.

Upcoming Archetype Buffs

Next Season, we’re taking a quick pass on a few weapon archetypes that have been underperforming.

  • Slug Shotguns are underused in PvE, because they require crits to maximize damage, and didn’t reward that precision with higher damage per second.
    • Slug Shotgun PvE Damage + 30%.
  • High-Impact Pulse Rifles are underused in Crucible. While they have a very fast optimal TTK, that TTK was very hard to achieve, so we decided to soften that a little.
    • High-Impact Pulse Rifle damage per bullet from 21 to 22. This changes it from 6 crits to 5 crits/1 body to kill a Guardian in PvP at most Resilience values.
  • In analytics we see Bows are underused in challenging content, and locally we’ve observed that it feels terrible when a Bow leaves a red bar enemy at low health.
    • Bow PvE damage VS minors + 10%.

Future Archetype Updates

We’ve been evaluating feedback and our analytics data, and while we’re not done yet, we wanted to touch on three community pain points. Our current goal is to touch on these in Season 12, but we’ll be sure to let you know if plans change.

  • Sniper Rifles – Community feedback has been that Revoker and Beloved dominate, and looking at analytics they account for 86% of Sniper Rifle usage in the Crucible – and if we include other low-zoom Sniper Rifles, the number gets even higher.
    • We’re specifically looking at how zoom translates into ease-of-use for Sniper Rifles. We’re investigating changes that make choosing a Sniper Rifle zoom more of an interesting choice.
  • Hand Cannons – We’re evaluating the Hand Cannon subfamilies.
    • As an example, we’re breaking out Aggressive Hand Cannons to let us tune their range independently of the others.
  • Adaptive Auto Rifles – Auto Rifles in general are highly represented in Crucible, but generally feel balanced.
    • Adaptive Auto Rifles are a little higher, so we’re looking at them.
    • We’re not rolling back the Season 10 buff, but we’re adjusting the tuning a little to give other Auto Rifle subfamilies a chance to shine.

Moving forward, we plan to make more regular weapon balance changes, we’ll have more to share on cadence and scope later.

Max Power Level

These are the highlights from their May 14, 2020, TWAB:

Back in February, Luke spoke about upcoming plans for Legendary gear infusion. The Destiny Dev Team has more details on how this system is going to work.

Destiny Dev Team: Today we’re going to talk about changes to the Infusion system that are coming to Destiny 2.  These changes are going to be visible starting in Season 11 but won’t start impacting your arsenal until Season 12.  More on that in a bit.

We want the sandbox to feel interesting, exciting, and dynamic, and to evolve in compelling ways over time in the same way that the game evolves. Our weapons are the primary way that players interact with the world, and Season over Season we want players to discover new weapons that feel powerful, have interesting new perks to explore, and power the builds that players craft in new and unexpected ways.

The changes to the Infusion system we’re talking about today are designed to promote the following:

  • We want you to more frequently earn and enjoy more powerful and standout gear.
    • Right now, if a new Legendary weapon isn’t better than the current best-in-class, there is no reason to replace your existing weapon with it.
    • If a new Legendary weapon is better than the current best-in-class, we risk power creep, removing challenge from the game, or making the item mandatory/the only option for challenging activities.
    • Both above points apply equally to new mods and perks, as well.
  • Powerful weapons can be era-defining, but eventually those eras need to end so that new eras can begin.
    • We want strong weapons to have their time in the sun, and whenever possible we want you to expect and prepare for powerful gear to cycle out of the endgame meta.
    • We can’t solve this by just making weapons that are always “better” than the previous ones. This will steadily lower time-to-kill in both PvP and PvE, until the combat sandbox is neither fun nor tactical.
  • We also want to foster a gradually evolving meta that regularly promotes experimentation and debate.
    • We believe Destiny is at its best when you have new desirable things to pursue and when you have active debates with your clanmates about which of those new things to bring into the new raid, or which is going to be hot in Trials next Season.

With those goals stated, let’s break down how the changes will work:

  • Each Legendary weapon and piece of armor will have a Max Power Level it can reach through infusion.
  • Exotics will not have a Max Power Level.
  • The Max Power Level for these items will be set at the player Power Cap attainable 3 Seasons after its release Season (4 Seasons total).
    • This means all Legendary gear has a one-year span of time during which it can be used in activities where being at or near the player Power Cap is important (difficult and Power-enabled activities).
  • The Max Power Level for these items will be visible in game in Season 11, but no items will be at their Max Power Level at the start Season 11.
    • This means all your gear will be relevant in all activities during Season 11.
    • You’ll be able to see what the Max Power Level is for all your gear, and plan accordingly.
  • At the start of Season 12, weapons and armor released in Seasons 1-8 will have a Max Power Level at the Season 11 player Power Cap
  • Gear from Seasons 9, 10, 11, and 12 will all be infusible to new player Power Caps for 1 year after their release.
  • Weapons and armor from the Last Wish and Garden of Salvation raids, will be granted exceptions and will have a higher Max Power Level”
Destiny 2 weapon retirement

Example of how Max Power Levels will be displayed in Season 11

Those are the basics. But you may have additional questions, such as:

  • Can I still use gear that has reached its Max Power Level?
    • Yes. You will always be able to equip and use any piece of gear.
    • Reaching the player Power Cap is beneficial, but not strictly required, for most activities in Destiny. You can continue to equip and use all gear in these activities.
  • This applies to armor as well as weapons?
    • Yes – all Legendary gear that provides Power will have a Max Power Level.
    • Starting in Season 12, armor will no longer have a Seasonally rotating fourth mod slot. Instead, there will be a mod slot that accepts mods introduced into the game throughout a full year. We recognize that the current need to replace your armor every two to three Seasons, and hoard armor from past Seasons, is undesirable.
    • Transmogrification, which we talked about in the TWAB last week, will give you the ability to keep your favorite looks and apply them to new armor pieces with higher Max Power Levels.
  • When gear drops after its debut Season, what will its Max Power Level be?
    • It will have the same Max Power Level as it did in its initial release Season.
    • Note, this is different than gear that is re-issued. See next question.
  • Will gear ever have its Max Power Level updated?
    • Not directly, but gear can be re-issued in future Seasons.
    • These re-issued versions will have a new Max Power Level based on the Season in which it is re-issued.
    • We’re going to experiment with how and when gear is re-issued into the game throughout Year 4.  Let us know what you think of the different methods as you experience them.

We’re sure you’ll have more questions that aren’t covered above, so please let us know!

We’re committed to Destiny 2 continuing to grow and evolve for years to come, and a part of that continued evolution is the curation of an interesting, exciting, and dynamic player sandbox. The introduction of Max Power Level will allow us to create exciting new gear more frequently without significant concerns of permanent power creep, which is unsustainable in any game. This also should open up creative and experimental builds, season over season, while letting you anticipate and prepare for how the sandbox will change over time.

Please continue to share your thoughts and feelings about these changes as you get your hands on them.


We spoke a lot about rewards last week, but still have some more juicy nuggets to share with you on some additional plans we have for next Season.

Here’s Creative Lead Robbie Stevens with the details.

Robbie Stevens: Hey everyone,

In Season 11 we’re trying something new with how and where you can earn Seasonal rewards.

So far, every Season in Year 3 has followed a formula where the Seasonal activity (Vex Offensive, Sundial, Bunkers/Seraph Tower) asks for a significant amount of playtime to earn new rewards. While we believe that new content should be one of the best places to earn new rewards, we also realize that Destiny 2 is a big game and it can be frustrating to have so much of your playtime dictated by and focused solely on Seasonal activities.

So, in Season 11 Seasonal rewards will drop from completing core activities (Strikes, Crucible, Gambit) as well as basically every other activity in the game, (see the full list detailed below). We want to make engaging with the entire game feel rewarding, and for every play session to give you a chance at earning Seasonal loot. In addition to new rewards, Season 11 also features two returning weapons each from Season of the Undying, Season of Dawn, and Season of the Worthy, for a total of six weapons that are free for all players.

Okay, we’ve talked about some of the places where you’ll earn rewards in Season 11, now let’s talk about how you can influence those rewards to chase god rolls and high-stat armor.

Over the last few Seasons we’ve introduced Weapon Bounties that give you agency to chase specific rewards. While addressing bounty fatigue will be an effort that extends beyond Year 3, for the upcoming Season we’ve moved away from Weapon Bounties as part of that effort. Instead, we’re introducing a new type of [REDACTED] Engram that contains the majority of the Season 11 rewards, and by spending Seasonal currency you can influence the contents of this [REDACTED] Engram.

To clear up any confusion let’s imagine if we launched this [REDACTED] Engram in Season of the Worthy. Imagine this engram contained all the Season of the Worthy weapons and armor. Now imagine you could take this engram to a Seraph Bunker and spend Seasonal currency to Focus the contents of this engram so it only contains the Seventh Seraph SMG and Shotgun. By focusing [REDACTED] Engrams in Season 11 you can choose your rewards, this includes the ability (once you’ve earned it) to Focus engrams so they only contain Season 11 armor with high-stat packages.

All free players and Season Pass owners will receive [REDACTED] Engrams while playing Season 11, however only Season Pass owners can access the full suite of Focusing categories in Season 11.

Here is preview of the [REDACTED] Engram focusing categories that all players can access after completing the Season 11 opening quest:

  • Season 11 Armor Focusing reduces the number of rewards in the engram so it only contains Season 11 armor.
  • Previous Season Weapon Focusing converts the rewards in the engram so it only contains the six weapons that are returning from Season of the Undying, Dawn, and Worthy.

When Season 11 launches, all players will get three focusing categories and Season Pass owners will have access to an additional 15 List of Activities that Reward [REDACTED] Engrams in Season 11:

  • Public Events
  • Strikes
  • Gambit
  • Crucible
  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • Adventures
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Forges
  • Reckoning
  • Menagerie
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Blind Well

Note: In addition to the above list, [REDACTED] Engrams have a chance to drop when defeating combatants anywhere in the system, similar to Legendary Engrams. They share the same loot pool as Legendary Engrams and when you hit that loot pool you have a 66% chance to earn a [REDACTED] Engram and a 34% to earn a Legendary Engram.

We hope this preview of Season 11 gives some insight into how we’re approaching the communities’ feedback in the short term.

Rewards in Destiny 2

These are the highlights from their May 8, 2020, TWAB:


We will be adding a Transmogrification feature to Destiny 2:

  • This will allow players to turn their Armor into Universal Ornaments.
  • We plan to allow players to do this with in-game effort OR Silver.
  • This feature is in early development and is expected sometime during Year 4.

Each Season we will deliver an aspirational pursuit for armor:

  • This armor will come from activities, not the Season Pass nor Eververse.
  • As an example: We removed the Eververse Armor from Season 11 and itemized it into an aspirational activity, because this is the right thing to do for the game.

We are improving the rewards for Aspirational Activities (Raids, Trials, Dungeons)

  • Going forward, Aspirational Activities will reward players with power, items, and vanity. When we build an Aspirational Activity it will have at least one accessory to pursue.
  • The team is working on Adept Weapons for Trials of Osiris.
  • Trials will get new Armor (aka not reprisal), accessories, and weapons in Season 13. Trials will get new Armor every year.
  • Destiny’s next Raid will have brand new Armor, Weapons, and Exotic Accessories to pursue (no spoilers).

Beginning in Season 12, we will no longer be selling ships, ghost shells, sparrows, or armor ornaments in Eververse that are visually based on themes from Aspirational Activities.


We are adding a new set of Armor for the core playlists (Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible).

  • This armor shares a set of new geometry, with decals and shaders specific to the activity.
  • We will create new sets like this each Year (e.g., Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, etc.)
  • This set will arrive alongside the next Expansion.

Starting in Season 12, we are adding a new Pursuit Weapon each Season.

  • This weapon can be earned by playing your preferred Core playlist.
  • This weapon will have activity-specific Legendary Skins that can be unlocked in each playlist.

We will no longer be selling new Legendary Weapon Ornaments in Eververse


We are making it easier for you to earn Bright Dust.

  • We will be moving away from character-specific ways to earn Bright Dust and more toward Account-specific paths.

We’re updating the Bright Engram to be more relevant than it is today.

  • The earned Bright Engram in the Season Pass will be updated to include various Year 3 Eververse items previously sold for Silver and Bright Dust. And going forward, that Bright Engram will update each Season to include Eververse items from 3+ seasons prior.

Evolving Seasons and Bounties

These are the highlights from their April 30, 2020, TWAB:


In Year 4, we are going to build a better-interconnected narrative and, more importantly, let players be a part of that narrative no matter when they enter the current year.

We haven’t preserved enough history for a player who comes in mid-year to have any concept of what came in that year’s prior Seasons. As a result, players can feel left behind later in the year and unable to experience the stories or to acquire prior Seasons’ weapons and gear. The Forsaken Season Pass allowed its content to build up over the course of the year, and that’s where we’re heading in Year 4.


Beginning in Season 12, the core parts of the activity experience will live on after the Season has ended. For late players joining in future Seasons, we want to give you the opportunity jump straight into the heart of the older activity experiences without all of the previous Season-specific requirements. We want to remove any competing and distracting elements with the new active Season, which has its own ritual progression, but the actual activity experience stays.

Destiny 2 will still have moments woven into the overall universe narrative where we remove old content and allow for new content and stories to grow in its place. As we’ve said in the past, we cannot continue to grow the Destiny universe infinitely. There’s lots of reasons for this – technical, resourcing, as well as from an overarching universe design standpoint. Finding the balance of creating and maintaining content in our ongoing narrative is a necessary part of continuing to build on Destiny 2.


With the Seasonal activities persisting, a player will need a good reason to go play them. The reason is in the rewards and we are planning on carrying a Season’s rewards forward throughout the year. In today’s Destiny 2, history is expressed by the things you have collected. We want players to be part of that chase no matter when they enter the year and to reduce the pressure to collect everything during a single Season. In the short term to acknowledge this step forward we are taking, we are adding some selected weapons from Seasons 8, 9, and 10 to an engram that will drop during Season 11.

Long term, we want to make sure that the rewards we release each Season are available to players throughout the year. Continuing with our Season of Dawn example, the rewards that came out of Sundial would continue to drop from Sundial. How the drops will occur will change (as, narratively, Osiris has left and we have removed the Obelisks), but weapons and gear would still be present. This is the obvious solution, but it suffers from a design perspective in creating a narrow pursuit focus. Having the rewards in just one location oversimplifies the pursuit game and has the same effect of limiting the ways you can play Destiny.

Our focus is to broaden and provide multiple ways for you to earn past Seasons’ rewards. In addition to the rewards coming from the Seasonal activity, we are thinking of having the Seasonal rewards be available to earn in the core modes of play as well (Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit). If you’re getting tired of playing Sundial, you’ll have the opportunity to jump into Crucible or Strikes and pick up a couple of the Season of Dawn weapons we’ve handpicked. As the Seasons roll on, the rewards will continue to get added to these core activities and, as a player, you can tackle the pursuits at your own pace in your preferred mode of play and feel the world growing in terms of rewards.

To summarize, we’re going to move toward Seasons that can be experienced all year. The Destiny experience should grow each year after an expansion, have a meaningful evolving world, and a bunch of reasons to play. And then each year, we should take a step forward into a new expansion.

We’ve done this better in the past and we’re going to mine from that going forward to make our future Seasons that much more compelling. There will be much, much more Year-4 talk in the coming months.



XP and Season Rank gains are currently balanced around large contributions from Weekly Bounties. The intent here was to provide a large amount of progress for a small amount of focused play every week, but Weeklies fall down here because you lose out on big chunks of progress if you miss a week, and they are strained between too little progress for single-character players and too much repetitive work for triple-character players.

While the specifics are still under development, as early as Season 12 we want to make this better by replacing Weekly Bounties with a mechanism that provides players with a set of non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week that grant lots of Season Rank progress (more than the Weeklies they replace). That way the return on effort is better, more consistent between players.


Bounties have found their way into the critical path of some Seasonal pursuits, becoming primary sources for Seasonal progress. Starting in Season 12, we plan to steer away from this model in general. Bounties should focus on being an optional way to optimize for more or faster core progressions, like XP or Powerful gear by way of Challenges.

When it comes to optimization, we recognize that there is a very blurry line between “optional” and “mandatory”, and there’s no perfect balance that works for everyone. But we think the balance is tilted too far towards feeling like you need to do bounties to unlock Seasonal content, so we’re going to take this step to tilting back.


Our Seasonal free events are also currently heavily utilizing bounties in their design. We have seen the feedback around Guardian Games being the most recent source of frustration, with too much emphasis on completing bounties to participate in the event. We don’t plan on making any changes to the current event as it’s ending in a few weeks, but are already looking at plans to adjust the role bounties will play in future events.


We don’t like that every play session starts with 10-15 minutes of loading up on bounties. We want to make it easier to grab bounties when you want to do them. To that end, we are looking at mechanisms like allowing bounties to be accessed directly from the Destination Map. These are a bit further out (think Season 13), but are on our roadmap.

We also don’t like it when a bounty you’ve nearly completed in the middle of the previous day’s play session expires right in the middle of today’s session. While we still see expiration as a necessary mechanism to keep half-completed bounties from hanging around forever, we’re going to relax some of the expiration times in Season 11 to give more time to close out yesterday’s “19 out of 20 grenade kills.”

Speaking of grenade kills, in general we’re dialing in the time to complete bounty objectives to be more consistent. Unexpectedly time consuming objectives sneak in from time to time, and we generally want objectives in upcoming Seasons to be a bit less restrictive in terms of how you play.

Trials of Osiris and Cheating

These are the highlights from their April 23, 2020, TWAB:


A few TWABs ago, we talked about some of the issues with how the Trials of Osiris rewards are currently set up. We have an update on how we’ll start addressing some of your feedback.

Our goal for Trials is to encourage players to chase seven win tickets. Resetting tickets should not be the most effective way to earn Trials gear. Rewards should show players that the further you progress, the better the payout. Players that have already gone flawless once over a weekend should be encouraged to repeat the experience on passages other than Mercy – to strive to earn more rewards and not sit at the bottom of cards picking on fireteams struggling to hit three wins or even just win a single match.

Trials has always had a problem of being approachable for players who aren’t highly skilled PvP gods. We believe that players should be encouraged to make an attempt every week, regardless of skill. You should feel some value in dipping your toe in each week to see if you can get a little further than last week, to push yourself to improve and get better. While every single player won’t make it to the Lighthouse, you should feel like you can get meaningful rewards by pushing yourself and still get some rewards for spending time in the activity.

So what are we doing about it?

  • Problem: Token Rewards incentivizes players to farm to three wins and reset their card.
  • Solution: In Season 11 we’re planning on creating token payout milestones at 3/5/7 wins that give successively larger chunks of tokens. Bonus Tokens Passage should increase these payouts, and on a flawless run it will generate a significant token payout.
  • Problem: Trials is unrewarding for players stuck at 1-2 wins.
  • Solution: Create a weekly bounty that encourages participation each weekend and does not require match wins. When redeemed, the bounty will reward the same item that comes from the three-win passage unlocking the engram for purchase that week.
  • Problem: Trials feels unrewarding compared to other endgame activities.
  • Solution: Inject more chances to earn Masterworking materials from Trials. Masterworking/infusion materials will come from 3/5/7 win payouts in Season 11. We’re also looking into possibly adding a new material-focused farming card in Season 12.

These are our current plans for changes we want to make in the short term. We’re also still investigating improvements we can make in the long term. For example, you may be asking “What about Adept weapons?” We’re currently investigating a new form of Flawless award weapons for a future Season. They might not have the same name, but these weapons would have some differences in order to set them apart. Right now we are currently looking at giving these weapons the ability to replaces the weapon mod slot with an adept mod slot(name may change) that can accept custom-built mods in addition to the normal list of weapon mods. All of this is subject to change as we continue to develop but wanted to give you an early look. We’ll share more details in the future.

We know many of you are far more concerned about cheaters ruining your trips to the Lighthouse, and rightfully so. It’s a punch in the gut to lose on your final game to someone with a fully automatic Whisper of the Worm. Let’s now take some time to update you on the cheater war effort.


Cheating in Destiny 2 is up roughly 50 percent since January, and significantly more in the highest skill echelons. We expected a significant bump with the return of Trials, and we made a number of careful preparations, most notably partnering with Valve to integrate Steam Datagram Relay into our PC build to mitigate DDOS attacks. While many of those preparations were successful (e.g. DDOSing on PC is nearly extinct), we’re still not happy with the amount of cheating happening today, especially in Trials. When your pinnacle achievements are denied by encountering a cheater on a high Trials ticket, or devalued by seeing someone else with ill-gotten goods, that’s frustrating. Those frustrations are happening too often right now, and the vengeance of the Banhammer is often too far behind.

That said, the Banhammer has not been idle. Before Season of the Worthy launched, we were averaging 656 bans or restrictions per week.

In the first four weeks after launch, that rate more than tripled to 2133 punishments per week. When it comes to tracking and punishing cheaters, we have to keep some of our plans and knowledge secret for obvious reasons, but we still wanted to give you a brief overview of the worst types of cheating we’re actively combatting:

  • On PC (where most cheating occurs, unsurprisingly):
    • Memory-poking attacks to gain gameplay advantage (e.g. infinite ammo, infinite ability energy, infinite respawns, teleports)
    • Aimbots:
    • Wallhacks:
    • Lag switching
  • On consoles:
    • DDOS in Trials
    • Lag switching: See above.

But you didn’t come here just to hear us describe the types of cheating in Destiny. The more pressing question is: What do we plan to do about it?

  • We’re shifting more people to help work on this space. More eyes analyzing cheater reports, more developments in our anti-cheat systems, more people developing and testing new ban rules, and more fuel for the hammer. There are many details about new detections and preventions, but sharing those would give the bad actors a head start. The one thing I can say is that a big focus is rapid response – we want to get cheaters out of the pool more quickly. This is key to reducing the value of cheating, especially in selling access to cheats.
  • We’re changing a key policy – fireteammates of cheaters are no longer innocent. We now reserve the right to restrict or ban any player who has benefitted from cheating, even if they didn’t cheat themselves. This includes scenarios where players group up with or provide account information to a guide or carry service, which then cheats on their behalf. We want you to find new friends out there, but be sure they have your trust before you go. If you LFG your way into a fireteam with a cheater, get out and report them. If you ride them to a flawless, the Banhammer will come for you as well.
  • We’re considering requiring a much higher player time investment to play Trials. We’re interested in your thoughts on this. What if you had to have ~100 hours of play on an account to participate in any Trials match where a ticket with more than four wins was at stake on either side? Increasing the time it takes for a new account to become Trials-ready increases the power of our Banhammer (since cheaters can always create new dummy accounts), but it also adds barriers to honest, law-abiding PvPers that want to check out Trials. Would the reduction in cheaters be worth the increased barrier to getting your T-1000-aimskill buddy who’s running behind on Light to join your fireteam?
  • [REDACTED]. Because this is a cheating discussion, know that we have additional initiatives we do not intend to share publicly, in order to stay one step ahead of attackers.

There are a couple of common misconceptions about Destiny security that are worth discussing here as well: “Destiny does not have an anti-cheat”

  • Destiny does have anti-cheat that consists of custom security code and a third-party security product used by many other AAA games. We have a team of senior security engineers working on anti-cheat.
  • Anti-cheat isn’t a yes-or-no thing, it’s a constellation of possible mitigations. We’re always looking to add new stars to our constellation, and to strengthen existing ones.

“Destiny relies on player reports or humans to identify cheaters”

  • The vast majority of punishments issued come from automated detections. We use player reports to help us identify emerging threats. All automated detections are reviewed and verified by a human before punishment to minimize the risk of false positives.

“Destiny should use Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC)”

  • Destiny does utilize some of VAC’s security features, and we have plans to utilize more. Bungie’s security team and Valve’s security team meet regularly to discuss the latest attacks and mitigations.

We’re also re-evaluating some of our decisions along the way – for example, we may have made a mistake in not having Trials behind the Season Pass paywall, which would have created more friction against free-account-recycling cheaters. We won’t change this for Season of the Worthy, but we’ll re-evaluate access requirements in future Seasons. At its best, Trials is a fountain of nail-biting space combat crescendos, and it’s something you can’t find anywhere else. We want that experience to be available to as many people as possible. But if we’re forced to choose, we will choose for Trials to be a sacred space, even if that means fewer people can play.

Our overall goal with Destiny security is to provide a competitive, fair ecosystem where cheaters are rarely seen and are rapidly ejected from the game. We’re not there right now, and we’re increasing the priority. We’ll keep you posted.

Destiny 2020 Director’s Cut

These are the highlights from their February 26, 2020, Director’s Cut (focusing only on the explicit details that were not further explained in more recent TWABs):

SHORTCUT #3: NEW LIGHT, NEW INTRO Our goals for New Light last year were about bringing new players into the universe and getting them to the core activities as quickly as we could. We dramatically underestimated how many new Guardians would wake up on the Cosmodrome. We’re going to improve the New Light entry this fall and flesh the starting experience in Destiny out.

This unofficial “Roadmap” will continue to be updated as we learn more from Bungie. Did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments.