Destiny 2 XP Farm Guide: Beyond Light Edition [Bounty chart]

by | Nov 11, 2020

Every new season comes with a new XP grind, be it to earn your Season Pass rewards or unlock your seasonal Artifact and Mods.

The system has its flaws and Bungie already promised changes. But in the meantime, you’ll want as much XP as possible and there is only one efficient way to earn it quickly: Bounty farming.

If you’re new to Destiny 2, the next section will explain how XP works and why it matters. But if you’re a more experienced player, you can jump to the next sections where we go through the best bounties in the game and come up with the most efficient XP farming method available.

Why XP is important in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, XP is needed for only 2 things:

  1. Unlock your Season Pass rewards
  2. Upgrade your Seasonal Artifact to unlock Mods and bonus Power Levels

This part is simple. Getting the XP is another story, though.

Season Pass Rewards

Destiny 2’s Season Pass works in the same way as in any other online shooter. The pass has 2 different tracks, a free track and a track reserved for Season Pass owners only, and each track has 100 levels to unlock:

Destiny 2 XP Farm Beyond Light

The premium track obviously offers more rewards but it’s important to know this: the best rewards are part of the Free track. This includes one of the new Exotic weapons, the new Legendary weapons, the Exotic cipher, and more.

Even if you don’t purchase Season of the Hunt, you still want to grind XP and get all the rewards the Free track has to offer. They are well worth it.

Seasonal Artifact and Mods

The seasonal Artifact plays an important role in Destiny 2. Not only does it grant extra Power Levels, but it also includes several Seasonal Mods.

The extra Power Levels are useful for high-end content and will help you along with your Max Power Level grind. The Seasonal Mods, on the other hand, are mandatory. These include the Anti-barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable mods needed to deal with Champions, on top of extremely powerful mods such as Unstoppable Shotgun.

Destiny 2 Artifact Beyond Light 1

Needless to say, even if you don’t care about Season Pass bonuses, XP plays an essential part in preparing you for the most difficult end-game content in the game. Plus, the exotics and legendary weapons are amways good to have.

 Best XP Farm in Destiny 2: Bounties (again)

The fastest and most efficient way to earn XP in Destiny 2 still revolves around bounties.

The community has complained a lot about “bounty farming” and with reason. But if you’re looking to efficiently get XP, you don’t really have a choice but to grab the best bounties (highlighted below) and work on them simultaneously:

SourceBountyTypeBase XPCost (glimmer)
EuropaVaryks Daily (x3)Daily6000250
EuropaVaryks WeeklyWeekly120001000
CosmodromeShaw Han Daily (x4)Daily6000250
CosmodromeShaw Han Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
MoonEris MornRepeatable40003000
MoonEris Morn Daily (x4)Daily6000250
MoonEris Morn Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
TowerGunsmith Daily (x4)Daily6000250
TowerGunsmith Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
TowerStrikes DailyDaily6000250
TowerStrikes Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
TowerCrucible DailyDaily6000250
TowerCrucible Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
TowerIron Banner (x4)Montly120001000
TowerGambit Daily (x4)Daily6000250
TowerGambit Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
TowerTrials RepeatableRepeatable40003000
TowerTrials Daily (x4)Daily6000250
TowerTrials Weekly (x2)Weekly120001000
MoonLectern of EnchantmentRepeatable40003000
MoonLectern of Enchantment Daily (x4)Daily6000250
MoonLectern of Enchantment Weekly (x2)Weekly120005 Fragments
DestinationsEDZ and Nessus Daily (x3)Daily6000250
Tangled ShoreSpider Wanted (x13)Weekly3000Fragments
Tangled ShoreSpider Daily (x4)Daily1000250
Seasonal EventE.g. Dawning Repeatable40003000
Seasonal EventE.g. Dawning Daily (x4)Daily6000250
Seasonal EventE.g. Dawning (x2)Weekly120001000

How to farm XP in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Now that we have a good understanding of what bounties give the more XP, it’s time to combine them and get them done as quickly as possible. Now, there are two disclaimers:

Farming XP as fast as possible requires you to grind XP on all three of your characters!

But if you too have limited time to play Destiny 2 and prefer to play on only one character, everything is not lost.

I’m far from having the most Seasonal ranks unlocked so far. Hell, many of my clanmates are already well above 40. But it’s still possible to play Destiny 2 at a reasonable pace, enjoy it, and farm enough XP to be way ahead of most casual players.

Second disclaimer:

This guide will focus on how to maximize XP farming without having to mindlessly run Lost Sectors but also earn Powerful/Pinnacle gear and Bright Dust in the process!

My XP farming method

This is the XP farming method I recommend to have good results while having fun:

Destiny 2 XP bounties

  1. Grab all the Weekly bounties at the Tower (Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit)
  2. Grab all the Gunsmith bounties (weeklies, dailies, etc)
  3. Grab all of Varisk’s bounties on Europa (weeklies, dailies, etc)
  4. Play the campaign or work towards new Aspects (switch weapons to work on your bounties)
  5. If you’re done with all the main Europa quests, head to the Moon
  6. Grab all the bounties from Eris
  7. Go to Altars of Sorrow to get them done
  8. Moon bounties could be replaced with the Cosmodrome’s

‼️ Don’t turn your bounties until you are in a Fireteam and have a Ghost shell with an XP boost! More on that below…

At this point, most of your “general” daily and weekly bounties should be done. Instead of grinding repeatable bounties over and over again, I recommend you start tackling the core activities. Example:

  1. Grab all the Strikes bounties
  2. Run Strikes until they are done (including the weekly bounties or any other general bounty still left)
  3. When all Strikes bounties are completed, you can tackle Gambit, then Crucible, etc.

This will allow you to get your Weekly bounties done (and earn a lot of XP and some Bright Dust!) and work towards your Pinnacle gear challenges. At this point, if you still have the time and energy, you can start all over on a different character.

If you prefer a video version of how to optimize XP grinding in Destiny 2, you can check this great video from Jarv.

Best Practices

These are the best practices and principles you should always follow to maximize XP:

Always have a Ghost with the biggest Blinding Light Mod possible equipped

With the new Ghost 2.0 system in Beyond Light, you can now choose your own mods and prioritize your Ghost’s bonuses based on your activities. Without going too much into the details, all you need to know is that you want the biggest Blinding Light Mod possible. With the Blinding Light mod that costs 6 Energy, you can get a +12% bonus XP!

Ghost shell with Blinding Light mod Destiny 2

Trust me, that bonus will count in the long run…

Turn in your bounties only when in a Fireteam


The Season Pass grants bonus XP called Shared Wisdom when you’re part of a Fireteam. Therefore, you ideally want to always be in a Fireteam when turning in bounties.

Season Pass level  XP Fireteam Boost
Level 5 2%
Level 26 2%
Level 56 2%
Level 86 2%
Total 8%

These bonuses are part of the Premium track of the Season Pass.

Destiny 2 Shared Wisdom

If you’re a solo player, you can do what I often do:

  1. Go to Europa or the Cosmodrome and find an active Public event with other guardians
  2. Join a random guardian’s Fireteam (open your Director, head over to Roster and join someone with an open Fireteam)
  3. Tell them you’re there to help with the event
  4. Turn all your bounties
  5. Help with the event
  6. Leave the Fireteam

This is somewhat tedious so I only do it at the end of a very long session when my inventory is full of completed bounties to turn it.

Purchase the Season Pass if you’re serious about XP

The Season Pass grants a +20% XP bonus at Rank 1 (i.e. immediately at the start of the Season). This percentage steadily increases as you earn more Seasonal Ranks, making it a huge XP bonus.


Season Pass level  XP Boost
Level 1 20%
Level 7 2%
Level 16 2%
Level 36 2%
Level 46 2%
Level 66 2%
Level 76 2%
Total 32%

These bonuses are part of the Premium track of the Season Pass.

Use the Ghost Overlay if you’re on PC

Ghost Overlay is a new app from Josh Hunt that displays your current bounties on a side of your screen. This immensely helps keep track of what weapons to use next.

Destiny 2 Ghost Overlay V2

Stay away from repeatable bounties

Repeatable bounties can help speed the process but they are very expensive and sometimes longer to complete than the average daily bounty. The Moon’s repeatable bounties are somewhat better and I recommend going for those if you must grind repeatable bounties all day. But I prefer to switch activities once all the dailies are done.

For example, after completing all of Europa’s bounties, I head over to the Cosmodrome, then the Moon, then focus on Crucible bounties, etc.

Your Turn

Now you know everything there is to know about maximizing your XP farming in Destiny 2.

Did I miss any other important tips? Come over to our Discord server and let me know!

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