Destiny 2 Tusk of the Boar: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Apr 3, 2024

The wait is finally over: the first ever Strand Waveframe Grenade Launcher, Tusk of the Boar, is here for us to farm for. Rolling with both Strand perks and some fan favorites for the frame, Tusk is aiming to be a solid addition to Guardian’s loadouts. And with the new Onslaught mode coming next week, there’s no better time for this to fall into our hands. This guide will cover the best rolls for Tusk of the Boar.


How to get Tusk of the Boar

Tusk of the Boar is available through Iron Banner, the week-long PvP event hosted by Lord Saladin. Tusk of the Board drops from match completions and can be focused using Iron Banner Engrams as soon as you’ve unlocked it in your Collections. Before The Final Shape launches, you’ll have two chances to farm this weapon:

  • The week of April 2
  • The week of April 30

As always, match wins will net you the most possible drops. We cover this Season’s Iron Banner Schedule here.

How to get Tusk of the Boar screen Destiny 2

How to get Tusk of the Boar, Destiny 2

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How good is Tusk of the Boar

Waveframes are arguably some of the strongest ad-clear weapons in the game. Their ability to hit multiple targets, along with their damage, lets you clear rooms like no tomorrow, and that’s before you consider the perks. Tusk of the Boar is no different, offering up several ways to approach the ad clearing question. And considering it is Strand, you’ll even be able to sever several targets at once thanks to it rolling with Slice, which is a huge boon in higher level content.

In PvP, a waveframe grenade launcher’s viability lies within whether or not it rolls Disruption Break, and unfortunately, Tusk does not. On top of that, its damage perks aren’t easily activated in PvP, with Swashbuckler being the best out of the bunch. However, even with max stacks, you aren’t guaranteed to land the swap kill unless you’re hitting for both the impact and explosion. Best to keep this in PvE.

S-tier for PvE C-tier for PvP

Best alternatives:

Tusk of the Boar God Rolls and Perk Pool

The Tusk of the Board grenade launcher can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Envious Assassin, Enlightened Action, Grave Robber, Slice, Slideways, and Pulse Monitor
  • Perk 2: Chain Reaction, Hatchling, Bait and Switch, Swashbuckler, Vorpal Weapon, and Deconstruct
  • Origin Trait: Skulking Wolf, Field-Tested
Tusk of the Board God rolls Screen Destiny 2

Tusk of the Board God rolls, Destiny 2

Tusk of the Boar PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds
  • Perk 1: Envious Assassin or Enlightened Action
  • Perk 2: Hatchling or Chain Reaction
  • Origin Trait: Field Tested
  • Masterwork: Velocity or Reload Speed

Waveframes operate slightly differently than other grenade launchers, mainly in that you want the highest blast radius possible so that the explosion does most of the damage. So we’ll be taking Quick Launch and High-Velocity Rounds to bump up the velocity without touching the blast radius and get a small reload speed buff.

For Perk 1, there’s a lot of good in this small pool. Envious Assassin is what most will want as it lacks Ambitious, but Enlightened Action is also very viable thanks to the reload speed multiplier stacking with each hit. You could even opt for Slice if you want to play into Strand, or just want more damage resistance. Perk 2 is either Chain Reaction or Hatchling for the pure ad-clear potential, but since Chain Reaction is getting nerfed in The Final Shape, Hatchling is your future-proof roll.

Tusk of the Boar PvP god roll

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds
  • Perk 1: Pulse Monitor or Slice
  • Perk 2: Deconstruct or Swashbuckler
  • Origin Trait: Field Tested
  • Masterwork: Velocity

As previously mentioned, waveframes live and die by their ability to roll with Disruption Break, at least in PvP. Since this doesn’t, we need to get creative on where this can find use. Just as with the PvE roll, we want to ensure the explosion is doing the most damage it can, so run with Quick Launch and High Velocity Rounds.

Perk 1 has only two somewhat passable perks: Pulse Monitor and Slice. Pulse Monitor automatically reloads your weapon, which could let you follow up with a second shot if you’re in combat. Slice, on the other hand, will let you lower another guardian’s damage by 15%, keeping you and your teammates alive longer. Perk 2 is also lacking, with Swashbuckler and Deconstruct being the best possible. Swash can net you the swap kill, but only if you hit for max damage. Deconstruct, however, should allow you to put down those pesky Titan barricades while also getting ammo back if done right. Though, based on how it activates, that might be easier said than done.

Before you go…

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