Destiny 2 Iron Banner: Schedule, Challenges and more

by | May 30, 2023

While Guardians tend to have a love-hate relationship with Iron Banner, Destiny 2’s semi-competitive PvP mode, this event remains extremely popular. Why? Because on top of offering four Pinnacle rewards, it also features exclusive weapons and top-tier armor.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Iron Banner, including its schedule, rotation, daily challenges, and more!

2023 Iron Banner Schedule: When is the next Iron Banner?

Iron Banner is now live in Destiny 2. It started on May 30, 2023, and will be available to all players until June 6, 2023. The Iron Banner mode this time around is Control.

  • Iron Banner starts on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 9 AM PDT
  • Iron Banner ends on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 9 AM PDT

Previously active for only two weeks per season, Iron Banner now occurs three times per season!

Iron Banner Season 21

What is Iron Banner

Iron Banner is a 12-player PvP event that occurs three times per season. It features four distinct modes that rotate each month—Rift, Eruption, Control, and Fortress—and Pinnacle gear as rewards.

With two teams of 6 players duking it out, Iron Banner is a hectic and high-octane playlist. But the main reason players prefer the Iron Banner playlist over Zone Control is the rewards: Pinnacle gear, exclusive weapons, and unique armor. Up until recently, Iron Banner had a pretty awful reputation amongst Guardians. It had Power Level Advantage, meaning that Power Levels counted, and poor matchmaking. This led to “stacks” of skilled (and usually high Power Level) teams stomping on everyone else non-stop.

Luckily, several changes have been made to matchmaking, including the addition of a solo playlist, and Power Level advantages were removed.

How to enter the Iron Banner event

To enter Iron Banner in Season of the Deep (S21), you simply need to open your Director, enter the Crucible playlist and join the Iron Banner playlist. 

While you previously had to complete a pesky quest that forced you to use weapon types you did not want to use (or fight your own teammates for Heavy ammo), Iron Banner no longer has requirements to enter.

Iron Banner Playlist gameplay Destiny 2

Iron Banner Daily Challenges (Season 21)

These are the daily challenges this Season:

  • Day 1: Complete three Iron Banner matches as either Arc, Void or Strand subclasses.
  • Day 2: Complete four Iron Banner matches as either Arc, Void or Strand subclasses.
  • Day 3: Complete five Iron Banner matches as either Arc, Void or Strand subclasses.
  • Day 4: Complete six Iron Banner matches as either Arc, Void or Strand subclasses.

To find the active Daily challenge for your character, you need to:

  1. Open the Crucible Playlist
  2. Hover over the Iron Banner Playlist
  3. The current challenge will be highlighted below the mode’s description

Iron Banner Daily Challenges Season 21

You can find more details about this season’s Iron Banner daily challenges here.

Iron Banner Rewards: Season 21

While most Guardians will jump into Iron Banner for the Pinnacle gear, the Iron Banner-themed weapons and armor are also a perfect excuse to join in the fun. These guides cover both the exclusive Iron Banner weapons and Iron Banner-themed Armor sets.

For Season of the Deep, the featured armor set is the same as last season’s: The Companion Armor set. Weapons-wise, one legacy weapon returns, the Swarm of the Raven (Grenade launcher), and a brand-new weapon is introduced, the Pressurized Precision (Fusion Rifle).

Iron Banner Armor Season 19

Iron Banner rewards, Destiny 2

When is Iron Banner coming back?

Iron Banner will most likely return on week 5 or 6 of Season of the Deep, around July 2023.

As confirmed by Bungie, Iron Banner now takes place three times per season. This is the expected schedule for Iron Banner this season:

  • Week 2: On May 30, 2023
  • Week 5: In July 2023
  • Week 8: In August 2023

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