Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic: How to get it today

by | Aug 27, 2023

Tessellation is a brand-new Exotic fusion rifle that can be obtained by pre-ordering The Final Shape Deluxe Edition. With its ability to deal Stasis or Strand damage, it is the first-ever Energy weapon able to deal Strand damage. That alone makes it special.

For all of these reasons, anyone interested in The Final Shape DLC should consider pre-ordering it to get access to this Exotic immediately. In this guide, we cover how powerful this fusion rifle could be and tell you exactly how to get both the weapon and its catalyst.

ArtWeaponArchetypeRarityAmmo?Element?RequirementsIn loot pool?AmmoElementTierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Tessellation artTessellationExoticExoticSpecialKineticThe Final ShapeYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialKinetic symbol Destiny 2 Kinetic


PvEPre-order bonusError icon V2 NoLightfall Preorder icon
The Final Shape
Season 22EnergyNo

How to get Tessellation this season

Just like Quicksilver Storm before it, Tessellation is reserved for players who pre-order The Final Shape + Annual Pass Edition. Once you’ve pre-ordered it, you simply need to pay a visit to the Special Deliveries kiosk at the Tower and claim your Exotic.

Tessaltion Preorder screen

Tessaltion Preorder, Destiny 2

Obtaining Tessellation won’t cost you any in-game currencies, either.

How good is Tessellation?

Exotic Perks:

  • Property: Undecidable: This [weapon] adapts its damage type to match your equipped subclass. Final blows grant grenade energy.
  • Property: Irreducible: Consume your grenade to load a large [projectile] that generates an elemental explosion on impact.
Tessaltion screen

Tessellation Exotic, Destiny 2

Because of its unique perks, great base stats, and recent buffs to fusion rifles, don’t be surprised if Tesselation ends up being a top-tier exotic. We’ll need some more time to play around with it before providing a final verdict, though.

Tessellation catalyst: Confirmed

For the record, Tessellation will have a catalyst (it can be seen in the API and is part of Bungie’s promo material for The Final Shape pre-orders). However, it is currently unclear where it can be found… We’ll update this section as soon as we know more about this catalyst.

Tesselation ore order bonus screen Destiny 2

As seen in Bungie’s The Final Shape promo page, the catalyst is part of the bonuses for those who pre-order the Deluxe edition of the game:

  • Three Episodes in the year of The Final Shape (Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy)
  • Catalyst and Ornament for Tessellation
  • The Final Shape Dungeon Key
  • Exotic Sparrow

It is unclear whether the catalyst will be available to those who pre-order the standard edition, though. To be confirmed soon…

NameTypeSlotCatalyst SourceAvailable?RequirementsCatalystSource ❘ RequirementsReleasedHow to unlockCatalyst effect

How to unlock the catalyst?

According to the API, once acquired, the catalyst for Tessellation requires 400 kills to be fully unlocked. To unlock the catalyst as efficiently as possible, any place with lots of easy-to-kill enemies can be a good spot. The Shuro Chi Wish Wall encounter from the Last With raid is a particularly popular spot to farm catalysts.

Before you go…

If you’re looking for top-tier exotics for PvE, you should definitely check out the excellent Regnant grenade launcher or the Conditional Finality shotgun.

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