Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish: Codes and Wishes

by | Apr 12, 2023

Typically, raids in Destiny 2 are pretty straightforward; they rarely contain easter eggs or ways to get checkpoints easily. Last Wish is the clear exception to this rule, housing a Wish wall that can alter your raid run in various ways.

The most popular wish is #4, which instantly teleports you and your fireteam to the Shuro Chi encounter. However, this wish isn’t popular because of the boss fight itself—instead, it’s a common place to farm kills for various quest objectives.

How do you teleport to Shuro Chi, and why does it matter so much? We’ll cover all of that with images and step-by-step instructions down below.

Shuro Chi Wish Code

Here’s an image of the code you’ll need to input for Wish #4 (teleporting to Shuro Chi). Shoot each circle until you come across the correct symbol; if you accidentally pass it, you can cycle through all 16 to get back (instead of redoing the entire code). Once finished, step on the plate in the center of the room to immediately teleport to the Shuro Chi encounter.

Shuro Chi Wish code

Shuro Chi Wish code

Why does the Shuro Chi wish matter?

As stated earlier, people don’t teleport to this encounter for the boss herself. Instead, they use the encounter’s opening to farm kills.

When the encounter begins, multiple Taken Thrall waves spawn around Shuro. These are easy to kill, allowing you to progress quests, exotic catalysts, or weapon crafting levels in record time. Plus, there’s an option to place a Raid Banner each run, allowing you to never run out of ammo.

Shuro Chi Taken Thrall farm

Shuro Chi Taken Thrall farm

To farm efficiently, kill all ads that spawn until Shuro stops moving and quickens her tempo. Then, kill yourself with an explosive weapon or by standing on the plates around her to reset the instance. If you’re a Hunter, using Tether here can work wonders. Killing one tethered enemy with a weapon will deal weapon damage to all other enemies in that tether, giving you the same progress at a faster rate.

Shuro Chi Plates farm

Shuro Chi Plates

How do you reach the Wish Wall?

You’ll first need to get to the wall to input the code for the Shuro Chi wish. Progress to the Kalli encounter as usual until you reach the door to her room (pictured).

Shuro Chi Kalli Door

Once you get here, drop down to your left in the small pool. Looking to the far end of the water, you should see a lit green path. The green path moves upward, so look above you if you’re stuck. Follow this up, then jump into the cave at the end.

Shuro Chi Green path start

Start of “Green path”

Shuro Chi Green path end

End of “Green path”

With that, you should be at the wish wall. Shooting the circles on the wall allows you to cycle through 16 symbols, and stepping on the center plate submits the wish. There is fourteen total, but for this article, we’re just focusing on the one that teleports you to Shuro Chi.

Shuro Chi Wish Wall

Wish Wall, Destiny 2

Before you go…

After all these years since the release of the Last Wish raid, the Shuro Chi checkpoint remains a popular destination for players looking to quickly farm kills. This won’t be changing anytime soon, but keep in mind that there are less soul-crushing ways to get kills in Destiny 2. For instance, the entrance to the Grasp of Avarice is easier to access and has tons of enemies to kill. The same applies to the entrance of the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

Happy farming!

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