Last Wish Challenges this Week: Rotation & Guides

by | Aug 24, 2023

Some of the best and most unique weapons in Destiny 2 come from Raids, and when completing Challenges, the experience becomes even more rewarding. Last Wish is no exception, especially after Bungie finally refreshed its weapons at the beginning of the season.

This guide covers all there is to know about the Challenges from the Last Wish raid: their rotation, rewards, and, most importantly, how to complete them.

Destiny 2: Last Wish Challenge This Week

This is the complete schedule for Last Wish’s Challenges for Season of the Witch (S22):

WeekChallengeEncounterWeek #
22 August 2023All ChallengesAllWeek 1
29 August 2023Which WitchShuro ChiWeek 2
5 September 2023Forever FightMorgethWeek 3
12 September 2023Keep OutVaultWeek 4
19 September 2023Strength of MemoryRivenWeek 5
26 September 2023Summoning RitualKalliWeek 6
3 October 2023Which WitchShuro ChiWeek 7
10 October 2023Forever FightMorgethWeek 8
17 October 2023Keep OutVaultWeek 9
24 October 2023Strength of MemoryRivenWeek 10
31 October 2023Summoning RitualKalliWeek 11
7 November 2023Which WitchShuro ChiWeek 12
14 November 2023Forever FightMorgethWeek 13
21 November 2023Keep OutVaultWeek 14

As with most things in Destiny 2, Master Last Wish challenges are on a weekly rotation. On any given week, only one Master Challenge is available to farm. PS: The week officially resets on Tuesdays at 9 AM PDT, Destiny 2’s official reset time.

ℹ️ Be aware that all the challenges become available on weeks when Last Wish is the featured weekly raid.

Power Level Requirements

If you’re interested in farming Last Wish’s challenges, make sure your Guardian has the proper Power Level (including your Artifact’s bonus Power):

Difficulty Recommended Level
Normal 1600

Destiny 2 LW’s Challenge rewards

With the added difficulty that Challenges bring, you might wonder why even bother. But there is actually a very good reason to tackle Challenges: More rewards.

Completing Challenges will reward players with double loot for the encounter where the challenge is active, including top-tier weapons such as the Nation of Beasts or the Apex Predator.

You can find the entire (and verified) Last Wish loot table here. So now that you have the incentive, how do you complete these challenges? Read on, as we have a guide for every single one, covering both loadouts and strategy.

Master Challenges: Guides & Loadouts

ArtRaid ChallengeEncounterDescription
Kali ChallengeSummoning RitualKalliActivate and cleanse all nine plates, then kill all nine Knights and Ogres before damaging Kalli.
Shuro Chi Challenge Last WishWhich WitchShuro ChiGuardians must not get hit or take damage from Shuro Chi’s Arc Blast.
Morgeth Challenge Last WishForever FightMorgethDo not kill the smaller Ogres.
Vault Challenge Last WishKeep OutVaultEnsure that no Might of Riven knights make it into the center chamber during the Vault fight.
Riven Challenge Last WishStrength of MemoryRivenGuardians must not shoot the same Riven eye twice.

Kali Challenge

1. Kalli Challenge: Summoning Ritual

Summoning Ritual is strange in that it requires your fireteam to purposefully fail mechanics. Even so, it remains one of the most straightforward and simplistic challenges to complete.

Summoning Ritual requires Guardians to activate all nine plates in the room, regardless of the symbol above them. Not only will this spawn Taken Knights at each plate as usual, but it will also spawn three Taken Ogres in the center. All nine Knights and three Ogres must be killed to complete the challenge.

If anything, this challenge makes the encounter easier. While you need to defeat significantly more yellow bar enemies, they don’t have much health. Additionally, since you’re activating all plates anyway, there’s no need to take note of the symbols in the center (which would usually guide you to the correct plates).

Assuming your teammates pay close attention to the blights while cleansing symbols, Summoning Ritual should be a piece of cake.

More Destiny 2 Raid Challenge guides:


Shuro Chi Challenge Last Wish

2. Shuro Chi Challenge: Which Witch

Widely regarded as the game’s most annoying challenge, Which Witch’s simple objective requires Guardians to play with extreme caution.

To complete Which Witch, no one in your fireteam can get hit by Shuro Chi’s Arc Blast attack. The attack is surprisingly long-range and has a small amount of AoE, making it relatively difficult to avoid throughout the entire encounter.

There isn’t a specific strategy to clear this challenge; simply avoid line of sight with Shuro Chi at all costs. Once you see a message in chat that Shuro quickens her tempo, she’ll begin an animation that prevents her from attacking you. This should allow for easy pickup of the crystals without getting hit.

It’s also important to note that you can get hit by her attack that throws you into the air—it’s only the Arc Blast she does that will fail the challenge.

We wouldn’t recommend attempting this challenge unless you need it for Rivensbane. It’s an absolute pain to do and really isn’t worth the one extra piece of loot you gain from it.


Morgeth Challenge Last Wish

3. Morgeth Challenge: Forever Fight

Forever Fight is as simple as Which Witch but significantly easier to complete.

This challenge requires you to keep the four Taken Ogres that spawn toward the beginning of the encounter alive. If any of them die, you’ll need to wipe and try again.

Avoiding the Ogre’s attacks is easy, but accidentally killing them is not. With so many AoE abilities these days (Jolt, Ignite, Shatter, Volatile, etc.), you’ll need to put extra care into when you use perks and abilities. Because of this, we recommend waiting to kill surrounding enemies until they move away from the Taken Ogres.

It’s also important to stay cautious during the DPS phase, as the Ogres can quickly die from stray rockets and abilities.

As a whole, Forever Fight isn’t too hard of a challenge. As long as you always keep the challenge’s objective in the back of your mind, getting your extra loot should be a breeze.


Vault Challenge Last Wish

4 . Vault Challenge: Keep Out

The Vault encounter is known for its mechanical complexity, but three players are always sitting around killing ads. Keep Out makes those ad clearer’s job a bit tougher, resulting in a more engaging encounter.

Aptly named, Keep Out requires you to keep Might of Riven Knights out of the center chamber. In other words, you must kill each yellow bar Knight before it passes the Taken barrier on each side.

Instead of positioning your ad clearers in the central area, have them occupy the three outer rooms. Assuming those players have solid burst-DPS options like shotguns and fusion rifles, the Knights should die before entering the center room.

Also, keep in mind that there’s no boss in this encounter! That means everything you have can be safely used against the Might of Riven Knights—including your heavy ammo and Super.

This challenge is easy on paper but becomes a struggle with unlucky ammo drops. As long as you communicate when you can and cannot kill Knights, this challenge shouldn’t take too long.


Riven Challenge Last Wish

5. Riven Challenge: Strength of Memory

The final challenge Last Wish has to offer, Strength of Memory, makes the already mechanically complex Riven encounter even tougher.

This challenge will fail if any Guardian shoots the same eye twice. So, for example, if you shoot L1 on the first floor, you cannot reshoot it on the second or final floors.

What we just said probably sounds foreign to most players, as cheesing Riven has become commonplace. If you prefer cheesing her, good news: this challenge will auto-complete, as no one shoots any eyes anyway. Cheesing her is always possible with the best DPS strategies out at the time, so completing the challenge this way is by far the easiest.

If you instead choose to do Riven legit, the easiest way to go about completing Strength of Memory is to assign one person on each side to shoot both eyes on the first two levels. This leaves four players to shoot the final six eyes that appear on the top floor, regardless of if they’re repeats.

Strength of Memory is easily the most demanding Last Wish challenge assuming you do Riven legit. However, given how brutal this encounter is, most teams choose to cheese it, making the encounter and challenge extremely easy.

Before you go…

Last Wish is regarded as one of the hardest raids in Destiny 2. If you fill like you’re struggling, don’t feel discouraged, these challenges are supposed to be hard! We cover all the other Destiny 2 Raid Master Challenges here.

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