Destiny 2 VoG Challenge this Week: Rotation and Guides

by | Sep 12, 2023

Some of the best and most unique weapons in Destiny 2 come from Raids, and through Master difficulty challenges, the rewards are even better. The Vault of Glass raid is no exception, featuring weekly challenges that reward the most dedicated players with Timelost weapons.

In this guide, we cover all there is to know about the Master Challenges from the Vault of Glass: their rotation, rewards, and, most importantly, how to complete them.

Vault of Glass Challenge this Week

This is the complete schedule for Vault of Glass Challenges for Season of the Witch (S22):

WeekChallengeEncounterWeek #
22 August 2023Ensemble's RefrainTemplarWeek 1
29 August 2023Wait for It…GatekeeperWeek 2
5 September 2023The Only Oracle for YouAtheon, Time's ConfluxWeek 3
12 September 2023Out of Its WayConfluxesWeek 4
19 September 2023Strangers in TimeOraclesWeek 5
26 September 2023Ensemble's RefrainTemplarWeek 6
3 October 2023Wait for It…GatekeeperWeek 7
10 October 2023The Only Oracle for YouAtheon, Time's ConfluxWeek 8
17 October 2023Out of Its WayConfluxesWeek 9
24 October 2023Strangers in TimeOraclesWeek 10
31 October 2023Ensemble's RefrainTemplarWeek 11
7 November 2023Wait for It…GatekeeperWeek 12
14 November 2023The Only Oracle for YouAtheon, Time's ConfluxWeek 13
21 November 2023Out of Its WayConfluxesWeek 14

As with most things in Destiny 2, Master VoG challenges are on a weekly rotation. Any given week, only one Master Challenge is available to farm. PS: The week officially resets on Tuesdays at 9 AM PDT, Destiny 2’s official reset time.

ℹ️ Be aware that all the challenges become available on weeks when VoG is the featured raid.

VoG Power Level Requirements

If you’re interested in farming Master VoG challenges, make sure your Guardian has the proper Power Level (including your Artifact’s bonus Power):

VoG Difficulty Recommended Level
Normal 1600
Master TBC

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Master rewards

Why would you go through the pain of completing overly complicated challenges in Master mode? For Glory? Perhaps. Most Guardians tackle these challenges for Timelost weapons, though.

On top of receiving masterwork materials, including Ascendant Shards, completing challenges will reward you with Adept raid weapons, officially referred to as Timelost weapons in the Vault of Glass. There are 5 Timelost weapons up for grabs.

Keep in mind that some of the Vault of Glass weapons are best-in-class as is. Scoring Timelost versions of these can be a big deal, allowing you to secure some of the absolute best god rolls in the entire game.

More Destiny 2 Raid Challenge guides:

VoG Master Challenges: Guides & Loadouts

ArtRaid ChallengeEncounterDescription
Confluxes VoGWait for It…ConfluxesSacrificial Wyverns cannot die before beginning to sacrifice at the confluences.
Oracles Vault of Glass ChallengeThe Only Oracle for YouOraclesPlayers may not destroy the same oracle twice.
Gatekeeper VoGStrangers in TimeGatekeeperThe Wyvern and Minotaurs that spawn simultaneously must die within 5 seconds of each other.
Templar VoGOut of Its WayTemplarDefeat Templar without lettim him teleport.
Vault of Glass Destiny 2 featuredEnsemble's RefrainAtheonEach player may only destroy one Oracle per wave.

Confluxes VoG

VoG Conflux Challenge: Wait for It…

While this challenge—and by extension, this encounter—is one of the most simplistic on paper, it’s surprisingly tricky on Master mode.

The official description of this challenge is straightforward: You may only kill Wyverns while they are in their sacrifice animation. You are, however, allowed to damage these enemies as they approach the confluxes.

The simplicity of the challenge makes it so you can’t strategize all too much, but different loadouts and builds can contribute to making this a breeze. High-DPS supers such as Nova Bomb, Blade Barrage, and Thundercrash are best for killing the Wyverns once they start sacrificing. As for weapons, check that your fireteam has at least one player with Overload Rounds on each side, as Overload Champions will spawn periodically throughout the encounter. Other than that, high-damage and ammo-efficient picks are the best.

Lastly, as for strategies during the encounter, the tip I mentioned earlier will make things tons easier. Remember that you can shoot the Wyverns as soon as they spawn; just make sure to leave them with a sliver of health. Then, once they start sacrificing, you should be able to kill them with ease.

Be prepared for some wipes on this challenge, as it’s deceptively challenging. Once you complete it, however, the other encounters should be a piece of cake in comparison.


Oracles Vault of Glass Challenge

VoG Oracle Challenge: The Only Oracle for You

Slightly more complex than the previous encounter, the oracles’ challenge isn’t too bad if you know what you’re doing.

The challenge is simple: the same person cannot destroy the same oracle twice. For instance, if you killed the middle oracle at the beginning of the encounter, you wouldn’t be able to destroy it again for the rest of that run.

For loadouts, make sure you have Anti-Barrier Rounds and some good ad-clear. Stasis and Void subclasses excel here, along with weapons like machine guns and wave frame grenade launchers.

Regarding strategy, you’ll want to assign everybody an oracle at the beginning of the encounter. Then, after every wave of oracles, everyone will rotate clockwise to the next oracle location (even if their previous one didn’t spawn). Keep in mind there are seven oracles, which means one person will need to keep track of two (usually, my team has the player at the middle oracle also take care of L1). You can choose to physically rotate around the arena or find a place where everyone can see all the oracles—whatever works best for you and your team.

Once you get the hang of it, this challenge isn’t too terrible. The most difficult part comes from how lengthy the encounter is, making it one gigantic endurance test.


Templar VoG

VoG Gatekeeper Challenge: Strangers in Time

Arguably the most difficult Master mode challenge to complete, “Strangers in Time” is one big endurance test that requires tons of communication.

The premise of this challenge is simple: kill the Wyvern and Praetorian simultaneously (or within a few seconds of each other).

Stasis and Void subclasses are best for players entering and exiting the portals due to their high ad-clear potential. As for weapons, you’ll need something that can burst down the Wyvern quickly, like Xenophage or a rocket launcher. The two players sitting on the plates in the main room will encounter Overload Champions, so we recommend Overload Rounds and a good burst-damage weapon.

As for strategy during the encounter, ensure that you and your team are constantly communicating about everything—when Gatekeepers are spawning, when to kill the Praetorian/Wyvern, etc. Additionally, remember that the Praetorian can be frozen in place with Stasis if needed. Lastly, keep in mind that there isn’t a boss in this encounter (meaning you can use your super at any time!).

This challenge will likely take you the most time, but it feels so satisfying once you finally complete it.


Gatekeeper VoG

VoG Templar Challenge: Out of Its Way

“Out of Its Way,” the challenge for the Templar encounter, is one of the quicker and easier ones once you figure out a strategy.

This challenge makes the encounter a DPS check, requiring you to defeat the Templar without allowing it to teleport.

Loadouts are the most crucial part of preparing for this challenge. To withstand the Templar’s attacks long enough, at least one Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn is necessary. Everyone else should be on burst damage supers. Weapons, however, will vary depending on the seasonal meta. As of Season of the Haunted, linear fusion rifles or the insane combo of Izanagi’s Burden and a rocket launcher are best. That is bound to change over time, though, so run whatever is currently meta.

There isn’t too much additional strategy to this challenge, as it’s what most teams do in normal mode anyway. Have the person holding the Aegis block the teleports and start DPS right after the first wave of oracles.

While you may initially struggle with this challenge, it’s one of the most farmable encounters Vault of Glass has to offer. Conveniently, it also drops one of the most sought-after Timelost weapons: Fatebringer.


Vault of Glass Destiny 2 featured

VoG Atheon Challenge: Ensemble’s Refrain

Ensemble’s Refrain,” the final challenge in the Vault of Glass raid, only changes things up for half of the fireteam per phase, making it one of the more simplistic ones.

Similar to the Oracles challenge, this challenge states that every player can only shoot one oracle per wave.

Unlike other encounter challenges, this one doesn’t require a specific loadout. Because you could be shooting an oracle by yourself, we’d recommend a longer-range primary weapon (a scout rifle, pulse rifle, bow, or auto rifle). However, other than that, this challenge doesn’t ask for anything in particular, meaning the rest of your loadout should center around survivability and DPS.

Similarly, this challenge doesn’t call for a specific strategy either. Just make sure the person holding the Aegis knows what they’re doing, as they need to drop the shield to shoot their oracle.

Overall, this challenge should go just as smoothly as a regular run. As long as the players who get teleported know what they’re doing and you have enough DPS to kill Atheon, this should be a breeze for you and your team.

Your turn

Hopefully, you now have everything you need to know how to conquer Master challenges in the Vault of Glass and “easily” farm Timelost weapons in Destiny 2.

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