Destiny 2 Necrochasm + Catalyst: How to get them

by | Mar 8, 2024

Necrochasm is an Exotic Auto rifle that can only drop from Crota’s End, a reprised raid from Destiny 1. This Auto rifle is not only unique, but it has slowly become one of the best Primary ammo weapons in Destiny 2.

Today, we cover how powerful this Exotic auto is and tell you exactly how to get both the weapon and its catalyst.

How to get the Necrochasm Catalyst

The Necrochasm Catalyst can be acquired by completing the “Bottomless Pit” quest. Once you’ve farmed enough Essence of the Oversoul, the Catalyst will be unlocked:

The Catalyst unlocks after obtaining 35 Essences of the Oversoul, no combatant defeats needed.

Once unlocked, the Catalyst grants the following perk: Outlaw.

How to get Necrochasm: The Bottomless Pit Quest

To acquire the Necrochasm Exotic, you’ll need to complete the “Bottomless Pit quest.” By completing raid encounters and triumphs, players will acquire “Essence of the Oversoul,” which is needed to complete the quest and unlock the weapon and its catalyst.

Essences of the Oversoul were notoriously slow to farm, but with Update, drop rates were significantly increased across the board. We cover how to get Essences of the Oversoul here. In a nutshell:

  • Your first full clear of Crota’s End each week provides two Essences of the Oversoul
  • Every subsequent full clear provides an additional Essence
  • Essences of the Oversoul can also randomly drop when clearing a repeated encounter
  • Finally, there is a small chance to earn all of the Essence necessary to complete both the Necrochasm quest and the catalyst when taking Crota down during a full run.
Bottomless Pit Essence Exotic Quest

How to get Necrochasm, Destiny 2

Necrochasm drop rate

Raid Exotics are estimated to have a base drop rate of around 5%. However, those that have an Exotic Quest, such as the Necrochasm, have technically a 100% drop rate, provided you complete the required quest.

Necrochasm Exotic screen

Necrochasm Exotic, Destiny 2

How good is Necrochasm?

Necrochasm’s exotic traits are the following:

  • Cursebringer: Precision final blows with this weapon trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion. Final blows with Cursed Thrall explosions refill the magazine.
  • Desperation: Reloading after a precision final blow or a final blow with a Cursed Thrall explosion increases your rate of fire and improves stability and aim assist.

These days, Necrochasm is an add-clearing monster that can cause a chain reaction of constant explosions. What holds Necrochasm back, though, is its lack of synergy with any subclass, making it quite hard to use in a build.

Since Necrochasm’s Thrall Explosions were buffed (+30% according to D2 scientist MossyMax), Necrochasm has been steadily rising to the top of the meta. Overall, we consider Necrochasm to be A-Tier for PvE and B-Tier for PvP.

A-tier for PvE B-tier for PvP

Before you go…

Are you looking for other top-tier Raid Exotics worth chasing? We cover How to get Conditional Finality here. We also cover all the other weapons from Crota’s End loot pool here.

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      I’m the same

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    • Leebou

      You also have to complete the two challenges in the raid with Nechrocasm equipped.

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