Destiny 2 Sword Logic: Weapons and Perk guide

by | Sep 3, 2023

New raids typically come with new perks, and Crota’s End is no exception. Weapons from the raid have the opportunity to roll with Sword Logic, arguably the strongest damage perk the game has ever seen.

Today, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Sword Logic: the exact numbers behind it, what weapons roll with it, and the synergies that make it even stronger.

Sword Logic weapons in Destiny 2

Currently, these are all the weapons that can roll with Sword Logic:

ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Abyss Defiant art Abyss DefiantAuto RifleHigh-ImpactLegendaryPrimarySolarFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimarySolar SolarCrota's End RaidCheckmark icon V3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 22EnergyCraftable
Fang of Ir Yût artFang of Ir YûtScout RifleRapid-FireLegendaryPrimaryStrandFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryStrand Element StrandCrota's End RaidCheckmark icon V3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 22KineticCraftable
Oversoul Edict artOversoul EdictPulse RifleRapid-FireLegendaryPrimaryArcFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryArc ArcCrota's End RaidCheckmark icon V3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 22EnergyCraftable
Song of Ir Yût artSong of Ir YûtMachine GunAdaptiveLegendaryHeavyArcFree-to-PlayYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavyArc ArcCrota's End RaidCheckmark icon V3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 22HeavyCraftable
Swordbreaker artSwordbreakerShotgunLightweightLegendarySpecialStrandFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialStrand Element StrandCrota's End RaidCheckmark icon V3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 22KineticCraftable
Word of Crota artWord of CrotaHand CannonPrecisionLegendaryPrimaryVoidFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryVoid VoidCrota's End RaidCheckmark icon V3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 22EnergyCraftable

As of Season of the Witch, you’ll notice that Sword Logic is only available on weapons from the Crota’s End raid. However, as with other raid-specific perks like Reconstruction and Bait and Switch, this perk should be available on other weapons within a few seasons.

Crota's End Raid weapons featured

Crota’s End Raid weapons, Destiny 2

What does Sword Logic do: Hard Figures

The official perk description gives very little information on how Sword Logic works:

Final blows with this weapon grant bonus damage. The strength and duration of the bonus increases when more powerful targets are defeated.

Here are the actual numbers behind the perk, available from the Destiny Data Compendium:

  • Getting a kill grants stacks of Sword Logic, depending on the rank of the enemy defeated:
    • Rank-and-File (red bar): x1
    • Elite: x2
    • Champions, Minibosses: x3
    • Boss Combatants: x4
    • Guardians: x2
    • Guardians in Super: x3
  • Each tier has a different damage percentage increase and duration:
    • x1: 15% increased damage for 5.5 seconds.
    • x2: 25% increased damage for 7.5 seconds.
    • x3: 35% increased damage for 10.5 seconds.
    • x4: 50% increased damage for 15.5 seconds.
  • Additional kills while the buff is active refresh the duration of the highest stack amount obtained.

That’s quite a lot to digest for one perk, so let’s expand upon those numbers a bit more. Killing any enemy with a Sword Logic weapon grants at least one stack of the perk. Exactly how many stacks you obtain entirely depends on how powerful that combatant was.

Sword Logic does not work like Rampage in that you can’t just kill four rank-and-file enemies to gain four stacks; instead, you must kill a boss combatant with the weapon to get that 50% damage buff.

Once you have stacks of Sword Logic, you can refresh their duration by killing any enemy. That means you can kill a boss with the weapon, gain x4 Sword Logic for a 50% damage bonus, and then constantly refresh it by killing rank-and-file enemies. However, if you ever lose Sword Logic x4, you must kill another boss to regain it.

Crota's End Raid Destiny 2

Crota’s End Raid, Destiny 2

Sword Logic also has an enhanced variant that increases each stack level’s duration. While it isn’t necessary to make this perk excel, it’s helpful when attempting to keep up three or four stacks for a long time.

How to use Sword Logic and what synergizes with it?

The most optimal situation for Sword Logic would be to get a boss kill with your weapon, then slay out on tons of rank-and-file combatants.

Obviously, this situation is a bit unrealistic for most areas in Destiny 2. Regardless, while using Sword Logic, your goal should be first to find and kill the most challenging combatant on the field, then clear out the rest of the room with your insanely potent damage buff.

Given the nature of the perk, Sword Logic is most potent on ad clear-focused weapons, such as primary weapons and machine guns. Especially on something like Song of Ir Yut, this perk can allow you to do some insane work on ads and major clear.

Word of Crota Hand Cannon

Word of Crota can roll Sword Logic, Destiny 2

While Sword Logic doesn’t have intrinsic synergies like Voltshot or Incandescent, it’s an outstanding option for when you’re looking for a perk that doesn’t require an entire subclass setup to be good.

Before you go…

Sword Logic is a strong perk option for plenty of different use cases. If you find a weapon roll with the perk, take it for a spin. You are sure to find it to be one of your favorite perks. If you’re looking for more top-tier perks, Reconstruction is most definitely worth your attention too.

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