Best Destiny 2 Warlock Fashion Right Now

by | Oct 3, 2023

Destiny 2 Fashion is such an integral part of each player’s identity that portions of the community say that “dresstiny” is the true endgame of Destiny 2. Especially now that transmog is in place, there’s little to no reason to ignore all the ways you can customize your Guardian’s appearance.

Today, we’ll provide a wide variety of looks to ensure your Warlock stays looking sharp, even while utilizing some of the more popular exotics so as to not sacrifice gameplay.

Bringing in the experts

MuffinBanditBefore we begin, thank you to MuffinBandit for putting together these top-tier sets with us! If you want to take your fashion game to the next level, check them out on YouTube and Twitter!

Exotic Warlock Fashion

Dressing your Guardian up is fun and all, but sometimes you need to prioritize running a specific exotic armor piece for a build. While that train of thought is reasonable, completely sacrificing fashion for exotic armor is rarely necessary. Here are a few examples of sets that utilize some of Warlock’s strongest exotics:

Osmiomancy Gloves fashion

Warlock Fashion Osmiomancy Gloves Destiny 2

Credit to 01101001100 on Reddit

Karnstein Armlets fashion

Warlock Fashion Karnstein Armlets Destiny 2

Spirit of Karnstein, Credit to ResidentSniper on Reddit

Starfire Protocol fashion

Warlock Fashion Starfire Protocol Destiny 2

Starfire Protocol fashion, Credit to iixVanquishxX on Twitter

General Warlock Fashion in Destiny 2

Whether you’re diving into a more casual activity or are simply trying to make a good-looking armor set to post online, sometimes running a specific gameplay-focused exotic isn’t necessary. While we’ve already proved that you can make do with these restrictions, being able to freely use any armor you want can open a world of possibilities as to how you’d like to style your Guardian. Here are a couple more examples that don’t take into account any exotic armor restrictions:

Warlock Fashion Jungle Warlock Destiny 2

Jungle Warlock, Credit to Xeosym from Reddit

Warlock Fashion Dawn Chorus Destiny 2

Dawn Chorus Ornament, Credit to Brump_fashion from Instagram

Warlock Fashion Black Armory Destiny 2

Black Armory Warlock, Credit to FreshDumb from Discord

“Award-winning” Warlock fashion

These come from the latest fashion contest hosted by our friend Pattycakes. Hosting some of the biggest Fashion contests in the Destiny 2 community, Pattycakes took this second edition of his contest to new heights: More contestants, more judges (including yours truly!), and more prize money. These were the top Warlock highlights:


Ishiku - Round 5 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

Ishiku Warlock fashion, Destiny 2


Brown Grug - Round 4 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

Brown Grug Warlock fashion, Destiny 2

sirpfryer - Round 3 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

sirpfryer Warlock fashion, Destiny 2

But with every contender coming in with 5 different sets each, we had to go over 160 different fashion builds. Some were decent, others were good, and a surprising amount of them were excellent. We cover below some of our favorite Warlock fashion builds:

Bullbus - Round 5 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

Bullbus, Warlock fashion

YaBoyIsh - Round 3 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

YaBoyIsh, Warlock fashion

Prime - Round 4 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

Prime, Warlock fashion

KenZeng - Round 5 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

KenZeng, Warlock fashion

Bullbus - Round 2 Warlock fashion Destiny 2

Bullbus, Warlock fashion

Your turn

With how diverse Destiny 2’s armor sets are, experimenting with them yourself can be good fun at times. Hopefully, the sets showcased today have given you inspiration to either find or create a look that suits both your stylistic and gameplay needs. Do you have an awesome fashion build you’d like to share? Share it with us on Twitter!

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