Best Destiny 2 Titan Void Builds for PvE and PvP

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Are you a Titan main and want to take your game to the next level? These are the best Titan Void builds in Destiny 2, including builds for endgame and Solo players. And by the way, as any high-end Titan build, these will guide you every step of the way, including essential Exotics, Mods, and more.

--NameClassAreaSubclassExcels inElementStatus
Titan Void gameplay One Punch (Bash) ManTitanPvEVoid VoidEndgameVoidBest in Class
Doom Fang Pauldron Titan exotic gameplayDoom Fang PauldronTitanPvEVoid VoidCasual ContentVoid

Best Titan Void build for PvE

Titan Void gameplay

One Punch (Bash) Man

Excels In: Endgame (Dungeons, Raids, Legend content)

Goal of the Build: Titans are known for their punching skills, and this build aims to take it to a new level. Void 3.0 and Wormgod Caress allow you to one-punch anything from strike Bosses to soloing Raid bosses; the raw damage potential of this build is unmatched.

Mandatory gear: Wormgod Caress is the only hard requirement here. Since this build is all about punching things, weapons that improve/recharge/benefit from melee excel. One-Two Punch shotguns are heavily recommended.

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Wormgod Caress Titan Destiny 2

Wormgod Caress

TitanArmsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Melee kills increase melee damage for a period of time. Additional kills extend duration and increase effects."
  • Aspects: Bastion and Offensive Bulwark.
  • Fragments: While no fragments are mandatory, there are several fragments that enhance this build, including Echo of Undermining, Echo of Leeching, and Echo of Expulsion.
  • Abilities: Any barricade will work for this build. In terms of grenades, Vortex or Void Wall are best. For melee, Shield Bash is the required option.
  • Stats: High or Max Resilience (increased damage reduction and faster class ability) with as high as possible Recovery, Discipline, and Strength as possible.
  • Mods: Whilst not mandatory, mods can be used to enhance this build. Such mods include Heavy Handed, Melee Kickstart, Hands-On, and Focusing Strike.

Gameplay Loop

The aspects used in this build work hand in hand with each other to help strengthen your melee damage you output. Bastion grants an overshield when using your barricade, allowing Offensive Bulwark to activate. This increases your melee damage, range, and regeneration. It also allows for melee final blows to increase the duration of the overshield. This loop of constant overshield helps you regen your other abilities faster and help keep the melee chain going.

Wormgod Caress adds to this chain by significantly increasing the melee damage dealt with each kill. When combined with a 1-2 punch shotgun, you will be able to punch your way through anything you encounter. It is worth saving your weakening grenade and shield bash for when you encounter a more difficult opponent such as a champion or mini-boss. Weaken them with your grenade and use a 1-2 punch bash for an instant kill (or an easy finisher). To do this, make sure you shoot when sliding as it will allow you to shield bash coming out of the slide.

Going further...


Doom Fang Pauldron Titan exotic gameplay

Doom Fang Pauldron

Excels In: Casual Content (Seasonal Activities, Strikes, etc.)

Goal of the Build: The goal of this build is to get as many Supers as possible by using the Doom Fang Pauldron and Void 3.0.

Mandatory gear: Doom Fang Pauldron is the only requirement for this build. Also, any weapon that benefits from (or enhances) your melee are a good fit. An example is the exotic auto rifle Monte Carlo or a weapon from Season of the Plunder with the trait “Right Hook” and “Pugilist.”

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Doom Fang Pauldron Titan Destiny 2

Doom Fang Pauldron

TitanArmsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Defeating targets with Void damage has a chance to grant an escalating bonus to damage with Void weapons. Defeating targets with Void melee grants Super energy. While Sentinel Shield is active, defeating targets with melee attacks recharges Shield Throw, which extends your Super on hitting a target."
  • Aspects: Bastion and Offensive Bulwark are the recommended options.
  • Fragments: Echo of Expulsion can make up for the lack of Controlled Demolition. Echo of Leeching is great as this build is focused on melee kills. Echo of Exchange, Echo of Reprisal, or Echo of Undermining are the best options for the final slot.
  • Abilities: This build is made for easier content in which the shield throw is strong enough to get one-hit kills. Vortex is the best grenade due to its grouping potential.
  • Stats: Resilience (increased damage reduction and faster barricade cooldown) and Strength are the two most important stats.
  • Mods: Mods that help reduce the cooldown for the Shield Throw are best for this build. Melee Kickstart, Outreach, Hands-On, and Heavy Handed are some of the best.

Gameplay Loop

This build rewards Titans for doing what Titans do best: punching things.

Doom Fang Pauldron’s exotic perk, “Horns of Doom,” grants super energy for void melee kills. When combined with enough enemies and the right mod setup, this allows for some ridiculously fast Supers. Doom Fang Pauldrons also buff your sentinel shield. Melee kills while in Super recharge your shield throw, which in turn extends the duration of the Super. The Super doesn’t always have to be used for ad-clearing. Instead, guarding grants you and your allies safety and a significant DPS increase. The duration can be easily extended by quickly throwing a shield at an enemy.

Weapons like Monte Carlo can be used to help reduce that cooldown and make the best use of the Doom Fang Pauldron. Additionally, if Echo of Undermining is chosen, it can be used to weaken tougher enemies to allow them to be finished off by the shield throw.



Crucible featured

Best Titan PvP builds

PvP Essentials

PvP is a different ball game when it comes to gearing up and taking your Titan to the max level. Unlike PvE, most gameplay mods such as Elemental Wells and Warmind Cells are disabled in PvP. Those slots are then freed up for more PvP-orientated mods such as Targeting or Unflinching mods.

One thing that does carry over between the game modes is the importance of certain stats. Recovery replaces Resilience as the most important stat. You should always aim to get 100 Recovery or as close as possible. Recovery dictates the speed at which you can engage in fights and can be the difference between a loss and a win.

Due to the current sandbox that focuses on abilities, your next port of call should be to increase your Discipline, Strength, and Resilience as high as possible. Whilst Resilience doesn’t give a damage reduction like in PvE, the increased health can allow you to survive certain weapons and combos. It also grants you a faster barricade, which is always helpful.

Titan Subclasses: Ranked

Titan is actually in a pretty good spot when it comes to the strength of its subclasses in PvP.

Titan Void 3.0 featured

Void 3.0: Sentinel

With the ability to combine the best of the old trees together, Void Titan has been at the top of the PVP meta since the Witch Queen. Void Titan shines the most in smaller game modes such as Elimination, Competitive, and Trials. Bastion provides it with an easily accessible over-shield that is extremely strong in PVP. Combined with one of the best supers for elimination modes, Ward of Dawn, Void Titan has one of the best kits in the game.

Fragments such as Echo of Leaching can be extremely beneficial when in close range, and when combined with Bastion and Offensive Bulwark, can make a very strong close-range class. Other fragments such as Echo of Dilation strengthen the neutral game of this class.

Best PvP Titan Exotics

General Exotics

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Dunemarchers Titan Destiny 2


TitanLegsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increases sprint speed. Sprinting builds up a static charge. After melee-attacking an enemy, that charge will chain damage to nearby enemies."
One-Eyed Mask Titan Destiny 2

One-Eyed Mask

TitanHelmForsaken PackExotic EngramsSeason 4Forsaken Destiny 2 icon
Forsaken Pack
Exotic Perk: "Highlights the enemy who dares to damage you. Track down and destroy your enemy for an overshield."
Synthoceps Titan Destiny 2


TitanArmsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you're surrounded."

There are loads of viable exotics for Titans to use inside the Crucible.

Dunemarchers are a good example of an exotic that has stood the test of time. The added mobility they provide as well as the extra lightning chain upon punching an opponent makes them extremely strong for all subclasses. Titans have struggled to keep up with the other classes, and Dunemarchers help to close that gap.

The infamous One-Eyed Mask is still a solid choice inside PVP. While is nowhere near as strong as it once was, it still is a competitive option for all subclasses. Its exotic perk “Vengeance” grants you an over-shield for defeating an opposing guardian. This gives you an advantage when it comes to the next fight due to the health increase.

Synthoceps are another strong exotic that work with any titan subclass. The extra melee range can catch opposing guardians off guard and pair well with a close-range weapon such as a shotgun or SMG.

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