How to Get High Stat Armor in Destiny 2

by | Feb 8, 2024

What does it take to be endgame-ready? Having a complex build with various mods, subclass fragments, and best Exotics is certainly critical, but it isn’t all. Having armor with high stats is arguably just as important, allowing you to get numerous passive benefits for your character in all areas of Destiny 2.

Getting optimal stats can be difficult, especially for new players, but this guide will tell you exactly how to farm high-stat armor and what stat distributions to look out for.

Best way to get high stat armor in Destiny 2

The most popular way of obtaining high-stat armor is through seasonal vendors. After unlocking vendor upgrades like Deep or Wish Armor Focusing, you can directly purchase armor pieces for any slot. This armor typically rolls with around 65 total stat points, putting it on the same level as drops from endgame activities, such as raids.

High Stat armor focusing screen

How to Get High Stat Armor, Destiny 2

A word about Artifice Armor…

Artifice armor, available through Master-difficulty dungeons, is also worth mentioning here. While farming this isn’t as easy or consistent as the seasonal vendor method, artifice armor pieces have a unique mod slot that allows you to add +3 points to any stat you’d like—for free. This greatly helps with rounding out your stats to ensure you waste as few points as possible.

Regardless of your method, remember to equip an armorer mod—if you’ve unlocked them—on your ghost shell to get a higher chance of spikes in the stat you want. You can easily feel these working on most armor drops you’ll get, so they’re entirely worth it if you plan on farming soon.

High Stat armor Ghost mod screen

High Stat Armor Stat Distributions: What to look for

It isn’t the total number of stat points that matters the most, but their distribution among the six stats. This makes finding the proper armor a little trickier, as you’re now not just looking for a high total number.

For PvE, you’ll typically want to look for spikes in Resilience, Discipline, and Recovery. The latter two, Discipline and Recovery, are also the top picks for The Crucible. Stat splits also depend on what class you’re playing, where Hunters require more Mobility, Titans value Resilience and Strength, and Warlocks benefit more from Recovery.

High Stat armor menu screen

Stat distributions also depend on builds, but most ones you’ll find online mention the exact stats you want to build into. As a general rule, though, looking for Resilience, Discipline, and Recovery (along with Mobility for Hunters) should serve you well.

Before you go…

Now that you’ll be getting consistent high-stat armor pieces, allow them to truly shine as part of a top-tier Destiny 2 Build.

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