Destiny 2 Pyrogale Gauntlets: How to get it & Best Build

by | Sep 6, 2023

Over the years, Celestial Nighthawk has cemented itself as one of the franchise’s best and most iconic Hunter exotics. Now, Titans have a similar Exotic to call their own: the Pyrogale Gauntlets.

These gloves have sparked tons of interest from all community members, especially those interested in endgame PvE content. So, how exactly do you obtain them? How can you build into them? And can the Pyrogale Gauntlets compete with the top Titan Exotics, or are they just a fad? Today, we’ll answer all of that. Read on.

How to get the Pyrogale Gauntlets Exotic arms

Following the trend that all other exotic armor has set recently, the Pyrogale Gauntlets don’t simply come from Xur or random exotic engrams. Instead, you’ll need to complete one of two specific activities to get these gloves for the first time.

Your first option is to complete solo runs of Legend or Master Lost Sectors. However, these can be rough as they contain Champions and have a relatively low exotic drop rate.

Instead of lost sectors, most Guardians have opted for a newer method: Vex Strike Force events. Available in the weekly Vex Incursion Zone on Neomuna, this rare public event guarantees at least one new exotic with each successful completion. Once you’ve obtained all exotics, you’ll get a random exotic roll, making this event a great way to get both new and repeat exotic armor pieces.

After obtaining them once, the Pyrogale Gauntlets can drop from any exotic source, including exotic engrams. Additionally, you’ll be able to focus them directly at Master Rahool beginning in Season 23.

Pyrogale Gauntlets Exotic screen

Pyrogale Gauntlets Exotic, Destiny 2

Pyrogale Gauntlets: How to master it

Similar to most other exotics that affect your Super ability, Pyrogale Gauntlets lack a gameplay loop. Instead, the draw of the exotic comes not from build synergy but from its absurd damage potential.

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Pyrogale Gauntlets art

Pyrogale Gauntlets

TitanArmsSeason 22Lost SectorsSeason 22Lightfall Preorder icon
Season 22
Modifies Burning Maul into a single high-damage slam of your hammer that creates five cyclones of flame. Consecration's second slam creates a cyclone of flame.

Equipping Pyrogale Gauntlets and leaving it at that is enough to significantly buff the weakest link of Sunbreaker’s kit: its Super abilities. These gloves instantly convert Burning Maul into a Super with total damage comparable to other meta options like Blade Barrage and Needlestorm.

That said, there’s one trick you can pull off that buffs this synergy even further. While it very well could be patched in the future, players are currently able to combine the powerful effects of Pyrogale Gauntlets and Synthoceps to create an exceptionally high total damage Super. All you need to do is activate your Burning Maul super ability with Pyrogale Gauntlets equipped, then quickly go into your menu and swap to Synthoceps. As long as you’re near 3+ enemies (and quick enough to pull it off), you’ll gain 50% extra Super damage from Synthoceps in addition to the already-powerful Pyrogale Gauntlets buff.

Best Pyrogale Gauntlets Builds this Season

While many Guardians opt to run a Sunspot-centric setup (like our own Undying Flame or Solar Paladin builds), running something that revolves around Consecration can be fun at times, too. Let’s go over our favorite build that relies on Pyrogale Gauntlets:

Pyrogale Gauntlets Titan Exotic featured

Percussive Champion

Excels In: Solo Content

Mandatory Gear: Pyrogale Gauntlets is the exotic we’ll utilize to buff both Burning Maul and Consecration. Additionally, because we’re using Ember of Empyrean, running a Solar primary weapon is preferred (especially if rolled with Incandescent). You can swap this for Monte Carlo and a different fragment, but we like sticking to the Solar element.

  • Aspects: Consecration is the only required Aspect for this build. We’d highly recommend Sol Invictus in the second slot due to its intrinsic strength and complexity, but Roaring Flames can work fine here, too.
  • Fragments: Ember of Searing, Torches, Empyrean, and Ashes.
  • Abilities: Burning Maul is required here, and we’d highly recommend the Throwing Hammer melee ability. Your grenade and barricade choices are entirely up to you.
  • Stats: Resilience will always be the first stat you want to build into for PvE. Beyond that, getting high Strength to decrease your melee ability cooldown is paramount for this build.
  • Mods:
    • Helmet: Harmonic Siphon and Hands-On
    • Arms: Heavy Handed, Momentum Transfer
    • Chest: Charged Up
    • Legs: Invigoration, Stacks on Stacks, Solar Weapon Surge
    • Bond: Outreach, Time Dilation

Gameplay Loop

This build is made to constantly refresh your melee ability regardless of what you do. Whether you’re using your barricade, throwing your grenade, or collecting Orbs of Power, your Throwing Hammer should constantly regain energy.

Once your melee ability is ready, we recommend using the base Throwing Hammer (not activating Consecration) first. Any Throwing Hammer kills you get will generate a Sunspot through Sol Invictus, scorching enemies and granting you Restoration. Once you find a large group of enemies, activate Consecration by sliding while using your melee ability. This will both Scorch and Ignite targets, and your final slam will generate a cyclone of flame via Pyrogale Gauntlet’s perk.

To regenerate your melee ability and begin this loop again, simply use your abilities and stand in Sunspots. Also, remember that any Solar kills you get will extend the duration of Restoration (from your Sunspots) and Radiant (from Ember of Torches).

Lastly, use the trick mentioned above when popping your Super; after activating Burning Maul, swap to Synthoceps before attacking. Doing so while surrounded by enemies will increase your Super damage by a dramatic 50%.

Before you go…

If you’re looking for other worthy Titan Exotics, check out the Cuirass of The Falling Star. Also, don’t miss the new Mothkeeper’s Wraps Hunter Exotic and Briarbinds Warlock Exotic.

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