Destiny 2 Briarbinds Exotic: How to get it & Best Builds

by | Sep 6, 2023

Ever since the Void 3.0 subclass updates that came with Season of the Risen, Child of the Old Gods has been a fan-favorite Aspect. And with the release of Briarbinds in Season of the Witch, this powerful ability has only become more potent. But can it surpass the top Warlock Exotics?

Today, we’ll cover how to obtain Briarbinds, the best build to run with it, and how exactly it works.

How to get the Briarbinds Exotic arms

If you still need to obtain this exotic for the first time, there are only two ways to do so. The first is through solo runs of Legend or Master Lost Sectors—just make sure exotic gloves are being offered that day.

The second is new with Lightfall: the Vex Strike Force event. This event, which has a relatively rare chance of popping up in the weekly Vex Incursion Zone, guarantees one new exotic with each successful clear. After you have all the exotics, you’ll get a random exotic roll instead. This event is fantastic for those who don’t want to dive into an activity solo or deal with pesky Champions.

After you obtain them once, Briarbinds can drop from any exotic engram you get, not just those two specific activities.

There isn’t much more to say about Exotic engrams, only that they have a higher chance to drop from end-game activities. If collecting exotics is your priority, Nightfall: The Ordeals are for you. And the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of getting one.

Briarbinds Warlock Exotic screen

Briarbinds Warlock Exotic, Destiny 2

Briarbinds Exotic: How to master it

The gameplay loop of Briarbinds is self-explanatory, as it simply adds power to your Child of the Old Gods Aspect.

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Briarbinds art


WarlockArmsSeason 22Lost SectorsSeason 22Lightfall Preorder icon
Season 22
Exotic Perk: "Your Void Souls have a longer duration. They also gain escalating damage and durability as they defeat targets. You can retrieve your Void Souls by interacting with them, allowing them to be redeployed."

As with most descriptions in the game, Briarbinds’ perk explanation isn’t all that precise. Based on community research available on

  • Void Souls last 55% longer. They can be retrieved by interacting with them, granting you Void Soul Ready for 25 seconds. From here, the Void Soul can be deployed again by damaging another target.
  • Upon Void Soul kill, its damage and health will increase. This scales up to five kills with a 100% damage increase and a 67% health increase. These buffs are maintained if you collect and redeploy the same Void Soul.

Finally, it’s worth noting here that you can simultaneously send out multiple Void Souls by retrieving one and then placing a rift for another. It can be slightly hard to take advantage of this practically, but it allows for a high skill ceiling where veteran players can cover the battlefield with Void Souls.

Best Briarbinds Builds this Season

Briarbinds is outstanding due to its ability to synergize so simply with only one Aspect. However, there are multiple pathways you can take out of this. Here’s our favorite build that utilizes Briarbinds:

Briarbinds Warlock Exotic featured

Void Caster

Excels In: Solo Content

Mandatory Gear: The only two pieces of gear you’ll want for this build are Briarbinds and any Void primary weapon.

  • Aspects: Child of the Old Gods and Feed the Void are the best picks here for survivability and synergy with Briarbinds.
  • Fragments: Echo of Instability, Persistence, Harvest, and Undermining.
  • Abilities: No specific abilities are required here, but we highly recommend Nova Bomb: Cataclysm and Vortex Grenade.
  • Stats: Resilience is always a must in PvE these days, but make sure you spec into Recovery as well to boost your rift regeneration rate.
  • Mods:
    • Helmet: Void Siphon
    • Arms: Bolstering Detonation x2
    • Chest: Stat and Reserves mods
    • Legs: Elemental Charge, Void Weapon Surge
    • Bond: Bomber x2, Powerful Attraction

Gameplay Loop

The loop here is relatively straightforward: start by placing a rift, then shoot an enemy to send out your Void Soul. Killing combatants that are weakened by either this or your grenade will trigger Echo of Harvest, granting you a Void Breach. Killing an enemy with a grenade will also grant your Void weapon(s) Volatile Rounds.

Once you and your fireteam clear the wave of enemies your Void Soul is centered around, you can interact with it to once again get Void Soul Ready. As mentioned earlier, placing more rifts will grant you more Void Souls, allowing you to have multiple on the battlefield simultaneously.

That’s about it for the basics of this build, but you can make it infinitely more complex by adding a synergistic weapon like Collective Obligation or a legendary weapon with Repulsor Brace.

Generally speaking, this exotic build will always be powerful in activities where you can safely interact with your Void Soul. While it won’t be all that useful in Grandmaster-level content, the ability to litter a room with Void Souls is extremely powerful in anything easier.

Before you go…

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