Thank you for 60,000 visits in a month | Month 3

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Leveling

This is a quick post to thank you all for your support.

Of course, I believed this site could become something, but I never expected it to grow so fast!

After only 3 months of existence, just reached 60,000 visits in a single month:

Destiny 2 60K visits

That is beyond crazy and I can only thank you for giving it a chance and taking the time to check it out. Big things are coming, I promise you that!

What’s next?

As the site becomes bigger, I feel more comfortable reaching out to other content creators to hopefully bring them on board to help me create awesome content for you I couldn’t create alone.

I can’t say much more as things are still under discussion, but the next big collaboration will involve PVP weapons and strategies (I consider myself decent at best, hence the need to bring truly good PVP players on board). Stay tuned…

By the way, if you are interested in collaborating on something cool, you can hit me up on Twitter!

Your turn

My wish is that becomes a real part of the Destiny 2 community, which means I’m always happy to share the spotlight (and exposure) the site is slowly building. If you’re a content creator looking to collaborate on something useful for the rest of the community, you now know where to find me.

If you’re a reader, just¬†sharing your favorite posts is a huge help. And if you ever want to go the extra mile, just saying hi on Twitter would be awesome (you wouldn’t know how great it is to hear from readers and have a confirmation that what you create is seen and appreciated somewhere in the world!).

Talk soon (in about a month)!


Ric Molina (aka Primatrix) – founder

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