Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast + Catalyst: How to get them

by | Mar 26, 2024

Over the past couple of years, exotic primary weapons have become more and more desirable in all areas of Destiny 2. Especially due to meta shifts that no longer require exotic DPS picks, significantly more exotic primaries have been able to shine.

Today, we’ll be talking about one of the most famous and unique weapons in this category: Vex Mythoclast.

How to get the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst

Vex Mythoclast’s catalyst comes from the same place the base weapon does: Vault of Glass. However, unlike the base weapon drop, the catalyst does require the completion of a certain puzzle that spans the entirety of the raid.

Hidden inside the Vault of Glass are five plates, similar to those found in the final two raid encounters. You’ll need to activate them in order of their appearance by stepping on them with Vex Mythoclast equipped, then shooting an increasing amount of oracles in the correct order.

How to get Vex Mythoclast Catalyst screen Destiny 2

How to get Vex Mythoclast Catalyst, Destiny 2

If you’re looking to complete this process with guidance, we’d recommend checking out a video covering the topic, like Datto’s. If you instead want minimal help, here’s a bit of guidance through the puzzle:

  • All plates require someone to stand on them with Vex Mythoclast. Once this is done, oracles will spawn in the general vicinity of the plate, requiring you to shoot them in the order they appeared (these oracles are purposefully far away enough from one another so that you can’t complete this puzzle solo).
  • The first plate is located in the opening encounter area. Upon spawning in, sparrow to the far right side of the arena—the plate will be in a cave, spawning three oracles.
  • The second plate is right in front of the secret chest area before you enter the Templar arena. This is perhaps the most obvious one, spawning four oracles.
  • The third plate is located after the Templar encounter but just before the Gorgon’s Maze. It will spawn five oracles with it.
  • The fourth plate is in the jumping section between Gorgon’s Maze and Gatekeeper. Jump down to the right while hugging the wall you came in from, and you’ll spot the next plate (spawning six oracles).
  • The fifth and final plate is in the same jumping area but on an island across from the entrance to the Gatekeeper encounter. If you spot the island with the broken portal on it, it’s to the left of that (behind a pillar). This final plate spawns four separate waves of oracles.

After completing all five oracle puzzles successfully in the same run, walk up to the broken portal mentioned earlier, and you’ll receive the Vex Mythoclast catalyst.

Vex Mythoclast Exotic Screen Destiny 2

Vex Mythoclast Exotic, Destiny 2

The catalyst adds the following perk:

  • Calculated Balance: While in full auto mode, final blows with this weapon grant bonus damage, accuracy, and stability for a short duration.

To fully upgrade the catalyst and unlock the above perk, you’ll need to get 700 kills with the weapon. As always, this is done quickest at the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid.

How to get the Vex Mythoclast Exotic

Vex Mythoclast itself also drops from the Vault of Glass raid and is significantly easier to get than its catalyst. Completing the raid offers a random chance of it dropping, which increases depending on how many of the raid’s triumphs you have completed. We cover the entire Vault of Glass loot table here.

How to get Vault of Glass weapons screen Destiny 2

How to get Vex Mythoclast, Destiny 2

Vex Mythoclast drop rate

Vex Mythoclast is estimated to have a base drop rate of around 5%, based on community-driven data. Note that actual drop rates are unknown, as Bungie has never shared that information.

Albeit drop rates for Raid and Dungeon exotics are abysmally low, completing Triumphs will increase raid exotic drop rates. In this case:

Triumph Rate Boost
Flawless Vault of Glass +1
Master Glasser +1
  • Wait For It…
  • The Only Oracle For You
  • Out of Its Way
  • Rabid Relic
  • Eyes on Atheon
+1 each (+5 total)
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Take Cover
  • Tempered Teleport
  • Strangers in Time
  • Ensemble’s Refrain
+1 each (+5 total)

How good is Vex Mythoclast?

Vex Mythoclast comes with the following perks:

  • Timeless Mythoclast: This weapon fires full auto when in its default firing mode.
  • Temporal Unlimiter: Defeating targets builds stacks of Overcharge. [Alternate Weapon Action] : Swap firing modes when fully Overcharged. In alternative firing mode, hold the trigger to charge up and fire more powerful linear fusion shots.

For those unfamiliar with the weapon, Vex Mythoclast functions identically to an auto rifle, even though it technically falls under the category of “primary ammo fusion rifle.” However, due to its unique frame, Vex Mythoclast has always seemed more powerful than its auto rifle counterparts.

This, in addition to its linear fusion rifle mode and unique synergies (looking at you, Rain of Fire), creates a weapon that has always been strong, despite not truly being involved in the meta right now.

As a result of the weapon’s general strength, Vex Mythoclast is S-Tier in both PvE and PvP.

S-tier for PvE S-tier for PvP

Before you go…

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