Destiny 2 Warden of Nothing Grandmaster Nightfall Guide

by | Aug 6, 2022

Grandmaster Nightfalls are perhaps the most challenging endgame activity in Destiny 2. With an insane Power Level requirement and unforgiving modifiers, Grandmaster Nightfalls will challenge all but the top fireteams out there.

This guide will provide you with everything you need to tackle and conquer the Warden of Nothing GM, including loadouts, preferred subclasses, tactics, and more.

Warden of NothingWarden of NothingDreaming City10x Void10x Barrier
4x Overload
7x Unstoppable


Loadout and Subclasses

MacticsThe following guide comes straight from friend of the channel Mac. His GM video guides are famous within the community for a reason, and we definitely recommend you check him out!


With all 3 Champions, Void shields, and a Solar elemental singe, loadouts for this strike are simple with 2 players wanting Arbalest, a solar SGM such as CALUS Mini-Tool or a solar scout such as Staccato, and a solar rocket such as Hezen’s Vengeance or Ascendancy, with the 3rd guardian wanting a kinetic scout like the Night Watch, a solar trace rifle like the Retraced Path, and Gjallarhorn.

ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?
CALUS Mini-Tool artCALUS Mini-ToolSubmachine GunMIDA SynergyLegendaryPrimarySolarSeason 17YesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimarySolar Solar


PvEDerelict LeviathanSeason 17 Destiny 2 icon
Season 17
Season 17EnergyCraftable
Gjallarhorn artGjallarhornRocket LauncherExoticExoticHeavySolar30th AnniversaryYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavySolar Solar


PvE + PvPGrasp of Avarice Dungeon
30th Anniversary
30th Anniversary eventHeavyNo
Night WatchScout RifleLightweightLegendaryPrimaryKineticFree-to-PlayYesPrimary ammo Destiny 2 PrimaryKinetic symbol Destiny 2 Kinetic


PvEWorld loot pool
Season 11KineticNo
Destiny 2 Arbalest artArbalestLinear Fusion RifleExoticExoticSpecialKineticFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialKinetic symbol Destiny 2 Kinetic


PvEExotic Engram
Season 6KineticNo
Ascendancy artAscendancyRocket LauncherPrecisionLegendaryHeavySolarFree-to-PlayYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavySolar Solar


PvE + PvPExotic Kiosk
Season 15HeavyNo
Retraced Path artRetraced PathTrace RifleAdaptiveLegendarySpecialSolarFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialSolar Solar


PvEDares of Eternity
30th Anniversary eventEnergyCraftable

Subclasses & Exotics

For class loadouts, Hunters want to rock Moebius Quiver with Trapper’s Ambush, Vanishing Step, and Omnioculus or Blade Barrage with Knock-em down, On your Mark, and Star-Eater Scales or Aeons. Warlocks want to spec into Well of Radiance with Icarus Dash, Touch of Flame, and either Phoenix Protocol or Aeon Soul. And Titans want to run ward of dawn with bastion, controlled demolition, and Heart of Inmost Light or Thundercrash with Cuirass of the Falling Star.

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Star Eater Scales Destiny 2 art

Star-Eater Scales

HunterLegsBeyond LightLost SectorsSeason 14
Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "You gain additional Super energy from Orbs of Power you pick up. While your Super energy is full, picking up an Orb of Power overcharges your Super, causing you to gain a burst of healing when cast and a bonus to your Super damage. At maximum overcharge, you also gain an overshield."
Cuirass of the Falling Star Titan Destiny 2

Cuirass of the Falling Star

TitanChestBeyond LightLost SectorsSeason 13
Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "Greatly increases your Thundercrash impact damage. Gain an overshield that lasts longer the farther you travel before striking a target."
Omnioculus Destiny 2 art


HunterChestBeyond LightLost SectorsSeason 13
Beyond Light
Exotic Perk: "You gain a second Smoke Bomb charge and have damage resistance while invisible. When you make an ally invisible, they gain damage resistance while invisible and you gain melee energy."
Aeon Soul Warlock Exotic Destiny 2 art

Aeon Soul

WarlockArmsFree-to-PlayExotic Engrams
Exotic Perk: "Aeon Exotics have an additional mod socket which is used for Aeon Cult mods."
Phoenix Protocol Warlock Exotic Destiny 2 art

Phoenix Protocol

WarlockChestFree-to-PlayExotic Engrams
Exotic Perk: "Kills and assists you make while standing in your Well of Radiance return Super energy."
Aeon Swift Hunter Exotic Destiny 2 art

Aeon Swift

HunterArmsFree-to-PlayExotic Engrams
Exotic Perk: "Aeon Exotics have an additional mod socket which is used for Aeon Cult mods."

As always these are strictly recommendations, so if you have something in mind that you feel would work better, feel free to throw it on. With all that being said, let’s get into the strategy.

GM Power Level

If you’re interested in running this GM, you need to have a proper Power Level:

Nightfall Difficulty Required Level Adept drop rate
Grandmaster 1610 Common+

More Grandmaster guides for Season 19:

Warden of Nothing GM: A Step-by-step guide


Spawn in and make your way through the single goblins to the first room, where you’ll clear out the goblins, fanatics, and overload minotaur. Proceed through the door and scan the console to move the train. Work your way through this hallway, being careful of the trains coming down the middle. Drop down to the next hallway and move your way through the tracks, avoiding the trains that alternate between tracks.

Be careful of the explosive barrels, take out the hydra, goblins, phalanxes, and unstoppable incendior. Next, Make your way to the middle of the room, avoiding the trains, and take out the barrier hobgoblin and trash ads. Next, you can jump on top of the left train cable and run on top of it to the end of the train hallway. After that, kill the unstoppable incendior, the rest of the trash ads, then the barrier colossus.

Warden Of Nothing GM guide

Warden Of Nothing Grandmaster guide

Next room

Advance to the next room and kill the explosive barrels and trash mobs, being especially careful of hobgoblin snipers. Using the staircase as a head glitch, kill the hydra and then the rest of the trash ads, as well as the barrier sniper hobgoblins on the top right and left. You can then move forward, being careful of the trains, and take out the ads in the front, focusing on the regular minotaurs.

Once the named minotaur boss spawns, allow them to teleport to the middle of the arena and burn it with your supers and rockets. When the boss dies, the rest of the ads will despawn, at which point you can advance to the next room.

Next room

Kill the trash ads at the entrance and then the two unstoppable incendiors. Then proceed through the room, being careful of the two psion snipers on the balconies in the middle and the explosive canisters. In the back of the room you’ll take out the regular incendior, and the psion snipers at the right and left, or simply use invisibility to run past them. Move up the grav lift and clear out all of the ads in the middle, being careful of the psion snipers on the ledge, the overload minotaur, barrier colossus, unstoppable incendior, and the two barrier hobgoblins.

After you kill all of the ads, you will begin the mines phase. Here’s how the mines work.

Mine A spawns immediately along with a barrier hob and unstoppable incendior on the front right. Once you capture mine A, mines B and C will both spawn, along with an overload minotaur at the back of the arena where the solar cannon spawns. The mines last for 60 seconds and will explode, wiping you, once they hit 0. While a player is on the mine, the timer does not decrease. The best way to do this is to delay the capture of A while you wipe all of the champions and as many of the ads as possible, especially those at the future location of mine B.

Once A is captured, move to B and capture it as a team. Next, stick to the left balcony and kill the overload minotaur together. After killing the overload minotaur, move to C as a team and capture it together. You can also have an invis hunter take C safely without having to worry about these ads too. You don’t need to be lightning fast, but you do need to keep a decent pace. Play together and focus mobs together and you will be fine.

After capturing all of the mines, the named colossus will spawn in the middle of the room. Kill the colossus to progress to the next room.

One more thing I do want to note is that during the mines phase, sometimes the overload minotaur that spawns with the B and C mines will RESPAWN after you kill it. I have absolutely ZERO clue what triggers this BUT in my experience, ignoring him still resulted in a platinum run as long as we killed him the first time. I can’t guarantee that will happen for you, but that was our experience. Anyway…

Warden Of Nothing Grandmaster Nightfall

Boss room

Fall down to the chest and open it, then fall down the tube, optionally going 1 at a time to avoid goomba stomping and killing each other. After that, you can kill the 4 champions in the Thunderdome. I recommend killing the overload minotaur, then the unstoppable incendior, then the barrier colossus and hobgoblin. You can also get some Aeon finishers here if someone on your Fireteam has them equipped to make sure everyone has at least 4 rockets for the boss.

After killing the final champion, you’ll spawn the boss. This is simply a DPS check, where you’ll want to utilize your Well of Radiance or Bubble, as well as any Blade Barrages and Thundercrashes you have, followed by every rocket you can throw at him. There is no reliable way to survive here so you’ve just gotta kill the boss before it kills you.

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