Destiny 2 Round Robin: God Rolls and How to get it

by | Mar 16, 2024

Round Robin is a hand cannon with some features that many of its competitors lack. That alone makes it a worthy reason to explore Neomuna further. But now that more Strand weapons have been released, is it still worth farming?

How to get Round Robin

Because Round Robin is simply a destination weapon from Neomuna, farming it is relatively straightforward: just complete activities on Neomuna. While doing this, keep your eyes peeled for Heroic (golden) Patrol missions; completing one guarantees you a Neomuna weapon.

Be aware that as a reward for reaching Rank 30 with Nimbus, all Neomuna engrams will guarantee you a Neomuna weapon (with a chance of it being Deepsight). We cover all Neomuna weapons in detail here.

How to get Neomuna weapons screen Destiny 2

How to get Round Robin, Destiny 2

How good is the Round Robin?

Being one of the first Strand weapons released, Round Robin immediately races past the competition for PvE. And, in PvP, this hand cannon can kill a Guardian in only half a second.

Some older choices, like Crimil’s Dagger from Iron Banner, are capable of some of the same things. However, Round Robin has a surprisingly strong set of perks for a destination weapon, allowing it to soar above the rest.

While Round Robin has a lot going for it (especially in PvP), it’s not something everyone needs to chase.

B-tier for PvE B-tier for PvP

Best alternatives:

Round Robin Perks and God Rolls

The Round Robin hand cannon can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Killing Wind, Under Pressure, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Subsistence, Perfect Float, Envious Assassin, Keep Away
  • Perk 2: Elemental Capacitor, Pugilist, Harmony, Golden Tricorn, Kill Clip, Opening Shot, Hatchling
  • Origin Trait: Nanotech Tracer Rockets 
Round Robin hand cannon gameplay

Round Robin God rolls, Destiny 2

Round Robin PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell (also good: Light Mag)
  • Perk 1: Keep Away (also good: Fourth Time’s the Charm)
  • Perk 2: Hatchling (also good: Golden Tricorn)
  • Masterwork: Reload

Round Robin’s main appeal in PvE is its Strand element. Especially with Hatchling in the final column, there’s lots of synergy between this weapon and the Strand subclasses. The third column, however, isn’t as interesting.

If you’re looking to use this for any reason other than pairing it with a Strand build, you’re out of luck. But Round Robin can get a couple of great Strand rolls, so keep an eye out for these!

Round Robin PvP god roll

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Magazine: Richochet Rounds (also good: Flared Magwell)
  • Perk 1: Killing Wind (also good: Keep Away)
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip
  • Masterwork: Range

If you’re chasing Round Robin for PvP, the primary stat you’re looking for is range. Because of that, Hammer-Forged Rifling and Richochet Rounds are the best. If the reload speed is unbearable, swapping Richochet Rounds for Flared Magwell isn’t a bad choice, either.

In the fourth column, Kill Clip is an easy choice due to its 2-tap potential. As for the third column, many enjoy Killing Wind, but Keep Away isn’t a bad choice either for reload and range.

Before you go…

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