Destiny 2 Doomed Petitioner: God Rolls and How to get it

by | Jan 16, 2024

Now that Season of the Wish has been out for a handful of months, many have found new weapons that suit their playstyle. One of these new weapons, Doomed Petitioner, has seen some interest from endgame PvE players.

Why is this? Is Doomed Petitioner actually worth farming for? Let’s take a look.

ArtWeaponArchetypeRarityAmmo?Element?RequirementsIn loot pool?AmmoElementTierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Doomed Petitioner art Destiny 2Doomed PetitionerAggressiveLegendaryHeavyVoidFree-to-PlayYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavyVoid Void


PvESeasonal activityCheckmark icon V3 YesDestiny 2 Icon (final) Destiny 2
Season 23HeavyCraftableTop-tierReconstruction

How to get Doomed Petitioner

Doomed Petitioner is available from all things Season of the Wish. Whether it be Riven’s Lair or The Coil, playing these activities gives you a chance to obtain the linear fusion rifle.

After obtaining it once, Doomed Petitioner can also be focused at the Spirit of Riven for 3,000 Glimmer and four Wish Engrams. Also, make sure to keep an eye on your deepsight progress. After obtaining five red border versions of the gun, Doomed Petitioner will become craftable at The Enclave.

How to get Doomed Petitioner Destiny 2

How to get Doomed Petitioner, Destiny 2

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How good is Doomed Petitioner

While it hasn’t yet seen a surge in mainstream popularity, Doomed Petitioner is extremely powerful in PvE. With newer perks like Envious Assassin and Precision Instrument, this linear fusion rifle has a variety of strengths that none of its competitors share.

In The Crucible, Doomed Petitioner doesn’t shake anything up. Especially because it’s part of the aggressive frame archetype, this heavy weapon will end up being harder to use than most other options. As a result, Doomed Petitioner sees little to no use in PvP, along with all other linear fusion rifles.

Because of everything above, Doomed Petitioner is S-Tier in PvE and D-Tier in PvP.

Best alternatives:

ArtWeaponArchetypeRarityAmmo?Element?RequirementsIn loot pool?AmmoElementTierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Cataclysmic art v2CataclysmicPrecisionLegendaryHeavySolarThe Witch QueenYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavySolar Solar


PvEVow of the Disciple RaidCheckmark icon V3 YesThe Witch Queen Icon (final) Destiny 2
Witch Queen
Season 16HeavyCraftableTop-tierBait and Switch
Briar's Contempt artBriar's ContemptAggressiveLegendaryHeavySolarLightfallYesHeavy ammo Destiny 2 HeavySolar Solar


PvERoot of Nightmares RaidCheckmark icon V3 YesLightfall Icon (final) Destiny 2
Season 20HeavyCraftableTop-tierIncandescent,Reconstruction

Doomed Petitioner Perks and God Rolls

The Doomed Petitioner linear fusion rifle can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Permeability, Threat Detector, Keep Away, Attrition Orbs, Destabilizing Rounds, Envious Assassin, Reconstruction
  • Perk 2: Surrounded, Deconstruct, Moving Target, High Ground, Golden Tricorn, Loose Change, Precision Instrument
Doomed Petitioner God Rolls Destiny 2

Doomed Petitioner God Rolls, Destiny 2

Doomed Petitioner PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel (also good: Arrowhead Brake)
  • Battery: Ionized Battery
  • Perk 1: Envious Assassin (also good: Reconstruction)
  • Perk 2: Surrounded or Precision Instrument
  • Masterwork: Handling

While it hasn’t fully entered the meta yet, Doomed Petitioner is still a relatively powerful choice for DPS scenarios.

Arrowhead Brake and Fluted Barrel are relatively interchangeable, granting recoil direction and handling. Ionized Battery is typically the top pick for the second slot, granting another shot in the magazine (the reload speed decrease won’t matter because of your third-column perk).

Envious Assassin is best for perk one; while it takes a bit more effort to use than Reconstruction, the power of a fully charged Envious Assassin magazine is unmatched. 

Surrounded and Precision Instrument are both great choices for your final perk. While Surrounded grants a considerably higher damage buff, it can be a little tedious to trigger during a damage phase. Precision Instrument is a worthy substitute if need be, especially considering you can build up to maximum stacks in only two shots.

Finally, handling is best for your masterwork, just in case you need to do any weapon swaps during a DPS phase.

Doomed Petitioner PvE God Roll Destiny 2

Doomed Petitioner PvE God Roll (d2foundryGG)

Doomed Petitioner PvP god roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Battery: Accelerated Coils
  • Perk 1: Keep Away
  • Perk 2: Moving Target
  • Masterwork: Stability

Put bluntly, Doomed Petitioner isn’t worth using in PvP no matter what roll you have. Regardless, let’s take a look at your best options if you do plan on giving it a try.

We’ll start with Arrowhead Brake and Accelerated Coils to control recoil and decrease charge time. For main perks, there isn’t anything that stands out. Because of this, opt for the relatively neutral Keep Away and Moving Target. Both will provide passive buffs to useful stats while using the weapon. Stability is your best choice for the masterwork, controlling that recoil even further.

Doomed Petitioner PvP God Roll Destiny 2

Doomed Petitioner PvP God Roll (d2foundryGG)

Before you go

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