Best Destiny 2 Titan Solar Builds for PvE and PvP

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Are you a Titan main and want to take your game to the next level? These are the best Titan Solar builds in Destiny 2, including builds for endgame and Solo players. And by the way, as any top-tier Titan build, these will guide you every step of the way, including essential Exotics, Mods, and more.

--NameClassAreaSubclassExcels inElementStatus
Titan Solar 3.0 featuredUndying FlameTitanPvESolar SolarGrandmastersSolarTop 3
Solar supersConsecrated GroundTitanPvESolar SolarEndgameSolar
Precious Scars Destiny 2 featuredWounded HealerTitanPvESolar SolarCasual ContentSolar

Best Titan Solar build for PvE

s23 Season of the Wish icon Destiny 2 Updated as of Season of the Wish (S23).

Titan Solar 3.0 featured

Undying Flame

Excels In: Solo, Endgame, Grandmasters.

Goal of the Build: This build aims to create an unkillable Titan by harnessing the power of Solar 3.0 and the Loreley Splendor exotic helm.

Mandatory gear: Loreley Splendor Helm. Solar weapons are recommended.

  • Aspects: Sol Invictus and Roaring Flames (for endgame content) or Consecration (fun and solid too).
  • Fragments: Ember of Solace, Ember of Singeing, Ember of Empyrean, and Ember of Torches.
  • Abilities: Healing Grenade for extra survivability or Solar Grenade for add clear. Throwing Hammer, Rally Barricade.
  • Stats: Max Resilience.
  • Mods:
      • Helmet: Siphon matching your subclass.
    • Arms: Heavy Handed.
    • Chest: Resistance Mods based on your enemies.
    • Legs: -
    • Class Item: -

Gameplay Loop

This is one of the easiest and most straightforward builds for Titan. It requires little to no setup and functions extremely well in all levels of content.

This build revolves around the Loreley Splendor exotic helmet. Its exotic perk, “Cauterizing Flame,” creates a sunspot upon barricade cast or when you are critically wounded. This allows you to get the Restoration buff which regenerates your health and shields over time. This cannot be stopped by damage and only runs out when the buff itself runs out. Ember of Solace increases this duration.

Ember of the Empyrean allows you to maintain this restoration buff by chaining solar weapon kills to refresh the duration. Opting for Synthoceps instead of Loreley Splendor removes your barricade from the loop, but the whole idea of throwing your hammer over and over at enemies stays the same.


Solar supers

Consecrated Ground

Excels In: Endgame (Dungeons, Raids, Legend content)

Goal of the Build: Set the battlefield ablaze as your Solar cyclones lay waste to all that stand before you, and use the scorch to start the cycle again.

Mandatory gear: Pyrogale Gauntlets. A weapon with Incandescent is recommended, as the scorch will help refund melee energy.

  • Aspects: Sol Invictus and Consecration.
  • Fragments: Ember of Ashes, Ember of Searing, Ember of Empyrean, and Ember of Torches.
  • Abilities: Solar grenade, Throwing Hammer, Burning Maul.
  • Stats: Resilience 🡒 Recovery 🡒 Strength.
  • Mods:
    • Helmet: Melee Kickstart, Heavy Handed.
    • Chest: Relevant Resistance Mods, Charged Up.
    • Legs: Solar Surge OR Invigoration.
    • Class Item: Outreach, Reaper.

Gameplay Loop

Pyrogale Gauntlets’ perk “Percussive Flames” not only transforms Burning Maul into a one-slam Super with massive damage, but also makes your Consecration melee a mini version of this. Using the right kit, you can litter the battlefield with flames.

Simply slide into a group of enemies and use your melee ability to start the Consecration melee, and then melee again to slam back down. Scorched targets will ignite if hit by the second attack, which means anything hit by both waves will ignite. Defeat any remaining scorched targets and grab Orbs to refund the rest of your melee. Be sure to use the Sunspots from Sol Invictus to boost your ability regen further.

When using Burning Maul, it is important to note that you can cast it from a safe distance and then close the gap before slamming due to it being a one-off Super with Pyrogale’s.


Precious Scars Destiny 2 featured

Wounded Healer

Excels In: Casual Content (Seasonal Activities, Strikes, etc.)

Goal of the Build: This build is all about creating a mobile healing station for both you and nearby allies. This is best utilized with the natural healing from Solar or Strand.

Mandatory gear: Precious Scars. A Solar weapon with Heal Clip is recommended.

  • Aspects: Consecration and Sol Invictus if Solar Subclass. Into the Fray and Banner of War if Strand Subclass.
  • Fragments: Ember of Benevolence, Ember of Empyrean, Ember of Searing, Ember of Solace if Solar Subclass. Thread of Warding, Thread of Fury, Thread of Transmutation, Thread of Generation if Strand Subclass.
  • Abilities: Healing grenade.
  • Stats: Resilience → Recovery → Discipline.
  • Mods:
    • Helmet: Siphon Mod matching your weapon.
    • Arms: Loader Mods.
    • Chest: Relevant Resistance and Reserve Mods.
    • Legs: Innervation or Surge Mods.
    • Class Item: Powerful Attraction, Bomber.

Gameplay Loop

This build is based around chaining weapon final blows that match your subclass in order to consistently proc the Precious Scars’ exotic perk.

Precious Scars’ exotic perk, “Kintsugi,” creates a burst of Restoration around you when you get weapon final blows matching your subclass. On top of that, it also provides an aura after you revive/get revived that grants you and nearby allies an overshield. This allows you to become a moving source of healing whilst you kill enemies. The overshield can be extremely handy if someone is revived in a risky spot.

It is important to note that the Restoration effect lasts only 3 seconds, and the duration cannot be refreshed while it is active. The only exception to this is when pairing it with Ember of Empyrean, which extends Restoration and Radiant via Solar final blows.



Crucible featured

Best Titan PvP builds

PvP Essentials

PvP is a different ball game when it comes to gearing up and taking your Titan to the max level. Unlike PvE, most gameplay mods such as Elemental Wells and Warmind Cells are disabled in PvP. Those slots are then freed up for more PvP-orientated mods such as Targeting or Unflinching mods.

One thing that does carry over between the game modes is the importance of certain stats. Recovery replaces Resilience as the most important stat. You should always aim to get 100 Recovery or as close as possible. Recovery dictates the speed at which you can engage in fights and can be the difference between a loss and a win.

Due to the current sandbox that focuses on abilities, your next port of call should be to increase your Discipline, Strength, and Resilience as high as possible. Whilst Resilience doesn’t give a damage reduction like in PvE, the increased health can allow you to survive certain weapons and combos. It also grants you a faster barricade, which is always helpful.

Titan Subclasses: Ranked

Titan is actually in a pretty good spot when it comes to the strength of its subclasses in PvP.

Titan Solar 3.0 featured

Solar 3.0: Sunbreaker

Whilst having a slightly weaker neutral game when compared to Void or Arc, Solar titan can still hold its own. The aspects are more tailored to PVE however aren’t awful in PVP. Sol Invictus can help to create space and provide you with a source of healing. Whilst its effect is very niche, Roaring Flames can lead to some unexpected one-hit kills if enough kills are chained together. Both supers are usable, with Burning Maul being a relatively unknown counter to Ward of Dawn.

Fragments and Abilities is where Solar 3.0 Titan shines. Healing grenades are a game changer and are often picked over an offensive grenade due to their potency. Radiant is a great buff to have inside PVP. While not an enormous increase, it can be used to change the optimal TTKs of certain weapons and allows you to engage at longer ranges than normal, sometimes catching your opponents off guard. Fragments that buff this, such as Ember of Solace, can be great to choose and build around.

Best PvP Titan Exotics

General Exotics

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Dunemarchers Titan Destiny 2


TitanLegsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increases sprint speed. Sprinting builds up a static charge. After melee-attacking an enemy, that charge will chain damage to nearby enemies."
One-Eyed Mask Titan Destiny 2

One-Eyed Mask

TitanHelmForsaken PackExotic EngramsSeason 4Forsaken Destiny 2 icon
Forsaken Pack
Exotic Perk: "Highlights the enemy who dares to damage you. Track down and destroy your enemy for an overshield."
Synthoceps Titan Destiny 2


TitanArmsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you're surrounded."

There are loads of viable exotics for Titans to use inside the Crucible.

Dunemarchers are a good example of an exotic that has stood the test of time. The added mobility they provide as well as the extra lightning chain upon punching an opponent makes them extremely strong for all subclasses. Titans have struggled to keep up with the other classes, and Dunemarchers help to close that gap.

The infamous One-Eyed Mask is still a solid choice inside PVP. While is nowhere near as strong as it once was, it still is a competitive option for all subclasses. Its exotic perk “Vengeance” grants you an over-shield for defeating an opposing guardian. This gives you an advantage when it comes to the next fight due to the health increase.

Synthoceps are another strong exotic that work with any titan subclass. The extra melee range can catch opposing guardians off guard and pair well with a close-range weapon such as a shotgun or SMG.

Subclass-specific Exotics

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Loreley Splendor Helm Titan Destiny 2 art

Loreley Splendor Helm

TitanHelmThe Witch QueenLost SectorsSeason 16The Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
The Witch Queen
Exotic Perk: "When you have Sun Warrior, your Sunspots heal you. When you are critically wounded, create a Sunspot at your location."

Perhaps the better-known and strongest subclass-specific exotic for Titan is the Loreley Splendor helmet. Even after receiving a nerf, it is still widely used and surprisingly strong. The extra source of instant restoration makes it very strong for 1v1 situations as opposing guardians have to hit additional shots in order to take you down.

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