Destiny 2 Incisor: God Rolls and How to get it

by | Dec 15, 2023

Legendary Trace Rifles have always been a good pick in many players’ eyes, so naturally, many players have been eyeing up the new Strand Trace Rifle, Incisor.

But how do you obtain Incisor? What are the god rolls worth chasing? 

ArtWeaponArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Incisor art Destiny 2IncisorAdaptiveLegendarySpecialStrandLightfallYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialStrand Element StrandTrials of OsirisError icon V2Lightfall Preorder icon
Season 23EnergyNo

How to get Incisor

Incisor comes from Trials of Osiris. This might be upsetting news to some, but target-farming specific Trials weapons is very simple. If you’re hunting for the Adept variant of this weapon, you’ll have to wait until it is the weekly Trials of Osiris weapon. 

If you just want the regular version, you can focus it using a Trials Engram at Saint-14 in the Tower once you have had it drop from a regular engram. You can also focus the Adept variant once you get it to drop, just in case you want another roll.

You can find the weekly Trials weapon this week here.

Trials of Osiris weapons S23 featured Destiny 2

Trials of Osiris weapons , Destiny 2

You can find all of our Destiny God Rolls here.

How good is Incisor

Incisor fills a void a few players may have as it is the first Legendary Strand Trace Rifle and one of the few Primary slot Traces. If you don’t have The Navigator from Ghosts of the Deep, Incisor will be your only other option, immediately making it desirable.

The only Strand Legendary Trace Rifle today, Incisor also features several competitive perks that make it a hot commodity. There are stronger weapon types than Trace Rifles, but as far as Traces go, Incisor is one of the best.

In PvE, it holds its own. Acacia’s add clear potential with Incandescent or quality of life with Frenzy is strong, but the versatility and build potential that options such as Slice or Hatchling have make up the difference, as well as having classic perks like Killing Tally to round the weapon out. 

In PvP, compared to other Trace Rifles, it does pretty well. While it doesn’t have the DPS (damage per second) of Coldheart, it does have Slice, which is an excellent utility perk. Because of this, it beats out other Legendary options like Appetance. However, players might still prefer Acaisia’s due to personal preference.

Overall, Incisor is an A-Tier pick in PvP and PvE. 

Best alternatives:

ArtWeaponArchetypeRarityAmmoElementRequirementsIn loot pool?Ammo?Element?TierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
The Navigator art Destiny 2The NavigatorExoticExoticSpecialStrandDeluxe EditionYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialStrand Element Strand


PvE + PvPGhost of the Deep DungeonError icon V2The Witch Queen Destiny 2 icon
Deluxe Edition
Season 21KineticNoTop-tier
Destiny 2 Coldheart artColdheartExoticExoticSpecialArcFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialArc Arc


PvEExotic EngramError icon V2Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Season 1EnergyNo
Acasia's Dejection artAcasia's DejectionAdaptiveLegendarySpecialSolarLightfallYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialSolar Solar


PvERoot of Nightmares RaidCheckmark icon V3Lightfall Preorder icon
Season 20EnergyCraftableTop-tierIncandescent,Reconstruction

Incisor Perks and God Rolls

The Incisor Trace rifle can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Slice, Offhand Strike, Dynamic Sway Reduction, Perpetual Motion, Zen Moment, Envious Assassin, Subsistence
  • Perk 2: Target Lock, Tap the Trigger, Hatchling, Kill Clip, Attrition Orbs, Encore, Killing Tally

Incisor PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Projection Fuse
  • Perk 1: Subsistence or Slice
  • Perk 2: Killing Tally or Hatchling
  • Masterwork: Handling or Range

There are two paths that players can go down with Incisor. If you’re looking to take advantage of the Strand element of this weapon with a specific build, Slice and Hatchling will most likely be the best perks. Subsistence and Killing Tally work best if you’re looking for a more general roll, as they synergize perfectly.

For the Barrel, Battery, and Masterwork, you can go with whatever you like; however, we like the above options as they provide the weapon a general quality of life due to increased Range and Handling.

Incisor PvE God Roll

Incisor PvE God Roll (d2foundryGG)

Incisor PvP god roll

  • Barrel: Smallbore
  • Magazine: Tactical Battery
  • Perk 1: Slice or Dynamic Sway Reduction
  • Perk 2: Tap the Trigger or Kill Clip
  • Masterwork: Range

Again, with Incisor’s perk variety, players can tailor their weapon experience to their needs. Dynamic Sway Reduction and Tap the Trigger are your friends if you want a more consistent weapon to duel targets on an even playing field. If you want to be more aggressive and chain back-to-back kills, Slice and Kill Clip can help as you wind up dealing more damage, while they deal less, massively shifting any duel in your favor.

Incisor PvP God Roll

Incisor PvP God Roll (d2foundryGG)

Before you go

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