Destiny 2 Sweet Business Catalyst: How to get it

by | Nov 7, 2020

This quick guide will tell you everything there is to know about the Sweet business catalyst.

Namely, how to get it, how to unlock it once you’ve found it, and more importantly, is it even worth it?

And that last part is important because Exotic catalysts can be extremely hard to find and/or unlock, but the benefits are not always up to par.

Sweet Business Catalyst Destiny 2 featured

How to get the Sweet Business catalyst

First things first, before talking about the Sweet Business catalyst, you may not even have the weapon itself yet. If that’s the case, this is how you get it:

Sweet Business catalyst Destiny 2

How to get the weapon?

Destiny 2 Sweet Business artGetting the Sweet Business Auto rifle is as straightforward as it gets: It can only drop from Exotic engrams.

Problem is, Exotic engrams can be tricky as they are random drops for the most part. That said, there are proven ways to find exotic engrams in Destiny 2:

  • From the Season pass (both the free and paid tracks offer a couple as rewards)
  • From Xur: Every week, he has an Exotic engram for sale which is guaranteed to give you an exotic you don’t already have.

Other than that, Exotics engrams have a higher chance to drop from end-game activities, such as Nightfall: The Ordeals. And the higher the difficulty (Master level and above), the higher the chance to find some.

How to get the catalyst?

Sweet Business Catalyst Destiny 2Just as the weapon itself, the catalyst is also a random drop completely dependent on RNG:

The Sweet Business catalyst drops from kills, completions or wins on Strikes, Nightfalls or the Crucible.

Because of its randomness, I consider this catalyst’s difficulty to find average.

How to unlock the catalyst?

Once you have found the catalyst you will have to get 250 Multikills to unlock it.

Sweet Business Catalyst Perks

The Sweet Business catalyst adds the following perk:

  • Serious Business: When this weapon is fully spun up, the flinch from incoming damage is greatly reduced.

Is the Sweet Business Catalyst worth it?

The weapon itself and its catalyst are both C Tie – Weak:

  • C Tier – Weak: The middle of the pack, somewhat mediocre.

Sweet Business Exotic Destiny 2

The catalyst itself is not easy to find and can take a while to unlock (it does require 250 multikills, not kills). And the added perk doesn’t make as much difference as other Exotic catalysts.

If you don’t have it yet, don’t sweat it. You’re not missing much…

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