Destiny 2 Buffs and Debuffs Guide

by | Apr 23, 2022

Competing in endgame content is not only about finding the best weapons and armor out there. Sure, that helps, but understanding and putting to good use buffs and debuffs will make a much bigger difference than virtually anything else. When properly combining buffs and debuffs, you can easily expect damage increases going as high as +50%!

The table below summarizes all the most useful and accessible buffs and debuffs in Destiny 2. Whether you’re learning these mechanics or are already a seasoned player, this table will be useful to you.

Checkmark icon V3List updated as of The Witch Queen’s release (S16). 

What is a buff in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, buffs and debuff are temporary effects that can be either placed on your character or on your enemy. Buffs are effects that you can use on yourself to increase your damage output, whereas debuffs can be placed on enemies to make them weaker and thus receive higher damage.

Most buffs and debuffs are straightforward: How to activate them, how long they last, etc. But stacking them (i.e. using several at once) can be more complicated. We’ll cover that part below.

Destiny 2 Buffs and Debuffs: The complete list

The table below covers every general buff and debuff available in the game. The damage increase percentages and durations are for PVE and PVP:

A lot of this data comes from the excellent Destiny 2 Damage Buffs/Debuffs guide, created and maintained by Court.

Titan Sunbreaker subclass Destiny 2 iconHammer StrikeTitan Sunbreaker MeleeDebuffSubclassPowered Melee Hit+30% in PVE
+50% in PVP
Nightstalker Hunter Destiny 2 artTether DebuffHunter Nightstalker SuperDebuffSubclassTether connect+30% in PVE
+50% in PVP
Destiny 2 Tractor Cannon artRepulsor ForceTractor CannonDebuffExoticsDeal damage+30% in PVE
+50% in PVP
Destiny 2 Divinity artJudgmentDivinityDebuffExoticsDeal damage+30%1.5s
Felwinter's Helm Warlock Exotic Destiny 2 artWarlord's EndFelwinter's HelmDebuffExoticsPowered Melee Hit or Finisher+30%5-20s
Snare Bomb Hunter Destiny 2 artSnare BombHunter Nightstalker MeleeWeakenSubclassPowered Melee Hit+15% in PVE
+7.5% in PVP
5s in PVE
2.5s in PVP
Trapper's Ambush Hunter Destiny 2 artTrapper's AmbushHunter Nightstalker AspectWeakenSubclassQuickfall Dive+15% in PVE
+7.5% in PVP
10s in PVE
5s in PVP
Stylish Executioner Hunter Destiny 2 artStylish ExecutionerHunter Nightstalker AspectWeakenSubclassMelee hit while Truesight is active+15% in PVE
+7.5% in PVP
5s in PVE
2.5s in PVP
Child of the Old Gods Warlock Destiny 2 artChild of the Old GodsWarlock Voidwalker AspectWeakenSubclassVoid Soul attaches to enemy+15% in PVE
+7.5% in PVP
13s in PVE
2.5s in PVP
Echo of Undermining fragment Destiny 2 artEcho of UnderminingVoid GrenadesWeakenSubclassDeal damage with Grenades+15% in PVE
+7.5% in PVP
5s in PVE
2.5s in PVP
Titan Sentinel Void subclass Destiny 2 iconBanner ShieldTitan Sentinel SuperBuffSubclassStand behind an active Banner Shield+40%Variable
Dawnblade Warlock Destiny 2 artWell of RadianceWarlock Dawnblade SuperBuffSubclassStand inside Well of Radiance+25%Variable
Dawnblade Warlock Destiny 2 artGuiding FlameWarlock Dawnblade MeleeBuffSubclassPowered Melee Hit+25%10s
Titan Sentinel Void subclass Destiny 2 iconWard of DawnTitan Sentinel SuperBuffSubclassPass through and active Ward of Dawn+25%30s
Titan Sunbreaker subclass Destiny 2 iconSun WarriorTitan Sunbreaker PerkBuffSubclassPass through and active Sunspot+20%5s
Titan Striker subclass Destiny 2 iconInertia OverrideTitan Striker MeleeBuffSubclassSliding over Ammo bricks or hits with Ballistic Slam+20%6s
Titan Striker subclass Destiny 2 iconFrontal AssaultTitan Striker MeleeBuffSubclassPowered Melee Hit+20%12s
Empowering Rift Warlock Destiny 2 artEmpowering RiftWarlock AbilityBuffSubclassStand on rift+20%15-20s
Destiny 2 Lumina artBlessing of the SkyLuminaBuffExoticsUsing a Noble Round+35% for PVE
+20% for PVP
Boots of the Assembler Destiny 2 artBlessing of OrderBoots of the AssemblerBuffExoticsStand in an empowering rift.+35%6s
The Path of Burning Steps Titan Destiny 2FirewalkerThe Path of Burning StepsBuffExoticsDefeats with Solar damage or becoming Stasis-frozen. Stacks 5 times.+20-40% in PVE
+20-35% in PVP
Mantle of Battle Harmony Destiny 2 artAbsoption CellsMantle of Battle HarmonyBuffExoticsWeapon matching Subclass+20%11s

To be clear, weapon perks and armor mods can also increase your damage output, but those are covered in separate guides:

Which damage buffs stack in Destiny 2

As a general rule, Buffs can stack with most other modifiers in the game except other buffs. The strongest buff will be the only active buff at any given time.

Similarly, Debuffs can stack with most other modifiers except other debuffs. The strongest debuff will be the only active buff at any given time.

Court explains it well:

Buff and debuff stacking Destiny 2 table v2

Your turn

Hopefully, using and stacking buffs and debuffs should be much easier than before.

Do keep in mind that these tables only cover damage modifiers, which means only half of the picture is shown (there are several other modifiers that will increase your health, damage resistance, etc).

For a much more comprehensive look into these and all the other enhancement modifiers in the game, Court’s Damage Buffs/Debuffs is a must.

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