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by | Mar 19, 2024 | Armor

With Lightfall’s Expansion, Ada-1 started selling Shaders that are no longer available elsewhere. For the most part, those are shaders from Year 1 of Destiny 2.

Similar to how mods were sold, she sells three different shaders per week, each costing 10,000 Glimmer.

Ada-1 Shaders this week: March 19, 2024

These are the Shaders Ada-1 is offering this week:

ArtShader NameRarityRarity?SourceGlimmer cost
Bray Innovation ShaderBray InnovationLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Goldleaf ShaderGoldleafLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Monarchy Allegiance ShaderNew Monarchy AllegianceLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000

💠 Cost of Ada-1 Shaders: 10,000 Glimmer

Ada-1 Armor this week

Armor SetReleasedTitan PreviewHunter PreviewWarlock PreviewSourceObtainable?
Insight Unyielding
World Drop
Season 01Destiny 2 Insight Unyielding Titan maleDestiny 2 Insight Rover Hunter MaleDestiny 2 Insight Vikti Warlock male v2World DropYes

Ada-1 Shaders: Year 1 collection

Here are the Shaders Ada-1 will be offering during Season 23:

ArtShader NameRarityRarity?SourceGlimmer cost
Arctic Dreamscape ShaderArctic DreamscapeLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Bergusian Night ShaderBergusian NightLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Bray Innovation ShaderBray InnovationLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Cinderchar ShaderCindercharLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Dark Omolon ShaderDark OmolonLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Dead Orbit Camo Shader Dead Orbit CamoRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Dead Orbit Resurrection ShaderDead Orbit ResurrectionLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Dead Orbit Vision ShaderDead Orbit VisionLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Dead Orbit’s Fate ShaderDead Orbit’s FateRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Echoes of Io ShaderEchoes of IoCommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Echoes of Io (Worn) ShaderEchoes of Io (Worn)CommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Envious Touch ShaderEnvious TouchLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Flowers of Io ShaderFlowers of IoCommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Flowers of Io (Worn) ShaderFlowers of Io (Worn)CommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
GENOTYPENULL-ZERO ShaderGENOTYPENULL-ZEROLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Golden Empire ShaderGolden EmpireLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Goldleaf ShaderGoldleafLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
House of Meyrin ShaderHouse of MeyrinLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Kairos Black ShaderKairos BlackLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Kairos Bronze ShaderKairos BronzeLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Kairos Gold ShaderKairos GoldLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Mercury Prophetic ShaderMercury PropheticLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Midnight Exigent ShaderMidnight ExigentLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Age Black Armory ShaderNew Age Black ArmoryLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Monarchy Allegiance ShaderNew Monarchy AllegianceLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Monarchy Diamonds ShaderNew Monarchy DiamondsRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Monarchy Regalia ShaderNew Monarchy RegaliaRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Monarchy Succession ShaderNew Monarchy SuccessionLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Pacific Rush ShaderNew Pacific RushCommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Pacific Rush (Worn) ShaderNew Pacific Rush (Worn)CommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Pacific Sink ShaderNew Pacific SinkCommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
New Pacific Sink (Worn) ShaderNew Pacific Sink (Worn)CommonCommonAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Rasmussen Clan ShaderRasmussen ClanLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Refurbished Black Armory ShaderRefurbished Black ArmoryRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Satou Tribe ShaderSatou TribeLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Shadow Gilt ShaderShadow GiltLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Tangled Bronze ShaderTangled BronzeLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Tangled Rust Shader Tangled RustRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
The Mad Monk ShaderThe Mad MonkLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Valkyrie Zero ShaderValkyrie ZeroLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Vitrified Chronology ShaderVitrified ChronologyLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
Vitrified Duality ShaderVitrified DualityLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
War Cult Camo ShaderWar Cult CamoRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
War Cult Endgame ShaderWar Cult EndgameLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
War Cult Rain ShaderWar Cult RainRareRareAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000
War Cult Scheme ShaderWar Cult SchemeLegendaryLegendaryAda-1Glimmer icon 10,000

How to get Armor Mods in 2024

Armor Mods are an essential part of the Destiny 2 experience. Using the proper mods can make the difference between a decent build and an excellent build.

Yet Armor mods were extremely difficult to get, which was a severe problem for new players. But in January 11, 2023, all standard armor mods were unlocked for everyone:

With big changes coming to buildcrafting in Lightfall, we want to give everyone a chance to enjoy all of the standard mods in their current state for the rest of the Season.

For clarity, Standard mods refer to everything except raid and artifact mods. This means you no longer have to visit Ada-1 daily to complete your Mod collection. In fact, mods won’t even appear as unlocked in your Collections tab; they are simply available to use in your inventory and armor selection screens.

Where can you find Ada-1

In case you’re new to Destiny 2, Ada-1 is a vendor located in the Tower. You can easily reach her by using the Tower’s ‘Annex’ landing point.

Ada-1 location

Once there, run up the hall, past the Drifter, and turn to the left just before you reach the stairs.

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