Destiny 2 Competitive Ranks: Crucible’s PvP Ranks

by | Dec 13, 2023

Gone are the days of Glory, as Glory ranks were finally replaced with a proper PvP ranking system. And this season, these ranks serve a higher purpose outside of bragging rights and a sleek emblem: Farm great loot.

This guide covers the Destiny 2 comp system, including the most recent changes from Season of the Wish, and explains how you can farm its loot as efficiently as possible.

Destiny 2 Comp Ranks 

There are 7 total Competitive Divisions (ranks), each having three “tiers” within the divisions. The divisions are: 

  • Copper (III-I)
  • Bronze (III-I)
  • Silver (III-I)
  • Gold (III-I)
  • Platinum (III-I)
  • Adept (III-I)
  • Ascendant (III-I)

There’s also an Untested division, but more on that later. First, we need to answer an important question: What has changed in the Competitive mode?

Competitive Ranks Destiny 2

Competitive Ranks, Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s New PvP Ranks

Let’s start with the basics. Glory ranks have been replaced with Competitive Divisions, each one with its own sub-divisions. Like any other ranked game, you will match with people of similar rank, not skill. The game will attempt to reconcile those if needed, but rank comes first. Unlike other games, however, individual performance does not matter, only wins or losses. 

Promotion/Relegation series

If you were close to entering/leaving a Division, you would need to play a Promotion or Relegation series. These require you to win two out of three matches to progress to the next major Division or stay in your current one, respectively. As of Season 23, this will only affect those going to and from Adept and Ascendant, so the average player won’t need to sweat into Gold III.

Competitive Loot

Finally, the most important change is, of course, the loot. Players can now get the seasonal Competitive reward by simply completing the weekly Competitive challenge. On top of this, those who climb the ladder and reach Ascendant are rewarded with an amazing emblem to show off their skills. 

Why Competitive Ranks matter more than ever

Prior to Season 23, Divisions functioned similarly to Glory ranks in terms of purpose: bragging rights through a gilded Glorious title and an Ascendant Rank emblem. However, unlike Glory ranks, no pinnacle weapons were tied to getting to a certain division. Instead, you would get a single drop of the seasonal Competitive weapon each week, which made farming the mode pointless in terms of loot.

Competitive Weekly Quest screen Destiny 2

Competitive Weekly Quest, Destiny 2

However, Season 23 leverages the divisions much more by tying them to engram focusing. While the weekly limit of the Competitive reward is one per character, the limit on focusing depends on your current standing. 

Untested players, or those that haven’t placed yet, will have 0 focuses, up to 7 for those at Ascendant rank. But don’t think it will be cheap, as each focus will cost you three Crucible engrams and 25,000 Glimmer, meaning an Ascendant rank player would need to dole out 21 engrams and 175,000 Glimmer each week to use theirs to the max.

Rank Weekly Focuses
Untested 0
Copper 1
Bronze 2
Silver 3
Gold 4
Platinum 5
Adept 6
Ascendant 7

This cap can change during the week, but only if you rank up. As Bungie puts it, “if you have a rough week or an unlucky streak, you won’t be punished at the prize counter.”

So what weapons will be in this focus? Rose and Mercurial Overreach. Two very popular PvP weapons that tend to top the charts across all modes for their solid stats and excellent perk combos.

Competitive Playlist screen Destiny 2

Competitive Playlist, Destiny 2

How Competitive Divisions Work in Destiny 2

Much like Glory ranks, Competitive Divisions can be climbed by playing the 3v3 Ranked Mode playlist. The playlist offers either Survival or Countdown Rush, with Survival being weighed slightly higher.

As previously mentioned, individual performance is not a factor in your rank gains or losses, only the match’s outcome. This is why Bungie decided to consider both rank and skill, with rank being weighed more.

The following table lays out the Divisions and the points needed for rank-ups. Do note that, due to the timing of this writing, some of these values might be out of place, and will be updated as new information is acquired.

Competitive Divisions
Division Rank Points Required Rank-Up Requirement
Copper Division
Copper III N/A 250
Copper II 250 500
Copper I 750 500
Bronze Division
Bronze III 1250 500
Bronze II 1750 500
Bronze I 2250 500
Silver Division
Silver III 2750 500
Silver II 3250 500
Silver I 3750 500
Gold Division
Gold III 4250 500
Gold II 4750 500
Gold I 5250 500
Platinum Division
Platinum III 5750 500
Platinum II 6250 500
Platinum I 6750 500
Adept Division
Adept III 7250 500
Adept II 7750 500
Adept I 8250 500
Ascendant Division
Ascendant III 8750 500
Ascendant II 9250 500
Ascendant I 9750 250

And that’s it! I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to check out some of our other guides and god roll pages, and be on the lookout for the god roll of Season 23’s Competitive reward, which will be an Aggressive (4-burst!) Strand Pulse Rifle.

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  1. David

    Couple of things. you note that, “ Glory is a skill ranking system,” but you never specify whether or not progression throughout the mode is skill-based (ELO) or glory based. There does not seem to be a definitive answer to this question anywhere. In other words, if I have 5000 glory, will I be only matched with 5000 Glory balance, or will it be based on some other skill metric. My guess would be it’s a scale metric or at the affinitive range, for example you’ll be matched with people within 1000 of your glory ranking.

    I think you failed to mention that classic mix used to be the place where connection based matchmaking was a thing. Classic mix was a shit show of stacked flawless/unbroken players. Any normal player going in there was in for a bad time.

    In any case, I think the move to CBMM was a very poor choice. The skill creep and distinctive drop in numbers of players both in trials of a Osiris and in the crucible in general clearly demonstrate how this change has made the crucible very unfun for the bulk of the players. I know dozens of people who tell me they will not go back into the crucible and tell something has been fixed. If Bungie really cares about the crucible, they’re gonna have to pay attention to all the new light people coming into the game. New people don’t want to be bitch slapped every time they turn on a game mode. Because when that happens, people stop playing.

    My personal statistics have dramatically improved with the change. I am now in diamond ELO in a number of playlists. But honestly, it’s not as fun as it used to be in the crucible. Stomping on people, and getting pub Stomped is not fun really for either party.

    The game used to be a fun challenge, and now it is a shit show.

    If Bungie really wanted to make a more frenetic, loadout-flexible game mode, they need to remove statistics from it entirely—Make them unavailable to any third-party app, or internally. Because when people care about their stats and ratings, it’s always going to be sweaty play.

  2. PaeP3nguin

    Small data point, at Mythic 2 I’m just getting 115 per win at max streak, no longer 120. Not sure what else may have changed.

  3. Skunkster

    I’m squarely in the silent majority of below average pvp players. The normal playlists are just an ego, soul crushing nightmare that I avoid if I can at all help it.

  4. bluey

    PvP sucks as a beginner. I remember when Unreal Tournament was a thing. Same armour and weapons, just had to rely on skills. Much more fun.

  5. renato diorio

    Efetuei as 7 partidas de competitivo, frustrantemente demoradas pois muitas veze o servidor nos derruba por falta de jogadores, e enfim quando consegui finalizar as 7 partidas NÃO RECEBI O LOOT #BELISARIUS-D.
    Isto é uma total falta de consideração com o jogador, depois ficam tentando arrastar pessoas para levantar a moral do competitivo mas a pura realidade é o relaxo de quem devirias manter as coisas funcionando a fim de promover a melhoria e sustentabilidade do modo competitivo.

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