Destiny 2 Corrasion: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Jun 7, 2024

The Corrasion Pulse Rifle is incredibly unique. It is one of the few pulses with the ‘Heavy Frame’ weapon archetype, with the only others being Aisha’s Care and the aggressive 2-burst frame on Revision Zero.


How good is Corrasion

Pulse Rifles received a buff with The Final Shape, meaning that all Pulse Rifles are much better than before, and Corrasion is no exception. On top of this, the Heavy Burst frame will deal the highest single damage out of any Pulse Rifle due to lower shots per burst.

Furthermore, the Origin Trait available, Radiolaria Transponder, creates a Radiolarian pool on rapid kills, giving Corrasion some AoE potential outside of perks such as Voltshot, which gives Corrasion some extra utility.

Corrasion isn’t built too well for PvP. While the perks are strong, the weapon frame isn’t as if Revision Zero’s two-burst mode is anything to go off; the two-burst frame isn’t too good.

A-tier for PvE C-tier for PvP

Best alternatives:

Corrasion Perks and God Rolls

The Corrasion pulse rifle can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Air Trigger, Perfect Float, Pugilist, Eddy Current, Enlightened Action, Perpetual Motion, and High Impact Reserves.
  • Perk 2: High Ground, Eye of the Storm, Frenzy, Swashbuckler, Voltshot, One For All, and Focused Fury.
  • Origin Trait: Radiolaria Transposer

Corrasion PvE god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Barrel Fluted Barrel
Magazine Flared Magwell
Perk 1 Enlightened Action
Perk 2 Voltshot or Frenzy
Masterwork Stability

Handling and Reload Speed are very important on Corrasion and in PvE in general, meaning that Fluted Barrel and Flared Magwell are the best bets for our Barrel and Magazine slots. A Stability masterwork rounds out the weapon as Enlightened Action provides both Handling and Reload Speed.

In perk slot one, Enlightened Action is the clear winner as it makes this weapon feel much nicer to use due to the bump in Reload Speed and Handling.

Corrasion PvP god rolls

PvP Roll: All-Around
Barrel Smallbore
Magazine Steady Rounds
Perk 1 Perpetual Motion (also good: High-Impact Reserves)
Perk 2 Eye of the Storm
Masterwork Stability or Handling

Stability is important for a weapon like this, so Smallbore, Steady Rounds, and Stability masterwork are all valuable choices. However, some may prefer a Handling masterwork for more fluidity on the weapon.

Perpetual Motion is the best pick for perk slot one, as it provides a bump to all stats, but High-Impact Reserves could make the weapon more forgiving in terms of body-shot time to kill if you miss a few shots. Eye of the Storm is the best perk in slot two, as it drastically improves the dueling potential of the weapon, making it much more consistent.

How to get Corrasion

Corrasion is an Echoes weapon, meaning it is available from Echo Engrams at the War Table, as well as any seasonal activities/quest lines related to the Echoes Episode.

Echo Engrams will come from general Echoes-related activities and will be able to be focused for the cost of some Glimmer and a few more Engrams, but it will get you direct access to Corrasion. On top of this, it should be craftable, making it possible to claim Deepsight versions until you can craft the weapon.

Before you go

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