Destiny 2 Aisha’s Care: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Jun 24, 2024

Aisha’s Care is the latest Trials of Osiris weapon to be added, and it has made waves in the community thanks to its interesting two-burst archetype. Here are the god rolls, state of the weapon in the current meta, and how to obtain it.


How good is Aisha’s Care

One glance at the perk pool tells you this is a PvP weapon through and through. Coming stacked with utility perks and a couple of damage perks, Aisha’s truly is a weapon made for the Crucible.

It performs decently in PvP. The weapon can kill in 0.87 seconds, which is respectable, especially given its base range. It is also amazing for ‘peek-shooting’, which Pulse Rifles typically struggle with. The speed at which the burst comes out allows you to quickly peek around a corner, get a burst off, and then get back to safety before your opponent can score the kill on you.

In PvE, Aisha’s is very underwhelming. While Pulse Rifles are very good right now, especially the Heavy Burst frame, Aisha’s simply comes with absolutely zero good PvE perks, maybe outside of Slice or Golden Tricorn, making this a subpar option in PvE.

Overall, Aisha’s is very solid in PvP thanks to its broad perk pool but underwhelming in PvE due to it only coming with PvP perks.

C-tier for PvE A-tier for PvP 

Best alternatives:

Aisha’s Care Perks and God Rolls

The Aisha’s Care strand pulse rifle can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Keep Away, Zen Moment, Slice, Gutshot Straight, Encore, To The Pain, and Under Pressure.
  • Perk 2: Hatchling, Kill Clip, Collective Action, Desperado, Golden Tricorn, Headseeker, and Moving Target
  • Origin Trait: Alacrity, One Quiet Moment, and Omolon Fluid Dynamics.

Aisha’s Care PvE god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Barrel Arrowhead Break
Magazine Flared Magwell
Perk 1 Slice
Perk 2 Golden Tricorn (also good: Hatchling)
Masterwork Reload Speed
Origin Trait One Quiet Moment

Arrowhead Break is the best pick for our barrel as it makes Aisha’s easier to use thanks to the boost to Recoil Direction, and Flared Magwell is a solid choice for our magazine as it provides a boost to our Reload Speed alongside our Reload Speed Masterwork.

Slice is the only viable option in slot one, and while it isn’t a popular PvE perk for most, it does have some utility. In the second column, Golden Tricorn is the best perk thanks to the damage increase available, but Hatchling is an acceptable alternative.

Aisha’s Care PvP god rolls

PvP Roll: All-Around
Barrel Arrowhead Brake
Magazine Ricochet Rounds
Perk 1 Zen Moment (also good: To The Pain)
Perk 2 Headseeker (also good: Moving Target)
Masterwork Stability
Origin Trait Omolon Fluid Dynamics

Arrowhead Break is excellent here as it gives us a perfect 100 recoil direction. Combine this with Ricochet Rounds, Omolon Fluid Dynamics, and a Stability Masterwork, and you have vertical recoil with a whopping 79 Stability, and that’s before even considering Zen Moment.

Zen Moment grants us improved weapon performance by reducing weapon shake and reticle bounce while also providing Flinch Resistance, making it the ideal pick for perk slot one; however, To The Pain is acceptable here, too. Headseeker or Moving Target are ideal for the second perk column. We prefer Headseeker to secure some more kills as the time to kill is awful if you miss a crit, but Moving Target is okay as well.

How to get Aisha’s Care

Aisha’s Care is a Trials of Osiris weapon. This means that you’ll have to play the Trials of Osiris gamemode in order to obtain it. Aisha’s can come from natural drops after the end of the match, and the Adept variant can be obtained at the Lighthouse, provided it is the Aisha’s Care week.

Alternatively, you can trade in your engrams and decode them into Aisha’s Care for a chance of a better roll. Unfortunately, this gun is not craftable, meaning you’ll have to rely on some luck to get the roll you are hunting for.

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