Destiny 2 Aberrant Action: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Jul 16, 2024

Ever since the first one released with the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, rocket-assisted sidearms have been the talk of the town. Indebted Kindness and The Call are still ranked among the most-used and strongest weapons the game has to offer, and for good reason—they pack a punch, are extremely ammo-efficient, and roll with great sets of perks.

As a result, many players weren’t happy when it was revealed that Aberrant Action, Episode: Echoes’ rocket sidearm, won’t be available until later acts. Regardless, players have already begun discussing god rolls for the weapon, so they know exactly what to look for when it arrives.


How good is Aberrant Action

While Aberrant Action lacks raw strength compared to its competition, the weapon is an excellent buildcrafting option and carries its weight in most situations.

Without Lead from Gold, many high-end PvE players will naturally opt for Aberrant Action’s predecessors. However, its ability to roll with Solar-related perks can’t be understated, and this is the primary draw to the weapon.

In The Crucible, Aberrant Action doesn’t do much that its competition can’t. Plus, the archetype is naturally more PvE-oriented anyway, so many are likely to opt for another special weapon instead.

A-tier for PvE C-tier for PvP 

Best alternatives:

Aberrant Action Perks and God Rolls

The Sightline Survey hand cannon can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Strategist, Pugilist, Field Prep, Beacon Rounds, Threat Detector, Ambitious Assassin, Heal Clip.
  • Perk 2: Snapshot Sights, Harmony, Golden Tricorn, Demolitionist, Swashbuckler, Reverberation, Incandescent.
  • Origin Trait: Radiolaria Transposer.
Aberrant Action God Rolls infographic Destiny 2

Aberrant Action God Rolls, Destiny 2

Aberrant Action PvE god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Launcher Barrel Quick Launch
Magazine Flared Magwell
Perk 1 Heal Clip (also good: Beacon Rounds)
Perk 2 Incandescent (also good: Demolitionist)
Masterwork Velocity

We’ll start with Quick Launch, Flared Magwell, and a velocity masterwork for bumps in velocity, reload speed, and handling. From there, Heal Clip and Incandescent are the two stand-outs here, synergizing nicely with a Solar build of your choosing.

Also worth mentioning are Field Prep, Beacon Rounds, and Demolitionist. Field Prep provides a bump in ammo reserves that combats the lack of Lead from Gold, while Beacon Rounds greatly reduces the need to aim while clearing waves of enemies. Demolitionist is a nice substitute for Incandescent if you’re running a build with a different subclass, and is also inherently stronger on special ammo weapons!

Recommended Loadout: Khvostov 7G-0X, Aberrant Action, Apex Predator.

Aberrant Action PvP god rolls

PvP Roll: All-Around
Launcher Barrel Quick Launch
Magazine High-Velocity Rounds
Perk 1 Beacon Rounds (also good: Heal Clip)
Perk 2 Harmony
Masterwork Velocity

As with all rocket sidearms, Aberrant Action performs poorly in PvP. Regardless, to make it the best it can be, we’ll start with Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, and a velocity masterwork for bumps in velocity and handling.

Harmony is the only realistic option in the final column, allowing you to two-shot Guardians with the weapon. As for your other main perk, Beacon Rounds is usually a favorite here as it allows you to compensate less for the rocket’s travel time. However, it doesn’t synergize too well with Harmony, which is why we also mention Heal Clip.

How to get Aberrant Action

Aberrant Action is one of several legendary weapons from Episode 1: Echoes. You can acquire this weapon by:

  • Completing the seasonal activity, Breach Executable on Nessus
  • Decoding Echoes engrams at the H.E.L.M. for four Echo Engrams and 3,000 Glimmer
  • Increasing your reputation with Failsafe

You may even find some drops as you progress through The Final Shape’s campaign. We cover all the available Echoes Weapons here. 

How to get Echoes Weapons screen Destiny 2

How to get Aberrant Action, Destiny 2

Before you go

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