Destiny 2 The Call: God Rolls & How to get it

by | Jun 5, 2024

With The Final Shape finally here, Guardians are understandably antsy to get their hands on some new loot. Luckily, first impressions show a lot of that to go around, and it all seems pretty potent!

Today, we’ll be covering a weapon that’s received some of the most popularity from new players and veterans alike: The Call.


How good is The Call

Being only the second rocket-assisted sidearm in the game, players have very little to go off of regarding The Call’s potency. Even so, with its predecessor (Indebted Kindness) being as powerful as it is, community members have been extremely excited about this new weapon.

In PvE, The Call is outstanding. While its offerings mostly coincide with Indebted Kindness, its unique Strand element allows it to roll with more unique options as well. Regardless, The Call’s outstanding archetype and well-rounded perk pool are sure to make the weapon a PvE staple.

Moving to The Crucible, The Call does fall behind a bit compared to Indebted Kindness. Even though both fulfill the same role, the latter simply has better perks, making The Call fall behind. Overall, we consider The Call is S-Tier in PvE and C-Tier in PvP..

S-tier for PvE C-tier for PvP 

Best alternatives:

The Call Perks and God Rolls

The Call sidearm can roll with the following perks:

  • Perk 1: Demolitionist, Stats for All, Subsistence, Lead from Gold, Slice, Beacon Rounds, Strategist.
  • Perk 2: One for All, Desperate Measures, Adrenaline Junkie, Vorpal Weapon, Golden Tricorn, Multikill Clip, Hatchling.
  • Origin Trait: Dealer’s Choice
The Call God Rolls Infographic Destiny 2

The Call God Rolls, Destiny 2

The Call PvE god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Barrel Quick Launch
Magazine Tactical Mag
Perk 1 Lead from Gold (also good: Demolitionist)
Perk 2 One for All (also good: Desperate Measures)
Masterwork Velocity

First, we’ll be focusing on increasing velocity through Quick Launch and a velocity masterwork. In terms of magazines, Tactical Mag is our pick due to its wide range of potent stat buffs. For perk column one, Lead from Gold is generally the most common pick. However, Demolitionist and Slice both have utility in certain builds and activities, so it may be worth keeping multiple copies of this weapon.

As for the final perk, One for All is easy to proc with this weapon’s AoE and provides a substantial damage buff.  However, Desperate Measures, Hatchling, Vorpal Weapon, and Multikill Clip also aren’t horrible options, depending on the context in which you’re using The Call.

Potential Loadout: The Call, Red Death Reformed, Edge Transit.

The Call PvP god rolls

PvE Roll: All-Around
Barrel Quick Launch
Magazine High-Velocity Rounds
Perk 1 Beacon Rounds
Perk 2 Vorpal Weapon
Masterwork Velocity

Just like for PvE, we’ll start by increasing velocity with Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, and a velocity masterwork.

For main perks, Beacon Rounds is a pretty solid option, especially given the lackluster state of the rest of the first column. The final column is even worse, offering no stand-out options whatsoever. We chose Vorpal Weapon as it’ll likely provide a good amount of situational utility, but which mediocre perk you select is mostly personal preference.

How to get The Call

The Call is a destination weapon available from The Pale Heart of the Traveler. Completing anything in this area, especially Overthrow, should grant a chance for this weapon to drop. We cover all Pale Heart weapons here.

The Pale Hearth Pathfinder screen Destiny 2

How to get The Call, Destiny 2

You can find all of our Destiny 2 Weapon Rolls here.

Before you go

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