Strange Key & Magnus Opus Quest: How to get Forerunner

by | Apr 24, 2024

Magnum Opus is an Exotic quest released alongside the Bungie 30th Anniversary update, along with a slew of Halo-inspired weapons and armor for your Guardian to show their love for Bungie’s past.

This particular quest grants access to the Forerunner sidearm, closely modeled after the iconic “Magnum” from the Halo series. The Bungie 30th Anniversary also saw the return of the Gjallarhorn; however, unlike the Gjallarhorn, the Magnum Opus quest is available for free to all players.

ArtWeaponTypeArchetypeRarityAmmo?Element?RequirementsIn loot pool?AmmoElementTierExcelsSourceCraftable?RequiresReleasedSlotCan be Crafted?Best of?Top Perk?
Forerunner artForerunnerSidearmExoticExoticSpecialKineticFree-to-PlayYesSpecial ammo Destiny 2 SpecialKinetic symbol Destiny 2 Kinetic


PvEExotic QuestError icon V2 NoFree to Play Destiny 2 icon
30th Anniversary eventKineticNoTop-tier

Forerunner Quest Requirements

To complete this quest, you will need to play a round of Dares of Eternity, obtain a Treasure Key, and turn it into Xur – This will then complete the first step…

Dares of Eternity activity Destiny 2 900p

Finding the Strange Key, Destiny 2

How to Get the Forerunner, Step-By-Step

Step 1: Collect Seven Strange Coins

Once we have picked up the quest from Xur, we will need to obtain seven Strange Coins. To do this, all we need to do is run Dares of Eternity a few times.

You are awarded several Strange Coins upon completion, so just keep playing this activity until you have amassed the desired number of Strange Coins and bring them back to Starhorse!

Tip: It is advised you collect more than seven (the inventory cap is 30) since we will need some for the next steps.

Step 2: Complete Starhorse Bounties

For this next step, we will need to complete a total of three Starhorse bounties. They are fairly straightforward, so do not worry! You will find these objectives can change from week to week but are generally focused on “Defeating combatants rapidly” or with specific weapon archetypes.

Keep in mind, that you must complete each bounty in one run, they reset after each activity completion if they are not finished.

Tip: If you find you are struggling to complete specific bounties, it may be easier to find a group of friends who wish to complete their weekly bounties or even try the harder difficulty mode to obtain a higher score!

Try not to bite off more than you can chew, sometimes it’s easier to pick one bounty up at a time and focus on completing that one, before moving on to the next!

Step 3: Reach Strange Favor Rank 4 “Brave”

It’s time to get your grinding cap on! We need to reach the Brave rank for Xur to reward us with a “Strange Key.” There are no special strategies here; just pick up every bounty you can – especially repeatable ones, and spam the Dares of Eternity playlists until you reach Rank 4.

This step can be monotonous so it may be best to find a group who is also willing to grind this activity to keep it fresh and interesting. You may even want to change your loadout and try out some new weapons while you have the chance.

Once you have reached Rank 4, Xur will bestow upon you a “Strange Key,” which we will need in the next few steps.

Step 4: Return To Starhorse

We are almost done with this questline, quick and easy, isn’t it?! Now, we just need to return to Starhorse in Eternity, who will provide us with the next step in the quest.

Step 5: Where to use The Strange Key

Strange Key Exotic quest

Magnus Opus Step 5, Use the Strange Key

Okay, so we’ve handed in our Strange Key. Starhorse has teleported us to the Dares of Eternity arena, where a bunch of enemies are trying to kill us and there is no real direction on where to go. The aim of the game here is to find out where exactly we need to use our Strange Key. The game will attempt to coax us in the right direction through a game of hot and cold, telling us when we are close to the correct spot.

Tip: Feel free to try and work this one out yourself. However, if you’re lazy like me, and you’re reading a guide, so I will assume you are, Reddit user “Strikerlegend89” has put together a handy guide (with screenshots) on where you need to use your key.

Once you have completed the steps, you’ll find the “Anomalous Object.”

Step 7: Return to Banshee-44

Now we’re done with all of Starhorse’s strange (ha, get it) requests; we need to find out what exactly this Anomalous object is. To do that, we will need to visit our resident, Gunsmith Banshee-44, in the tower.

After a brief interaction, Banshee-44 will repair the object and return the “Forerunner” to you.

The Forerunner is a fantastic ode to Bungie’s past and a neat little weapon in its own right. Once you’ve got to grips with it, you may even want to try and unlock the Catalyst – which conveniently turns your grenades into Halo-style frag grenades!

Before you go…

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