Destiny 2 Weapon Sunset: Complete List + Replacements

by | Jan 5, 2022

Weapon sunsetting in Destiny 2 may as well go down as one of the most bizarre decision-making by Bungie.

Weapon sunsetting was effectively introduced with the released of Beyond Light and impacted hundreds of weapons, including some of the best weapons at the time. By giving those weapons a limited Max Power Level, it made them instantly irrelevant for the majority of the game.  I.E. no longer viable for endgame content.

But in an unexpected turn of events, Bungie changed its mind and has now removed Weapon and Armor sunsetting from the game! Starting season 13, all weapons that are still viable (with a Power Level matching this season’s Power Level or more) will remain viable until the end of Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, all the weapons that were retired, will remain retired. This includes some of your all-time favorite weapons… This post covers every weapon that was retired and is not coming back.

Destiny 2 sunsetting list: Weapons impacted [per Season]

The following chart should help you better visualize what weapons were affected by sunsetting. For Season 9 weapons, the list is exhaustive and includes every Season of Dawn weapon lost to sunsetting. For Seasons 1 through 8, the list focuses on all the Pinnacle weapons, Rituals, and the most popular weapons overall.

PS: If you’re interested in the Legendary weapons that are not sunset and therefore still viable this Season, this guide is for you.

Destiny 2 sunsetting chart

-WeaponTypeSourceRetiredDateMax Power--Alternative
Exit Strategy Destiny 2 artExit StrategySubmachine GunGambit PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 Destiny 2 artIKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2
Hush Destiny 2 artHushCombat BowGambit PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Point of the Stag Destiny 2 artPoint of the Stag
Destiny 2 21% Delirium21% DeliriumMachine GunGambit PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Destiny 2 Thunderlord artThunderlord
Breakneck Destiny 2 artBreakneckAuto RifleGambit PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Gnawing Hunger Destiny 2 artThe Forward Path
Destiny 2 Stryker's Sure-Hand artStryker's Sure-HandSwordBlack ArmorySeason 12November 10, 20201060Falling Guillotine Destiny 2 artFalling Guillotine
Destiny 2 Galliard-42 XN7568 artGalliard-42 XN7568Auto RifleBlack ArmorySeason 12November 10, 20201060Destiny 2 The SummonerThe Summoner
Destiny 2 Blast Furnace artBlast FurnacePulse RifleBlack ArmorySeason 12November 10, 20201060Sacred Provenance Destiny 2 artSacred Provenance
Destiny 2 Hammerhead artHammerheadMachine GunBlack ArmorySeason 12November 10, 20201060Seventh Seraph SAW Destiny 2Seventh Seraph SAW
Destiny 2 Kindled Orchid artKindled OrchidHand CannonBlack ArmorySeason 12November 10, 20201060Nation of Beasts Destiny 2Nation of Beasts
Loaded Question Destiny 2 artLoaded QuestionFusion RifleVanguard PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Elatha FR4 Destiny 2Elatha FR4
Edgewise Destiny 2 artEdgewiseMachine GunVanguard PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Seventh Seraph SAW Destiny 2Seventh Seraph SAW
Destiny 2 Wendigo GL3Wendigo GL3Grenade LauncherVanguard PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Destiny 2 Interference VIInterference VI
Oxygen SR3 Destiny 2 artOxygen SR3Scout RifleVanguard PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060The Scholar Destiny 2The Scholar
Destiny 2 RevokerRevokerSniper RifleCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Eye of Sol Destiny 2 artEye of Sol
Not Forgotten Destiny 2 artNot ForgottenHand CannonCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Dire Promise Destiny 2 artDire Promise
Redrix's Broadsword Destiny 2 artRedrix's BroadswordPulse RifleCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Cold Denial Destiny 2 artCold Denial
Destiny 2 Luna's HowlLuna's HowlHand CannonCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Dire Promise Destiny 2 artDire Promise
Randy's Throwing Knife Destiny 2 artRandy's Throwing KniveScout RifleCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Night Watch Destiny 2 artNight Watch
Destiny 2 The MountaintopThe MountaintopGrenade LauncherCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060Truthteller Destiny 2 artTruthteller
Destiny 2 The RecluseRecluseSubmachine GunCrucible PinnacleSeason 12November 10, 20201060IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 Destiny 2 artIKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2
Destiny 2 Spare RationsSpare RationsHand CannonReckoningSeason 12November 10, 20201060Dire Promise Destiny 2 artDire Promise
Destiny 2 BygonesBygonesPulse RifleReckoningSeason 12November 10, 20201060The Third Axiom Destiny 2 artThe Third Axiom
Trust artTrustPulse RifleReckoningSeason 12November 10, 20201060Posterity Destiny 2 artPosterity
Drang (Baroque) Destiny 2 artDrang (Baroque)SidearmMenagerieSeason 12November 10, 20201060Buzzard Destiny 2 artBuzzard
Destiny 2 BelovedBelovedSniper RifleMenagerieSeason 12November 10, 20201060Omniscient Eye Destiny 2 artOmniscient Eye
Austringer Destiny 2 artAustringerHand CannonMenagerieSeason 12November 10, 20201060The Old Fashioned Destiny 2 artThe Old Fashioned
Destiny 2 Mindbender's AmbitionMindbender's AmbitionShotgunNightfallSeason 12November 10, 20201060Felwinter's Lie Destiny 2 artFelwinter's Lie
Last Hope Destiny 2 artLast HopeSidearmWorld Loot PoolSeason 13February 9, 20211260Brass Attacks Destiny 2 artBrass Attacks
Elatha FR4 Destiny 2 artElatha FR4Fusion RifleWorld Loot PoolSeason 13February 9, 20211260Hollow Words Destiny 2 artHollow Words
Mos Epoch III Destiny 2 artMos Epoch IIIRocket LauncherWorld Loot PoolSeason 13February 9, 20211260Code Duello Destiny 2 artCode Duello
Hawthornes Field Forged Shotgun Destiny 2 artHawthorne's Field-Forged ShotgunShotgunWorld Loot PoolSeason 13February 9, 20211260Heritage Destiny 2 artHeritage
Uriels Gift Destiny 2 artUriel's GiftAuto RifleWorld Loot PoolSeason 13February 9, 20211260Gnawing Hunger Destiny 2 artGnawing Hunger
The Old Fashioned Destiny 2 artThe Old FashionedHand CannonWorld Loot PoolSeason 13February 9, 20211260The Steady Hand Destiny 2 artThe Steady Hand
Infinite Paths 8 Destiny 2 artInfinite Paths 8Pulse RifleSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260The Third Axiom Destiny 2 artThe Third Axiom
Line in the Sand Destiny 2 artLine in the SandLinear Fusion RifleSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Threaded Needle Destiny 2 artThreaded Needle
Patron of Lost Causes Destiny 2 artPatron of Lost CausesScout RifleSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260The Guiding Sight Destiny 2The Guiding Sight
Trophy Hunter Destiny 2 artTrophy HunterSniper RifleSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Succession Destiny 2 artSuccession
Martyr's Retribution Destiny 2 artMartyr's RetributionGrenade LauncherSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Deafening Whisper Destiny 2 artDeafening Whisper
Jack Queen King 3 Destiny 2 artJack Queen King 3Hand CannonSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Bottom Dollar Destiny 2 artBottom Dollar
Pyroclastic Flow Destiny 2 artPyroclastic FlowRocket LauncherSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Code Duello Destiny 2 artCode Duello
Breachlight Destiny 2 artBreachlightSidearmSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260High Albedo Destiny 2 artHigh Albedo
Travelers Judgment 5 Destiny 2 artTraveler's Judgment 5SidearmSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260The Keening Destiny 2 artThe Keening
Steelfeather Repeater Destiny 2 artSteelfeather RepeaterAuto RifleSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260The Forward Path Destiny 2 artThe Forward Path
Gallant Charge Destiny 2 artGallant ChargeFusion RifleSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Hollow Words Destiny 2 artHollow Words
Perfect Paradox Destiny 2 artPerfect ParadoxShotgunSeason of DawnSeason 13February 9, 20211260Destiny 2 Seventh Seraph CQC-12Seventh Seraph CQC-12
Komodo-4FR Destiny 2 artKomodo-4FRLinear Fusion RifleCrucible RitualSeason 13February 9, 20211260Threaded Needle Destiny 2 artThreaded Needle
Buzzard Destiny 2 artBuzzardSidearmVanguard RitualSeason 13February 9, 20211260High Albedo Destiny 2 artHigh Albedo
Python Destiny 2 artPythonShotgunGambit RitualSeason 13February 9, 20211260Felwinter's Lie Destiny 2 artFelwinter's Lie

It is worth noting that weapon retirement only affects endgame content where Power Level matters. This means you can still take out your old friend The Recluse and use it in Control for PVP and Strikes for PVE. Basically, content where Power Level doesn’t matter at all.

Unsurprisingly, weapon sunsetting did what it was supposed to and significantly shifted the game’s meta. The current top PVE and PVP weapons are very different from what they were just a few months ago. If you’re serious about endgame content, replacing your retired gear should be your top priority.

About re-issued weapons…

Re-issued Weapons: Some weapons in the list above have been re-issued. Re-issued weapons remain exactly the same as before but have a higher Power level cap. However, whatever god roll you already had will keep the same old Power Level Cap, not the new re-issued one.

Destiny 2 Weapon sunsetting Revoker

Pinnacle weapons: The ones we will miss the most…

Bungie did re-issue weapons in less than ideal ways in the past (keeping the exact same perks as before), but moving forward, we expect re-issued weapons to come with exciting new perk combinations.

Destiny 2 Sunsetting: Exotics remain untouched

Some of our favorite Legendary weapons were retired, but fortunately, Exotic weapons were not subject to sunsetting.

Destiny 2 Anarchy featured

Anarchy shall remain one of the best PVE weapons for a little longer

This means you can continue to use your favorite Exotic weapons in end-game content and challenging activities. This is why chasing the Top Tier Exotics should be a priority, if you don’t have them yet.

The state of Combat bows is a great example. Most of the best bows in Destiny 2 were retired with the release of Beyond Light, and that makes the Exotics, such as Trinity Ghoul, even more appealing.

The same goes for hand cannons. The most popular hand cannon for PVP, Spare Rations, was sunset with Beyond Light. Granted, other legendary hand cannons have appeared, but the best alternatives are, for the most part, exotic hand cannons.

The way Weapon Sunsetting was implemented was a fiasco. But by excluding Exotics, Bungie showed respect to player’s time and dedication. After all, some of the best Exotic weapons and Catalysts are locked behind difficult quests that can take several hours to complete.

Armor sunsetting in Destiny 2: The exceptions

Sunsetting also impacted armor. This means many of the armor pieces you spent massive resources to Masterwork are gone.

But fortunately, Armor sunsetting is gone too, meaning everything that was not sunset should remain viable for the foreseeable future.

Destiny 2 Armor sunsetting

A Masterworked piece of armor down the drain

Also, from a pure cosmetics perspective, the effects of armor sunsetting should be somewhat limited by the upcoming ability to transmog the looks of your favorite armor pieces into newer gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this point we’ve covered everything there is to know about sunset in Destiny 2. That said, I’ve been asked the following questions so many times, they deserve a dedicated section:

Can I still use gear that has reached its Max Power Level?

Yes. You will always be able to equip and use any piece of gear. Reaching the player Power Cap is beneficial, but not strictly required, for most activities in Destiny. You can continue to equip and use all gear in these activities.

did this apply to armor as well as weapons?

Yes – all Legendary gear that provides Power will have a Max Power Level.
When gear drops after its debut Season, what will its Max Power Level be? It will have the same Max Power Level as it did in its initial release Season.

Is Drang getting Sunset?

We thought it would, but Bungie just revealed that Gunsmith will begin selling a version of Drang on November 10 with no infusion cap. Same for MIDA Mini-Tool.

Is Revoker getting Sunset?

Yes, it was sunset on November 10, 2020, with the release of Beyond Light.

Is Redrix’s Broadsword getting Sunset?

Yes, it was sunset on November 10, 2020, with the release of Beyond Light.

Is Spare Rations getting Sunset?

Yes, it was sunset on November 10, 2020, with the release of Beyond Light.

Your turn

You now know everything there is to know about weapons and armor sunsetting in D2.

The weapon list above is my take on how sunsetting impacted the most popular (and some of my favorites) weapons in Destiny 2.

But perhaps I missed some. If I did miss your favorites or weapons you consider S Tier, let me know in the comments section below.

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