Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Armor Guide: 2023 Edition

by | Oct 10, 2023

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2023 is upon us, and like every year, it will feature themed gear, a unique game mode, and cosmetics to chase. And as is the case each year, the featured armor sets this year look amazing. Festival of the Lost will also offer exclusive brand-new armor sets that can be acquired for free; provided you play your cards right.

This guide covers every Festival of the Lost armor set in Destiny 2, including the brand-new set to be released this year.

2023 Festival of the Lost schedule

Festival of the Lost 2023 starts next Tuesday, October 17, 2023, and will be available to all players for free until October 31, 2023.

  • Festival of the Lost starts on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 9 AM PDT
  • Festival of the Lost ends on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at 9 AM PDT

Checkmark icon V3Updated as of Season of the Witch (S22).

2023: Festival of the Lost Armor: Creepy Crawlies

Following the tradition of presenting two different concepts and letting the community choose their favorite, Bungie spiced things up and made some changes to the voting process. First, instead of presenting two concepts from two completely different themes, both concepts fall within the same theme: Creepy Crawlies.

Also, instead of letting players vote for one concept overall, each class could vote individually. The results were the following:

  • Titan: Crawling Chaos Armor (Spider)
  • Hunter: Mygalomorph Armor (Spider)
  • Warlock: Carapace Armor (Beetle)
Creepy Crawlies Spiders Destiny 2

Creepy Crawlies Spiders, Destiny 2

Creepy Crawlies Beetles Destiny 2

Creepy Crawlies Beetles, Destiny 2

Needless to say, these armor sets look incredible, and you’ll want to get at least one of these before the event is over. This means you better start farming Bright Dust now.

How to get the Festival of the Lost armor set: Bight Dust

Unlike armor sets that drop from specific activities, Festival of the Lost ornaments can only be purchased at the Eververse store with either Silver or Bright Dust.

  • Each set costs 6,000 Bright Dust: This is exactly the same cost as for all seasonal events.

If you play your cards right and have enough Bright Dust, you can get any Festival of the Lost ornament for free. If you are currently low on Bright Dust, prioritize completing all the weekly Festival of the Lost bounties available at Eva Levante’s. These will become available as soon as the event starts.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Armor Collection

These are all the Guardian Games ornament sets released so far:

Armor SetReleasedTitan PreviewHunter PreviewWarlock PreviewSourceObtainable?
Team Mech
Festival of the Lost Event
Season 18Festival of the Lost EventSeasonal
Festival of the Lost Event
Season 15Technosaurus armor TitanRoboraptor armor HunterPsyceratops armor WarlockFestival of the Lost EventSeasonal
Festival of the Lost Event
Season 11Chemflesh armor TitanCanis Luna Armor HunterDestiny 2 Blood Lineage Warlock MaleFestival of the Lost EventSeasonal
Festival of the Lost Event
Season 08Skeletal armor TitanSkeletal armor HunterDestiny 2 Phantasmagoric Warlock male v2Festival of the Lost EventSeasonal
Lustrous Chromite
Festival of the Lost Event
Season 04Lustrous Chromite armor TitanSkerren Corvus Armor HunterLiminal Voyager armor WarlockFestival of the Lost EventSeasonal

Past Festival of the Lost Ornaments

2020: Shadowkeep FotL Armor sets (Season 8)

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019 armor


2020: Shadowkeep FotL Armor sets (Season 11)

Festival of the Lost armor Destiny 2 Featured Parallax

2021: Beyond Light FotL Armor sets (Year 5)

Festival of the Lost Armor 2021

2022: The Witch Queen FotL Armor sets (Year 5)

Mecha armor Destiny 2

Festival of the Lost Mech armor sets, Destiny 2

How to enter Festival of the Lost 2023

To enter the Festival of the Lost event, you simply need to visit Eva Levante at the Tower once the event becomes available. She will provide you with a quest and, eventually, your Mask, which will play a central role throughout the event. If you’re new, don’t worry. Festival is a straightforward event, and Eva’s quest does a good job of explaining the different mechanics.

Festival of the Lost is a free yearly event that is open to all players. Originally launched with Forsaken, Festival of the Lost continues to evolve, featuring more and better activities and mechanics each year. This time around, expect Haunted Lost Sectors to return. Whether they have been modified from last year’s iteration remains to be seen next week, though.

Before you go…

FotL is one of the four yearly events in Destiny 2, alongside the Dawning, Guardian Games, and Solstice. If you’re interested in top-tier armor, these events are a must.

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