Destiny 2 Bonus this week: Double Rewards and Ranks

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Leveling

As a lite-MMO, Destiny 2 is all about the grind. If you want the loot, upgrade materials, or XP, you better prepare to play a lot, and this is especially true for Playlist activities.

Luckily, Destiny 2 features a weekly bonus system. Almost every week, a particular activity will grant bonus ranks, XP, or rewards. This hub will help you keep track of the weekly bonus active right now (This week in Destiny 2 covers everything else).

Bonus this week: February 27, 2024

Crucible logo Destiny 2
Weekly bonus:

Bonus Crucible ranks.

This week ends in...








Bonus and Double rewards in Destiny 2

On any given week, one (or more) of these bonus rewards can be active in-game:

Bonus Area Effect
Crucible Bonus ranks Crucible Earn bonus Crucible Rank points.
Vanguard Bonus ranks Vanguard Earn bonus Crucible Rank points.
Gambit Bonus ranks Gambit Earn n bonus Crucible Rank points.
Nightfall Bonus ranks Gambit Earn bonus Crucible Rank points.
Nightfall Bonus rewards Nightfalls Earn double Nightfall rewards, including weapons.
Crucible Double (or triple) ranks Crucible Earn double (or triple) Crucible Rank points.
Vanguard Double (or triple) ranks Vanguard Earn double (or triple) Vanguard Rank points.
Gambit Double (or triple) ranks Gambit Earn double (or triple) Gambit Rank points.

Triple bonus rewards

Example of a Triple rewards week, Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Bonus Rewards Schedule: Season of the Witch (S22)

These are the weekly bonus rewards we’ve seen so far this season:

Bonus Week #
None… Week 1
Crucible Bonus ranks Week 2
Gambit Bonus ranks Week 3
Nightfall Bonus rewards Week 4
Crucible Bonus ranks Week 5
Crucible Bonus ranks Week 6
Trials Bonus ranks Week 7
Gambit ranks Week 8
Crucible Bonus ranks Week 9
Crucible Bonus ranks Week 10
Nightfall Bonus rewards Week 11
Trials Bonus ranks Week 12
Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard Bonus ranks Week 13
Crucible Bonus ranks Week 14

Using Bonus rewards weeks to your advantage

If you’re a die-hard Destiny 2 player and can spend hours each week grinding, you’ll benefit from these bonuses intuitively.

But if you’re strapped for time, and can only spend so much time playing the game we love, you can definitely use these weekly bonuses to your advantage.

This is what I do to benefit from these bonuses as much as possible:

  • Don’t touch the playlist activity you don’t enjoy until much later in the season (in my case, that would be Gambit…)
  • Waiting this long will allow you to also tackle as many Weekly Challenges as possible
  • Pro tip: Juicer bonuses tend to occur in the latter part of the week, such as Triple ranks
  • Once a big weekly bonus becomes active, grind as much as you can for the week.

To stay on top of Destiny 2 rotations and weekly changes, we have both Today in Destiny 2 (and next week, too) covered.

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