Best Destiny 2 Warlock Prismatic Builds

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Armor

Eager to use the new Prismatic Subclass and take your Warlock to the next level? This is the best Warlock Prismatic build in Destiny 2. And by the way, as any great Warlock build, this will guide you every step of the way, including essential Exotics, Mods, and more.

Best Warlock Prismatic build for PvE

Warlock Prismartic Build Infographic Destiny 2

Prismatic Sorcerer

Excels In: Endgame (Dungeons, Raids, Legend content)

Goal of the Build: Utilize both Hellion and Getaway Artist to gain multiple high-damage turrets, assisting you and your allies on the battlefield.

Mandatory Gear: Getaway Artist and a legendary weapon with Strategist, such as The Call.

  • Aspects: Feed the Void and Hellion.
  • Fragments: Facet of Hope, Facet of Sacrifice, Facet of Purpose, Facet of Dawn, Facet of Balance.
  • Abilities: Song of Flame, Storm Grenade, Arcane Needle, and Healing Rift.
  • Stats: Max Resilience 🡒 Max Recovery.
  • Mods:
    • Helmet: Heavy Ammo Finder, Siphon matching your primary weapon.
    • Arms: Focusing Strike, Impact Induction.
    • Chest: Relevant Resistance and Reserve Mods.
    • Legs: x2 Surges matching your Heavy weapon.
    • Class Item: Time Dilation.

Gameplay Loop

Swallow your grenade to get a Sentient Arc Soul, then use your rift to gain Hellion. From here, your sole goal is to regenerate both of these abilities; Feed the Void (Devour) should help with Arc Soul, while your Strategist weapon greatly assists in regenerating Hellion.

This strong combination (and its constant uptime, if played correctly) is the core of this build. However, portions of the kit listed above provide additional benefits. Facet of Purpose grants Restoration on orb pickup, Facet of Sacrifice grants additional Darkness Transcendence energy, and Facet of Dawn provides Radiant. That said, be aware that this build is one that you can easily make your own—beyond the grenade, aspect, and exotic choices, what you run here is up to you.

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