Best Destiny 2 Hunter Arc Build for PvE and PvP

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Are you a Hunter main and want to take your game to the next level? These are the best Hunter Arc builds in Destiny 2, including builds for endgame and Solo players. And by the way, as any top-tier Hunter build, these will guide you every step of the way, including essential Exotics, Mods, and more.

--NameClassAreaSubclassExcels inElementStatus
Hunter Arc 3.0 featuredCombination GamblerHunterPvEArc ArcEndgameArcTop 3

Best Hunter Arc build for PvE

s23 Season of the Wish icon Destiny 2 Updated as of Season of the Wish (S23).

Hunter Arc 3.0 featured

Combination Gambler

Excels in: Endgame (Dungeons, Raids, Legend content)

Goal of the Build: Stack up Combination Blow and slay with your Arc abilities while striking from the shadows.

Mandatory  Gear: Assassin’s Cowl. A One-Two Punch shotgun is recommended.

  • Aspects: Lethal Current and Flow State.
  • Fragments: Spark of Resistance, Spark of Feedback, and Spark of Shock.
  • Abilities: Gathering Storm, Gambler’s Dodge, and Combination Blow. Storm Grenades and Pulse Grenades are both strong.
  • Stats Priority: Max Resilience 🡒 Discipline.
  • Mods:
    • Helmet: Hands-On, Heavy Ammo Finder, Dynamo.
    • Arms: x2 Heavy Handed and Impact Induction.
    • Chest: Resistance Mods based on your enemies.
    • Legs: Weapon Surge Mods matching your equipped weapons.
    • Class Item: Powerful Attraction, Bomber, Distribution.

Gameplay Loop

This gameplay loop is relatively simple on the surface. However, as you weave more techniques and abilities into the Melee>Dodge>Melee combo, it becomes slightly more complex.

Stacking Combination Blow to x3 is your main goal. Once you do this, you will be able to 1-punch all squishy enemies and will be able to 1-2 Punch Shotgun all other enemies besides bosses.

Due to the insane number of Orbs of Power you will be making, equipping the Hands On mod will help you generate your Super very quickly, allowing you to rip through minor and major enemies alike.

This build is quite tricky to use, especially for a less experienced player in higher-level content. However, mastering it will allow you to take on practically all types of content, regardless of the difficulty.



Crucible featured

Best Hunter PvP builds

PvP Essentials

Step one to playing Hunter in PvP is understanding that your Dodge is the strongest ability in your kit. Because of this, maximizing Mobility is a very standard choice for the shortest cooldown on your Dodge. Making sure that you have maximum Recovery is also recommended.

Hunters come with the benefit of being able to completely ignore the Strength stat, as using Gambler’s Dodge allows you to completely refund your melee ability when dodging near an enemy. This lets you dump the rest of your stat points into Discipline and Resilience. Personally, I choose to run 100 Mobility, Recovery, and Discipline; however, feel free to adapt some stats to your own preference.

Hunter Subclasses: Ranked

There will always be a ‘meta’ option for PvP, but every Hunter subclass is viable in its own way, with its own set of pros and cons.

Hunter Arc 3.0 featured


Arcstrider has quite a few unique parts of its kit, built-in damage resistance, blink, and some blinding potential with Disorienting Blow; it makes Arcstrider quite the all-rounder.


  • Excellent super. Lasts long and can outduel any other melee supers with skill and timing.
  • High Jolt potential with Disorienting Blow.
  • Solid neutral game with high mobility.


  • No game-changing qualities that the other 3 subclasses have (Freezing, Invisibility, Radiant, or Restoration)
  • Super can be outmaneuvered by ranged supers such as Golden Gun, Dawnblade, or Hammer of Sol.
  • The All-rounder kit makes it a bit of a ‘jack of all trades master of none.’

Best PvP Hunter Exotics

General Exotics

ArmorClassTypeRequirementsSourceReleasedRequiresExotic Perk
Fr0st-EE5 Hunter Exotic Destiny 2 art


HunterLegsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increased grenade, melee, and dodge regeneration while sprinting. Dodging increases your sprint speed."
St0mp-EE5 Hunter Exotic Destiny 2 art


HunterLegsFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 1Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "Increases sprint speed and slide distance while your dodge energy is full and improves High Jump, Strafe Jump, and Triple Jump."
Wormhusk Crown Hunter Exotic Destiny 2 art

Wormhusk Crown

HunterHelmFree-to-PlayExotic EngramsSeason 3Free to Play Destiny 2 icon
Exotic Perk: "We strive to know infinity, and sharpen our minds on the whetstone of the impossible."

Due to a lack of prerequisites, neutral and more passive Exotics are often favored in PvP. Therefore, Stompees, Wormhusk, and Frostees always find a place in the meta for Hunters as they provide benefits while requiring nothing/very little to receive benefits from.

Stompees are still one of the most enjoyable Hunter exotics for PvP. The nerfs it received have affected viability quite a lot; however, they are still my pick if I’m playing PvP as they are just so fun to use.

Wormhusk Crown has been in the meta since it was released back in the Warmind DLC. Wormhusk provides unmatched instant value as it gives around a third of your health back for simply dodging. This allows you to take riskier engagements and get out with ease. Dodging is already a ‘get out of jail free card’, and Wormhusk takes this to another level.

Frostees are the pick for players who want high-ability uptime but don’t want to commit to a full-on build. By merely sprinting, you can increase your ability recharge rate by 100% and increase your Sprint Speed by 6.25% by simply dodging. Frostees will always serve players well when they want to maybe switch it up from the Stompees, but want to retain some movement speed and have high ability uptime.

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