Destiny 2 TTK Chart: PvP Time-to-kill values per weapon

by | Nov 2, 2022

Short for Time-to-kill, TTK dictates how fast a weapon can kill an enemy. Combining burst damage and time between bullets, TTK is the best indicator of a weapon’s lethality in PvP.

For the sake of clarity, TTKs in Destiny 2 are calculated per archetype and not per weapon. For example, all adaptive hand cannons deal the same damage per bullet at the same rate of fire and therefore have the same time-to-kill. They are differentiated by aesthetics, stats, and perks.

In this post, we will keep things simple and focus on the TTK values of all primary weapon archetypes in the game.

Destiny 2 TTK Spreadsheet as of Season 18

Just as the Destiny 2 Meta, TTK values can dramatically change from season to season. The data below is up to date with Season of the Haunted:

Checkmark icon V3Updated as of Season of Plunder’s release (S18).

-Weapon TypeArchetypeOptimal TTKOptimal KillBody Shot TTKSpecs---Best in Class
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RifleAdaptive

600 RPM

0.808 crit 1 body1.3

High handling, decent elsewhere

Gnawing Hunger artGnawing Hunger
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RifleHigh Impact

360 RPM

0.835 crit 1 body1.33

Excellent range, low handling and stability

 width=Age-Old Bond
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RifleRapid Fire

720 RPM

0.779 crit 1 body1.17

High aim assist, very low range

Chroma Rush artChroma Rush
Auto rifle weapon type Destiny 2Auto RiflePrecision

450 RPM

0.805 crit 2 body1.2

High range, low aim assist

Ammit AR2 artAmmit AR2
Hand cannon weapon type Destiny 2Hand CannonAdaptive

140 RPM

0.873 crit1.73

Good stability, decent range

Eyasluna artEyasluna
Hand cannon weapon type Destiny 2Hand CannonAggressive

120 RPM

1.002 crit 1 body1.5

High range, low stability and handling

Igneous Hammer artIgneous Hammer
Hand cannon weapon type Destiny 2Hand CannonPrecision

180 RPM

1.002 crit 2 body1.33

High stability, poor handling

Frontier's Cry artFrontier's Cry
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleAdaptive

390 RPM

0.935 crit 2 body1.47

High handling, decent range

The Third Axiom artThe Third Axiom
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleLightweight

450 RPM

0.877 crit 1 body1.60

Excellent handling, low range

Ogma PR6 artOgma PR6
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleRapid Fire

540 RPM

0.807 crit 2 body1.4

High aim assist, low range

Piece of Mind artPiece of Mind
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleHigh-Impact

340 RPM

0.675 crit 1 body1.2

High range & recoil, low aim assist

The Messenger artThe Messenger
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleAggressive

450 RPM

0.737 crit 1 body1.6

Excellent range, low aim assist

Insidious art v2Insidious
Pulse rifle weapon type Destiny 2Pulse RifleLegacy PR-55

450 RPM

0.877 crit 1 body1.60

Excellent handling, low range

BxR-55 Battler artBxR-55 Battler
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleHigh-Impact

150 RPM

0.803 crit1.60

Excellent range, low aim assist

 width=The Scholar
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleLightweight

200 RPM

0.904 crit1.8

Excellent aim assist & handling, low range

 width=Night Watch
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RiflePrecision

180 RPM

1.002 crit 2 body1.67

High stability, decent elsewhere

Vision of Confluence artVision of Confluence
Scout rifle weapon type Destiny 2Scout RifleRapid Fire

260 RPM

0.933 crit 2 body1.4

High stability, very low range

Aisha's Embrace artAisha's Embrace
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmLightweight

360 RPM

0.674 crit 1 body1

High handling, very low range

Redback-5si artRedback-5si
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmAdaptive

300 RPM

0.604 crit1

High aim assist, decent elsewhere

Drang (Baroque) artDrang (Baroque)
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmAggressive Burst

325 RPM

0.733 crit 2 body1.1

High aim assist, low stability & handling

Forgiveness artForgiveness
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmSUROS Rapid-Fire

450 RPM

0.675 crit 1 body0.93

Good recoil, very low range & aim assist

The Fool's Remedy Destiny 2The Fool's Remedy
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmPrecision

260 RPM

0.703 crit 1 body0.93

Excellent aim assist, low stability & handling

A Swift Verdict artA Swift Verdict
Sidearm weapon type Destiny 2SidearmOmolon Adaptive

491 RPM

0.735 crit 2 body1.1

High stability, decent elsewhere

The Vision artThe Vision
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGAdaptive

900 RPM

0.7312 crit1.13

High stability & range, poor recoil

The Hero's Burden artThe Hero's Burden
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGPrecision

600 RPM

0.807 crit 2 body1.1

Excellent range & aim assist, low handling

Shayura's Wrath artShayura's Wrath
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGAggressive

750 RPM

0.679 crit1

High range, low aim assist

Unforgiven artUnforgiven
SMG weapon type Destiny 2SMGLightweight

900 RPM

0.6711 crit1.13

High aim assist and handling, low range

Funnelweb artFunnelweb
Trace rifle weapon type Destiny 2Trace RiflesAdaptive

1000 RPM

07310 crit 2 body0.93

High handling, decent elsewhere

Hollow Denial artHollow Denial

MerculesA big thank you to Mercules for helping us put together this post. Mercules is a Gameplay Specialist at Bungie and creator of the extremely useful Destiny Massive Breakdowns TTK comparison tool.

Always keep these in mind when reading these TTK values:

  1. All Times-to-Kill are calculated using a player HP of 192, roughly equivalent to Tier 6 Resilience.
  2.  Auto rifles, submachine guns, and pulse rifles may sometimes take one or two extra shots to kill someone, depending on rounding errors in the displayed numbers.
  3. Times-to-kills are listed with optimal damage (maximum damage at close range) and damage falloff will dramatically affect the listed numbers (SMGs and sidearms in particular).

Destiny 2 fastest TTK weapons

Here you can see the different TTK values in seconds for primary weapons from best to worst:

Sidearm type whiteAdaptive Sidearms | 300 RPM 0,60s

Pulse rifle type whiteHigh Impact Pulse Rifles | 340 RPM 0,67s

Sidearm type whiteLightweight Sidearms | 360 RPM 0,67s

Sidearm type whiteRapid-Fire Sidearms | 450 RPM 0,67s

SMG type whiteAggressive SMGs | 750 RPM 0,67s

SMG type whiteLightweight SMGs | 900 RPM 0,67s

Sidearm type whitePrecision Sidearms | 260 RPM 0,70s

Sidearm type whiteAggressive Burst Sidearms | 325 RPM 0,73s

Sidearm type whiteOmolon Adaptive Sidearms | 491 RPM 0,73s

Pulse rifle type whiteAggressive Pulse Rifles | 450 RPM 0,73s

SMG type whiteAdaptive SMGs | 900 RPM 0,73s

Auto rifle type whiteRapid Fire Auto Rifles | 720 RPM 0,77s

SMG type whitePrecision SMGs | 600 RPM 0,80s

Pulse rifle type whiteRapid Fire Pulse Rifles | 540 RPM 0,80s

Scout rifle type whiteHigh-Impact Scout Rifle | 150 RPM 0,80s 

Auto rifle type whiteAdaptive Auto Rifles | 600 RPM 0,80s

Auto rifle type whitePrecision Auto Rifles | 450 RPM 0,80s

Auto rifle type whiteHigh-Impact Auto Rifles | 360 RPM 0,83s

Pulse rifle type whiteLightweight Pulse Rifles | 450 RPM 0,87s

Hand cannon type whiteAdaptive Hand Cannons | 140 RPM 0,87s

Scout rifle type whiteLightweight Scout Rifle | 200 RPM 0,90s

Pulse rifle type whiteAdaptive Pulse Rifles | 390 RPM 0,93s

Scout rifle type whiteRapid Fire Scout Rifle | 260 RPM 0,93s

Hand cannon type whitePrecision Hand Cannons | 180 RPM 1,0s

Hand cannon type whiteAggressive Hand Cannons | 120 RPM 1,0s

Scout rifle type whitePrecision Scout Rifle | 180 RPM 1,0s

Sidearm type whiteAdaptive0,60s

Pulse rifle type whiteHigh Impact Pulse0,67s

Sidearm type whiteLightweight0,67s

Sidearm type whiteRapid-Fire0,67s

SMG type whiteAggressive SMGs0,67s

SMG type whiteLightweight SMGs0,67s

Sidearm type whitePrecision0,70s

Sidearm type whiteAggressive Burst0,73s

Sidearm type whiteOmolon Adaptive0,73s

Pulse rifle type whiteAggressive Pulse0,73s

SMG type whiteAdaptive SMGs0,73s

Auto rifle type whiteRapid Fire Auto0,77s

SMG type whitePrecision SMGs0,80s

Pulse rifle type whiteRapid Fire Pulse0,80s

Scout rifle type whiteHigh-Impact Scout0,80s

Auto rifle type whiteAdaptive Auto0,80s

Auto rifle type whitePrecision Auto0,80s

Auto rifle type whiteHigh-Impact Auto0,83s

Pulse rifle type whiteLightweight Pulse0,87s

Hand cannon type whiteAdaptive HC0,87s

Scout rifle type whiteLightweight Scout0,90s

Pulse rifle type whiteAdaptive Pulse0,93s

Scout rifle type whiteRapid Fire Scout0,93s

Hand cannon type whitePrecision HC1,0s

Hand cannon type whiteAggressive HC1,0s

Scout rifle type whitePrecision Scout1,0s

TTK Calculator

99% of your needs should be covered with the TTK table above, but if you want to dive deeper into a specific weapon and/or situation, you can use this TTK Comparison Tool.

That tool is the closest you’ll find to a Destiny 2 TTK Calculator and it allows you to set:

  •  Player Crit Accuracy (in %)
  • Opponent Resiliency Tier (from 1 to 10)
  • Opponent HP (hit points)

To use it, you’ll need to create a copy of the Google sheet for yourself.

TTK Formulas

There’s absolutely no reason why you’d want to do this yourself as Mercules already does it for you, but if you ever wanted to calculate TTK values yourself, these are the formulas you can use.

  • Constant Rate of Fire weapons: (Shots to kill – 1) * (60sec /Game Rate of Fire)
  • Burst Rate of Fire weapons: [Frames to kill – Frames per Bullet – Frames between Burst – Frames between Bullets – (Uneven Burst Frames to Kill * Uneven Burst Frame Correction)]

Again, there’s no reason why you’d want to put yourself through using these formulas, but these work for Destiny 2 and for any other modern FPS for that matter.

Best TTK Exotics

The TTK for most Exotic primary weapons is covered in the chart above as most Exotics share the same base damage profile as their Legendary counterparts. That said, some Exotics can have significantly lower TTK figures, which is why we also cover the most requested Exotics below:

No Time to Explain TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.20 seconds

Tarrabah TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.0 seconds

Huckleberry TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.0 seconds

Coldheart TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 0.93 seconds

Vigilance Wing TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.7 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.20 seconds

Dead Man’s Tale TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.8 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.63 seconds

Ace of Spades TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.87 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.30 seconds

Crimson TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.87 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.43 second

Graviton Lance TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 1.0 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.87 seconds

And finally, while not technically an Exotic, the Messenger Pulser rifle has one of the best perks in the entire game:

Desperado TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.47 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 0.8 seconds

TTK and ease of use

It would be a mistake to look solely at TTK values. Equally important is a weapon’s ease of use.

The game’s meta itself is determined by both TTK (lethality) and ease of use (forgiveness). A good combination of both is what defines the best PVP weapons in Destiny 2.

What does Meta even mean? Meta refers to the most used weapons for a particular activity. Generally, these weapons are the most used because they are the most powerful/efficient.

Three scenarios come to mind:

  1. A weapon with a fast TTK and easy to use will instantly become meta and will be used by many: 600 RPM Auto rifles are the perfect example right now.
  2. A weapon with a fast TTK but low ease of use (i.e, offering little forgiveness) might only work in the hands of a skilled player: Redrix’s Broadsword comes to mind.
  3. A weapon with a slow TTK and low ease of use will barely see any: Precision frame Scout rifles are the perfect example.

But what exactly does “ease of use mean”? As Mercules puts it:

Ease of use is a combination of a weapon’s optimal crit percentage and its numerical stats such as stability, range, aim assist, zoom, etc.

In conclusion, you want to take into account TTK values, crit percentages, and overall stats, and chose a weapon according to your playstyle.

What about Special and Heavy weapons’ TTKs?

Mercules’ original Google sheet includes data and TTK values for every weapon in the game, including Special and Heavy ammo weapons and Exotics.

However, the vast majority of Special and Heavy weapons used in PVP can one-shot kill any guardian. That’s why shotguns and sniper rifles are so widely used.

For that reason, we prefer to keep those types of weapons out of this review.

The Last Word

Seasoned PVP players have a good understanding of the current PVP meta, and by extension, TTK values. However, if all of this is new to you, this is how you can use these values to your advantage.

You should always use the weapons you like the most and/or have the most fun with.

That said, the lower the TTK of a weapon archetype, the more lethal it can be. If you’re looking for a competitive advantage, these figures should point you to the most effective weapons out there.

Latest changes

Things change fast in Destiny 2, especially when it comes to the game’s sandbox (and hence Meta, DPS, and TTK values). One can expect major sandbox changes once per season.

Changes introduced this season:

  • New Exotic archetypes were introduced, some of them featuring brand-new damage archetypes.
  • Some weapons types received buffs or nerfs. You can read more about those changes here.

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  1. joheli

    Very clean overview, however there is a small typo in the graph-section: 450rpm puls-rifles are listed as adaptive -> should be lightweight and adaptives, currently listed as 340 lightweight should be 390rpm adaptives.

    keep up the great work!

    • Ric (aka Prim)

      Thank you for helping me spot that typo! Everything is corrected, cheers and thanks again! 🙂

  2. Strykeassassin

    Any chance of bows being added to this list?

    • Phwtr

      the ttk of a bow is just its charge time as its measured in milliseconds

  3. addy_issa

    Last word optimal ttk is 0.8, because that’s how long it takes to fire 3 bullets with 225 rpm. I did the math.

    • CAYDE_unit

      Did you remember to subtract the first bullet? Those aren’t included in the calculations. The TTK should be around 0.53 seconds at max RoF.

  4. Aqua

    The last word optimal ttk is 3 crits at 0.53 seconds

  5. Gnawing Hunger

    What about Rampage, Kill Clip etc.

  6. VypR

    Hi. Is the information here up to date with lates dlc/patch?

    • Ric Molina

      Yes it is 🙂

      By the way, most guides have a box right after the intro that indicates when was the last update.

      • Idle Hands

        Great work so far Ric, thanks for this!
        Might one ask when the Season of the Risen (Witch Queen) weapon analysis will be added?

  7. Fizzy158

    “High Albedo” is a different Archetype of sidearm than the 4 crit type. “High Albedo” is a 3 round burst “Adaptive” as well as “Peacebond”. The “Adaptive” Archetype that takes 4 crit has one available sidearm and it is “The Keening”. “Peacebond” and “High Albedo” equal to the “Omolon Adaptive” Archetype. They aren’t Omolon because Omolon requires an element. The only element 3-burst sidearm that isn’t Omolon is “Peacebond” but that’s because it’s Iron Banner themed I guess. “High Albedo” for some reason does show 5 extra impact in comparison to all the other 3-Burst “Adaptives” but that is just a visual bug, I went and tested it on some enemies just now and found it does the same exact damage as “Peacebond”.

  8. crabbit

    How is graviton lance even in the conversation at 1.0 optimal ttk?

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