Destiny 2 Wardcliff Coil Catalyst: How to get it

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Weapons

This quick guide will tell you everything there is to know about The Wardcliff Coil’s catalyst.

Namely, how to get it, how to unlock it once you’ve found it, and more importantly, is it even worth it?

And that last part is important because Exotic catalysts can be extremely hard to find and/or unlock, but the benefits are not always up to par.

How to get Wardcliff Coil’s catalyst

First things first, before talking about the catalyst for this PVP powerhouse, you may not even have the weapon itself yet. If that’s the case, this is how you get it:

How to get The Wardcliff Coil?

Destiny 2 The Wardcliff CoilGetting the Wardcliff Coil will require a decent chunk of luck as it is a random exotic world drop. This means that it can only drop randomly from enemies or completing activities such as Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, Public Events, etc.

The good news is that there are several Exotic sources out there, namely Nightfall: The Ordeals (the highest the difficulty, the highest the chances of finding Exotics), Xur (you can track his every movement here), and the Season Pass (including the free track). Exotic engrams tend to reward you with things you don’t already own, which can only improve your odds.

How to get the catalyst?

The catalyst for The Wardcliff Coil can be found through:

Kills or completions in Strikes or Nightfalls

NameTypeSlotCatalyst RankStill Available?Requirements
The Wardcliff CoilRocket LauncherHeavyA › StrongYesFree-to-Play

As many other catalysts, this one is purely RNG-based, which means it can either take a long time or not. It will depend on your luck.

How to unlock the catalyst?

Once you have found the catalyst, you will need:

  •  500 kills

Can you farm The Wardcliff Coil’s catalyst?

When it comes to finding the Catalyst, you can’t specifically farm for the Wardcliff Coil catalyst itself, however, you can keep running strikes until you get it to drop for you.

When it comes to unlocking the Catalyst when found, typical farming locations such as the Shuro Chi encounter are great for heavy weapon catalysts, as you can place Rally Banners to constantly get heavy ammo per run.

Wardcliff Coil Catalyst Perks

The catalyst adds the following perk:

  • Pinpoint Guidance Module: Tightens rockets spread.

This may not sound like much, but this single perk can greatly improve one of the Wardcliff Coils’ weaknesses: rocket-spread. This will result in a more consistent weapon overall.

Is the Catalyst for The Wardcliff Coil worth it?

This is a must-have catalyst:

  • A Tier – Strong: Very strong, but not on the same level as S Tier Choices..
The Wardcliff CoilRocket LauncherHeavyA › StrongFree-to-Play
The ColonyGrenade LauncherHeavyB › AverageFree-to-Play

The Wardcliff Coil catalyst, at least in PvP, is an absolute game-changer as it turns the already decent tracking into absolutely crazy tracking. With the catalyst, rockets can almost track people around corners and easily take down supers.

In PvE, however, it doesn’t make as big of an impact as it will only slightly increase its damage per rocket volley as 1 or 2 more rockets may connect with the target.

To sum things up:

Getting The Wardcliff Coil itself is very luck-dependent, and the catalyst can be even more painful to get.

Still, its volley-tightening catalyst is a serious improvement to the weapon in PVP, however, in PVE, you may be a little let down by it.

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