Destiny 2 Heartshadow Catalyst: How to easily get it

by | Jun 12, 2022

[toc] The Duality dungeon is the latest endgame activity in Destiny 2, and on top of offering challenging mechanics and excellent legendary loot, it also introduced both the Heartshadow exotic sword and its Catalyst. Needless to say, the entire community is desperately trying to clear this dungeon in order to get their hands on both of these.

This quick guide will tell you everything there is to know about it: How to get it? How to unlock it? Is it even worth it? And that last part is important because Exotic catalysts can be extremely hard to find and/or unlock, but the benefits are not always up to par.

How to get Heartshadow’s catalyst

Just like the weapon itself, the catalyst for Heartshadow can only be acquired within the Duality dungeon.

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Reddit user Known_Masterpiece explains how to obtain the catalyst:

Standard-Bearer 1

Launch a fresh run and get into the first parkour section, you’re looking to head up into where the second lore collectable is, in the nightmare realm. If you have the sword, a miniboss will be spawned there. Do the murder-stab, and he’ll drop a standard like in the encounters. Word of Warning, this will start a collapse timer, so pick it up fast and jump down to the bottom bell to re-enter reality. Continue to the second bell like normal, but before you ring it to leave, plant the standard behind the bell. It’ll give you a prompt. Clear the first encounter.

Standard-Bearer 2

After getting to the part with the two levers, there’s another boss that spawns in here. Kill them and get the standard, then continue to where you rotate the statues around. Stand up where the bonus chest is and switch dimensions. The plate is right where you are, plant and clear second encounter.

Standard-Bearer 3 (final)

The final step is in the room with the white-cloth-covered square. Get up to the catwalk above the main room, then look back towards the door. There’s another boss there, kill him and return to the first (lower) bell. If you are in the nightmare realm after killing one of these bosses, it is timed. From there, get up to where the ads spawn before the drop down to the Boss room. There’s a half oval against the wall, in the center of the little square. Plant the banner and a chest will spawn.

Heartshadow Sword Destiny 2 featured

Destiny 2 Heartshadow Exotic & Catalyst

How to unlock the catalyst?

Once you have found the catalyst, you will need 400 kills to unlock the Heartshadow catalyst.

  •  400 kills required

Heartshadow Catalyst Perks

The catalyst adds the following perk:

  • Wraithwalk: Faster movement while invisible and increased ammo capacity by +50.

It’s too early to say, as few players actually have seen this catalyst in action, but early impressions are very good. If you have the sword, there is no reason why you shouldn’t chase its catalyst as soon as possible.

How to get Heartshadow?

Heartshadow is part of the new Duality dungeon and can only be acquired by defeating the final boss, Nightmare of Caiatl:

Duality loot table inforgraphic Destiny 2 art

Duality’s loot table

Hearthshadow is a random drop, but unlike most Raid exotics, you can improve your chances of obtaining it by completing these three triumphs:

  • Mind Heist: Find all 12 Repressed Memories within the dungeon.
  • Solo Thoughtstealer: Complete the dungeon solo.
  • Master Thoughtstealer: Complete the dungeon on Master difficulty.

More Destiny 2 Catalysts:

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Is the Catalyst worth it?

Unlike many catalysts that are purely RNG-based and could take hours to farm, Heartshadow’s is straightforward. It isn’t “easy” to acquire, as Duality is a challenging dungeon, but if you put in the effort, you should eventually be able to acquire it. Given how good the weapons appear to be, this catalyst seems to be worthy of your time and effort.

Having said that, we’ll need more time before we can conclude how strong this catalyst actually is… Are you lucky enough to already have it? How are you liking it so far?

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